Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits and Perks 2023

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits 2023

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits 2023 – Goldman Sachs Group, Inc., is a multinational investment bank and financial services provider in America. Headquartered in New York City, it offers services in prime brokerage, asset management, investment management, securities, and securities underwriting. It also offers investment banking to institutional investors.

Goldman Sachs cares about the health, well-being, and financial wellness of their employees. To promote healthy lifestyles helping employees build financial wellness, Goldman Sachs offers a range of comprehensive Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits programs.

From compensation and benefits to wellness and on-site childcare, Goldman Sachs aims to support employees’ commitment to the job as well as your priorities and interests outside of work.

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits

So, if you’re looking for a job at Goldman Sachs or working with the bank, read below what employee benefits at Goldman Sachs, you can enjoy as a full-time or part-time employee.

Employee Benefits at Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Group has committed to helping their employees grow by rewarding them for their giving and investing in their health, well-being, and financial wellness.

As part of that commitment, Goldman Sachs offers a full range of benefits designed around these components to encourage wellness in all aspects of their lives.

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits are designed specially to take care of employee’s total well-being: physical, mental, financial, and social. Goldman Sachs Employee Discounts are also offered in order to help employees to be productive and happy at work and at home.

Eligibility for Employee Benefits at Goldman Sachs depends on employment status; full-time or part-time, length of service, and position within the company. Continue reading to learn what employee benefits and discounts at Goldman Sachs you can enjoy?

Goldman Sachs Healthcare and Medical Insurance

Goldman Sachs offers a wide range of health and welfare programs that vary depending on the office location.

It also offers 100% coverage for network preventive care through Goldman medical plans and a variety of well-being programs and resources to use to prevent illness or injury, make healthier decisions about weight, receive treatment decision support, physical activity, and nutrition, have the healthiest pregnancy possible, quit smoking; and more.

Goldman Sachs Health Benefits generally include medical, dental, short-term disability, long-term disability, life, accidental death, labor accident, and business travel accident insurance.

Retirement Planning

The firm offers a range of retirement plans and financial counseling services that are designed to support employees in meeting their personal long-term financial goals.

Holiday and Vacation Policies

Goldman Sachs Group offers competitive vacation policies based on employee level and years of service. This is in addition to any number of statutory and public holidays as determined by each office.


Goldman Sachs provides a range of wellness services and programs designed to support employee’s personal health and wellbeing.

Health Services

Goldman Sachs offers a medical advocacy service for employees and family members facing critical health situations, and counseling and referral services through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP).

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits

Goldman Sachs also provides Global Medical, Security, Travel Assistance, and a Workplace Ergonomics Program as well as state-of-the-art on-site health centers in certain offices.


To encourage employees to live a healthy and active lifestyle, some of Goldman Sachs offices feature on-site fitness centers. For eligible employees, Goldman Sachs reimburse fees paid for a fitness club membership or activity (up to a pre-approved amount).

Personal and Family Responsibilities

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits

Leave of Absence

Employees at Goldman Sachs are eligible for additional marriage or civil partnership leave, parental and adoption leave, and family emergency leave.

Pay and duration are determined by each office.

Childcare / Family Care

In some offices, Goldman Sachs offers on-site child care centers that provide full-time and emergency back-up care, as well as mother and baby rooms and homework rooms.

In every office, Goldman Sachs group provides advice and counseling services, expectant parent resources, and transitional programs for parents returning from parental leave.

Adoption, surrogacy, egg donation, and egg retrieval stipends are also available.

Flexible Working

Based on manager approval, the following arrangements may be available to help employees meet their personal and family responsibilities: part-time schedules, telecommuting, job sharing, and alternate hours.

Other Benefits at Goldman Sachs

A comprehensive range of other benefits is available to employees.

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits

These vary by office location and include Business Travel Assistance, meals, reimbursement for certain entertainment, scholarships, and support for education, communication, and transportation.

Compensation at Goldman Sachs

Goldman spends a great deal of time ensuring that people are compensated appropriately and aim to provide highly competitive pay levels over the long term.

It will be reviewed annually and consist of salary, discretionary compensation, and certain local allowances, where applicable.

It is determined by a number of factors, including divisional performance, firm performance, and individual performance.

Wealth Creation and Equity Awards

Goldman Sachs’s equity program is designed to attract, retain, and motivate employees; and to align them with the long-term growth of the firm.

Goldman Sachs Employee Benefits

The firm also looks to offer additional wealth-creation opportunities, including the Employee Special Investment Program, which offers Goldman Sachs funds to eligible employees who are qualified investors.

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Goldman Sachs Customer Service

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    International: 1-201-680-6541  


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