State Farm Employee Benefits and Discounts 2024 ❤️

State Farm Employee Benefits 2024 – State Farm Employee Discounts

State Farm Employee Benefits 2024 – State Farm is the largest American property and casualty insurance provider in the United States of America.

It was founded as a mutual automobile insurance company by retired farmer George J. Mecherle in 1922.

Specialized in auto insurance for farmers, life insurance, and other types of insurance, they want to satisfy their employees by providing handsome State Farm Employee Benefits and Discounts.

So, if you’re working for State Farm or want to work with State Farm, then, read here what various State Farm employee Benefits you can get while working with State Farm.

Here below I have explained all State Farm benefits, perks, and employee discounts, State Farm employees can get besides the salary.

What employee benefits at State Farm?

State Farm Company offers an exclusive range of State Farm employee benefits and Perks to its employees which accessible with State Farm Employee Login.

Here, below I have created a report on State Farm employee benefits, perks, and discounts prepared from State Farm Employee Reviews.

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision Coverage (Choose from in-patient, out-patient and many additional benefits)
  • Compensation – Employees working for the property and casualty insurance provider can mean steady paychecks, a competitive salary, and other rewards in honor of their hard work.
  • Training – State Farm offers an open-minded culture to encourages the professional and personal growth of its employees.
  • Time Off – Use paid options to rest, take care of your loved ones, or for the tour.
  • Worklife balance that allows employees to contribute and collaborate in a safe environment
  • Group Critical Illness Plan – Through this plan, employees can receive free of cost treatment and care in case of critical illness and serious diagnoses like cancer or heart attack.
  • Coverage on dental preventive, restorative, reconstructive, diagnostic, and orthodontic
  • Tuition Aid (Reimbursement) is available for eligibles employees to promote employee education for specific courses.
  • Planning & Retirement – Set goals, make investments, and works towards the retirement lifestyle you want.
  • Eldercare and childcare services are available for eligible employees at discounts
  • Employees can enroll in State Farm life insurance coverage and to sure secure sources of income in the later of life for their spouse, domestic partner, and eligible children.
  • Casual dress to flexible schedules to feel appreciated every day for all employees
  • Long Term Disability Insurance provides loss-of-income protection for registered employees after a 180-day waiting period, in case if an employee becomes totally disabled and unable to work.
  • Dress Philosophy – Casual dress to flexible schedules to feel appreciated every day for all employees to help them be comfortable and productive.

what are employee benefits at State Farm?

  • Flexible Work Schedule – A variety of flexible work arrangements, including compressed workweeks, part-time positions, and job sharing are available.
  • Activities Associations – to help employees feel comfortable offering social, cultural, outdoor, and physical activities for employees and their families.
  • Employee associations offer social, cultural, outdoor, and physical activities for you and your family which includes bus trips for sporting events, theater shows, shopping, etc, holiday parties, and discounted event tickets.
  • LifeWorks Employee Assistance & Worklife Program provides confidential free 24/7 support to help employees and eligible family members to balance the office and home.
  • A year-end appreciation gift for every State Farm employee and retire with an option choose from the online catalog.

State Farm Employee Benefits and Discounts 2024

State Farm offers special pricing, discounts, and other advantages to workers and five family/friends members through Perks at Work. 

This nationwide employee discount platform offers savings in more than 20 categories such as travel, electronics, and more. Yet, employees don’t get discounts on State Farm insurance policies.

The special discounts and pricing State Farm offers its employees will reward their time and effort and attract highly qualified candidates for open jobs.

State Farm employees can earn discounts on thousands of retail products and services, including cell phones, personal electronics, and new/used cars.

There are employee discounts for movie tickets, vacations, and dining out, but most of State Farm’s employee discounts need you to register or “opt-in” through Perks at Work if you like to see any savings.

Check more Employee Benefits:

State Farm Customer Service

  • General Inquiries Phone Line: 800-STATE-FARM (800-782-8332)
  • Pay Insurance 24/7 Phone Line – 800-440-0998
  • Auto Glass Only claims – 888-624-4410
  • Auto/Home/Property claims – 800-SF-CLAIM (800) 732-5246
  • Health claims – 866-855-1212
  • Life claims – 877-292-0398

Official Website:

Final words For State Farm Employee Benefits and Discounts

So, if you are thinking to build up a career at State Farm, make sure to read all mentioned State Farm Benefits and Employee Discounts offered by the company. 

Hopefully, you like the available repot on State Farm Employee Benefits and Perks from genuine State Farm employee Reviews.

If you have any questions or queries related to State Farm employee benefits packages? Drow them into below comment section. Thank you!


Do State Farm employees get discounts?

Yes, State Farm does give discounts to people who work there. Perks at Work is a nationwide platform for employee discounts that offer savings in more than 20 categories, such as electronics, travel, and more. Through Perks at Work, State Farm employees and up to five friends or family members can get discounts, special pricing, and other perks.

Does State Farm offer 401k for employees?

In 2021, the most an employee can put into their plan is $19,500, plus an extra $6,500 if they are 50 or older. The employer can also make extra contributions for all eligible employees.

How often does State Farm give raises?

They also split your raise into a flat bonus and a percentage based on how you did on your performance review. Raises are given every year based on how well someone did their job. There are two types of ratings: one is based on meeting sales goals, and the other is based on what you do for your team, department, or company.

What is the dress code for State Farm employees?

Business casual.

What do you wear to a State Farm interview?

Business casual for most jobs. Slacks and a nice top.

What is on the State Farm pre-employment test?

State Farm uses the Predictive Index Learning Indicator test. This 50-question cognitive ability test looks at how well you can adapt to the workplace and keep learning while you’re there. On this test, you will be judged on your verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills and your ability to think about numbers.

How long do you have to work at a job to get a 401k?

To get credit for a year of service, employers need workers to work a certain number of hours in a certain amount of time. Part-time workers usually have to work at least 500 hours a year for three years before joining their employer’s 401(k) plan.

How do I enroll in State Farm employee benefits?

You can sign up for State Farm employee benefits during the open enrollment period or at the time of your first job.

How do I access my State Farm employee benefits?

You can access your State Farm employee benefits via the My State Farm Benefits Resource Center.

Does State Farm offer retirement benefits?

Yes, State Farm offers retirement benefits, including a 401(k) plan and pension.

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