LensCrafters Employee Benefits and Discounts 2024

LensCrafters Employee Benefits and Discounts 2024


LensCrafters Employee Benefits and Perks, LensCrafters Employee Discounts 2024

LensCrafters Employee Benefits and Discounts – LensCrafters is passionate about bringing people better sight and this takes thousands of professionals from all backgrounds to do this.


To promote healthy lifestyles helping employees build financial wellness, the company offers an extensive range of LensCrafters Employee Benefits packages, a competitive and flexible rewards package designed to empower employees for today and tomorrow.

From associates discounts and benefits to wellness, LensCrafters aims to support employees’ commitment to the job as well as your priorities and interests outside of work.


So, if you’re new to LensCrafters or are considering joining LensCrafters, take a look around reading what attractive benefit you can get besides attractive salary packages.


LensCrafters Employee Benefits – Complete Information

At LensCrafters, the company is passionate about bringing people better sight and this takes thousands of professionals from all backgrounds to do this.

At LensCrafters, the company offers lots of opportunities and resources that help employees to build a solid career in marketing. You’ll find yourself learning, growing, and interacting with some of the most passionate, smartest people in the business, while every day helping people look and see their best. 

To treat its employees well, LensCrafters provides a range of competitive rewards package of pay, job benefits, discounts, and opportunities with choice and flexibility for their employees and dependent.

LensCrafters’ employee benefits programs offered are designed specially to help employees build a solid financial foundation for meeting a diverse array of needs — health care, income protection, retirement security, and personal interests.

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So, if you’re new to LensCrafters or are considering joining them, take a look around reading what charming job benefit you can get besides attractive salary packages.

LensCrafters Career benefits

LensCrafters has first-class career benefits that have a great impact on employees’ careers including –

  • Career Planning: A top-notch career planning program that helps employees to build a solid career plan ahead providing opportunities and resources.
  • Solid coaching and mentoring program By using which, the company determines what should every team member focus on to grow and increase productivity.
  • Development Resources: Impressive development resources that help employees to shape and widen their personal and professional growth.
  • Leadership Programs: A variety of courses and seminars are available for all employees to grow as leaders.
  • Recognition Programs: Exceptional Recognition program for dedicated team members who stand out and continually contribute.
  • Tuition Reimbursement: LENSCRAFTERS pays 50% of costs for college degrees or courses that will help in the employee’s current or future role in the company.

LensCrafters Healthcare Benefits

LENSCRAFTERS offers superb health benefits for employees and their family members including –

  • HEALTH INSURANCE: An excellent health insurance plan that covers all sorts of medical costs for employees and their families, including hospital stays and surgical procedures.
  • DENTAL PLAN: 100% coverage for preventative dental care, dentures, braces, and some of the complex dental procedures.
  • Counselling: To make sure that every employee is physically and psychologically healthy, and emotionally balanced, the company offers a superb counseling program through which employees can obtain practical fitness and nutritional tips, talk about problems, and learn effective techniques to deal with stress.
  • HEALTH PLAN INCENTIVES: Through this plan, an employee can get consultations with nutritionists and physicians, lowered premium rates, and regular checkups
  • Healthcare spending account: LENSCRAFTERS offers an extraordinary healthcare spending account available for all through which tax-free funds are placed to use for medical necessities.
  • Maternity support program: Through which, the company provides helpful resources for all expecting parents.
  • Vision Plan: LENSCRAFTERS provides top-notch coverage on all sorts of eye-related medical assistance

LensCrafters Financial Benefits

  • 401(K) PLAN: LENSCRAFTERS provides a top-notch 401(k) plan through which employees can save up to 5% of their salary and the company will match 75% of employee’s contributions. Whatever funds get contributed, it becomes 100% vested after a 2-year period.
  • Life Insurance: An impressive life insurance program through which the company pays up to three years’ worth of salary to beneficiaries in case of an employee death.
  • DISABILITY: Eligible employees are provided with great coverage for a short-term disability that replaces a certain percentage of salary in case of an employee is unable to work.
  • Daycare Flexible Spending Account: Available for all employees to use to pay for various daycare expenses for when they are at work.
  • Commuting Benefits: LENSCRAFTERS provides a solid commuting policy with coverages on all transportation or parking costs.
  • Adoption Assistance Reimbursement: A valuable program that pays certain fees associated with the adoption process.
  • Parental leave is available for eligible team members such as new mothers and fathers, adoption, surrogacy, and foster care.
  • Paid Vacation Days to help employees live happily by various paid time off on holidays and sick leave.

Summary of LensCrafters Employee Benefits

LensCrafters offers a competitive benefits package that’s among the best in the retail industry eligible associates including:

  • Medical, dental, and life insurance plans
  • 401(k) plan and pension plan
  • Short-term and long-term disability plans
  • Generous associate discounts
  • Dependent care assistance
  • Paid time off and paid holidays
  • Flexible full-time and part-time schedules
  • Employee assistance program
  • Tuition assistance
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Domestic partner benefits

Overall, LensCrafters offers an impressive range of LensCrafters Employee Benefits provided with a package of products and services that offer outstanding benefits and opportunities that go beyond salary, support, and care for each of the employees.

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LensCrafters Employee Discounts & Offers 2024

  • 30% off complete pair (Frame + lenses)
  • $30 off polarized sunglasses (Prescription or non-prescription. Combinable with 30% off frame + lens offer.)
  • Frame + Lenses starting at $149
  • Up to $150 off an annual supply of contact lenses
  • 50% off additional pairs
  • 50% off frame + lenses
  • 50% off Complete Pair (Kids frames + lenses)
  • $40 off Additional Non-Prescription Sunglasses

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I hope that you will be satisfied with the details available here on LensCrafters Employee Benefits. 

If you have any questions or queries related to employee benefits at LensCrafters? Drop them into the below comment section. Thank you!

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