Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Perks 2021

Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Perks 2021

Each and every employee dreams that their troop cooperates in every aspect of their life and dream by providing additional benefits, perks, and employee discounts while working for the company.

And, when it comes to Orlando Health associates, Orlando healthcare offers enormous career and compensation opportunities for physicians along with exclusive reward programs and great employee benefits at Orlando Health to help them cultivate their working efficiency and bring a healthy and successful career ahead.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Previliges

So, if you working for Orlando healthcare or not sure about Orlando Health Employee Benefits? then read below for what Orlando Health employee benefits, discounts, and perks, you’re eligible for as an employee at the firm.

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Orlando Health Benefits at a Glance

Orlando Health is a private, not-for-profit network of community and specialty hospitals based in Orlando, Florida. Comprises of many healthcare, the company is the 4th largest employer with nearly 22,000 employees and more than 2,000 affiliated physicians.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Discounts

Specializing in various cancer cares, heart and vascular care, and several tough surgeries, it has committed to healing highly trained medical professionals through their most comprehensive, innovative treatments in the area.

To treat its employees well, Orlando Health offers comprehensive career benefits, discounts, and opportunities with choice and flexibility for their employees and dependent.

Orlando Health Job Benefits and Discounts

So, if you working for Orlando Health or not sure about Orlando Health Employee Benefits? then read below for what Orlando Health employee benefits, discounts, and perks, you’re eligible for as an employee at the firm.

Orlando Health Medical Benefits

Orlando Health Select, an EPO (Exclusive Provider Organization), that provides the highest level of benefits using in-network providers with no out-of-network benefits.

Employees have the option to select features including 

  • A number of services are covered with minimal copayments
  • Eligible to elect a Healthcare Flexible Spending Account
  • Deductible and coinsurance will apply for some services
  • A primary care physician (PCP) of choice coordinates care
  • Preventive and wellness healthcare covered at 100% for in-network providers
  • Prescription coverage is subject to coinsurance based on tier

Orlando Health Employee Benefits


Pharmacy Benefits are available to team members who have elected coverage under the Select and High Deductible Health Plan. This is a mandatory generic drug program. All maintenance medications must be filled at Orlando Health Scripts Pharmacies.


The vision plan is a voluntary benefit offered through EyeMed to team members and their dependents. The vision plan covers examination and lenses/frames or contact lenses (one or the other) every calendar year. Team members are provided with a wholesale allowance to assist with the frames and lenses costs.


Orlando Health offers 3 Dental Plan options for its team members and through Cigna. The dental plan is a voluntary benefit offered to team members and their dependents.

Coverage options include two dental DPPO plans and a DHMO plan providing coverage through Cigna’s Core Network, one of the largest networks in the country.


Orlando Health offers basic life insurance of one times salary to team members who are full-time and variable full-time and for part-time team members, they are granted a $5,000 benefit.

Team members are required to assign a beneficiary if they are full-time, variable full-time, or part-time status.

Team members may purchase supplemental life insurance coverage in the amount of 1 to 5 times their annual base pay.
Amounts above three times the annual base salary require medical underwriting.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Perks


The Orlando Health Retirement Savings Plan (RSP) offers the opportunity to save for retirement while enjoying great tax advantages and employer contributions.

All team members can contribute to their RSP. Team members are automatically enrolled in the plan at 2%, which will begin on the 31st day of employment and increase automatically each year by 1% up to 6% unless they elect otherwise.

Orlando Health matches $.50 for every $1 up to 3% of eligible earnings, along with a discretionary contribution of 1.25% of eligible compensation after the team member completes one year of employment.

Team members are always 100% vested in their own accounts, which is the 403(b). Team members will gain ownership of Orlando Health’s contributions.


Orlando Health offers flex spending to team members to help save money on taxes throughout the year. Team members must re-enroll each year.

Orlando Health has three flex spending accounts:

  • Healthcare
    Team members will be provided with a benny card to use for healthcare expenses. You can contribute a minimum of $200 to a maximum of $2,600.
  • Dependent Care
    Allows for reimbursement for eligible dependent care expenses. Receipts must be submitted for reimbursement. Employees can contribute up to $5,000 per family ($2,500 if married filing separate taxes)
  • Adoption Assistance
    Allows for reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses incurred in the process of adopting. The maximum contribution you can elect is $5,000.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits programs


Disability is available to full-time and variable full-time team members. If team members are not able to work due to their non-work-related injury or illness, this benefit will payout 60% of the team member’s base earnings (up to $1,000 weekly maximum).

There are two types of disability available:

  • Short-Term Disability
    This is available to team members during the first six (6) months of the leave. The cost of this benefit is paid by the team member. There are three waiting periods available: 15 Day, 30 Day, and 60 Day
  • Long-Term Disability
    Orlando Health pays the total cost of this benefit. Team members are eligible for this benefit after 180 days of continuous total or partial disability.


This is voluntary insurance through Allstate that helps to ensure some of the risks and pay for expenses that may incur by team members diagnosed with a critical illness.


Aflac offers cash benefits paid for medical expenses; serves as protection for employees and their families in the event of an accident.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits programs


Residents and Fellows do not accrue Paid Time Off hours like other team members as stated in the Focus on Benefits Booklet.

Each resident/fellow is eligible to receive 120 hours of paid vacation during the academic year. Unused hours may not be carried over from year to year and no additional stipend will be paid for unused vacation.


Residents and Fellows do not accrue Extend Leave Bank hours like other team members as stated in the Focus on Benefits.

Each resident/fellow is credited with 96 hours of sick leave at the beginning of the academic year. Unused hours may not be carried over from year to year.


Orlando Health offers pet insurance through payroll deduction with Nationwide


Orlando Health offers the convenience of direct deposit to employees checking and savings accounts.

To sign up for a direct deposit, complete an authorization form, and attach a voided check or deposit slip from the account to which your check will be deposited.

It will take approximately two pay periods for direct deposit to begin after you have requested the service.

Orlando Health Employee Benefits packages

For further information, please call the Payroll Department at 321-841-5311.

Additional Benefits at Orlando Health

  • Free on-campus parking
  • Free meals when working & on-call which include meals at campus Subway & Starbucks 
  • Laptop computers
  • Lab coats are provided free of charge at the beginning of each academic year
  • Fully electronic medical record and order entry (inpatient and at the outpatient continuity clinic)
  • Access to electronic library resources on all computers
  • Access to the hospital computer system from home
  • Comfortable call rooms
  • Direct deposit and membership in a federal credit union
  • Education stipend for conferences, books, and other materials
  • Free ACC membership and ASAP books

Orlando Health Career Benefits

Summary of Orlando Health Employee Benefits Packages

In short, Orlando Health offers tremendous career and compensation opportunities for physicians including  

  • Low-cost medical, vision, and dental insurance for fellows and family
  • Flexible schedules for full-time, part-time, and PRN positions
  • Flexible spending accounts and Professional liability insurance
  • Retirement savings plans – 403(b), 457(b), and mandatory 401(a) government plan
  • Paid Malpractice coverage (claims made & tail coverage)
  • Group life and AD&D equal to an annual salary
  • Full relocation assistance, including a house-hunting trip
  • Cosmetic services discounts
  • Worker’s compensation insurance
  • Full-funded long-term disability
  • Disability and life insurance

Orlando Health Employee Benefits and Perks

Overall, employee benefits at Orlando Health go beyond the common benefits compares to others in the field. Orlando Health benefits aim to enhance employee’s personal & financial security through handsome benefits programs and packages.


That was all about Orlando Health employee benefits, perks, and employee discounts, one may get while working at Orlando Health.

I hope you would like this information, and it’s helped you a lot. But if you have any issues or suggestions regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment. Thanks!

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