Zappos Employee Benefits and Discounts 2024

Zappos Employee Benefits and Perks – Discounts 2024

 What company benefits do you consider most important? Competitive pay? Three weeks of vacation? A company match 401(k)? If you think so, then you need to read this article.

Here, in this article, I am going to explain Zappos Employee Benefits, and Perks in Details. I will also explain Zappos Employee Discounts, Zappos Employee Login, and related details that make you choose Zappos as the first to start your career.

Zappos Employee Benefits

Why Zappos Offers Employee Benefits?

When it comes to employee benefits, Zappos stands first in the industry.

For new job seekers, today’s labor pool considers workplace flexibility, working with a purpose, and a commitment to health and well-being as top influencers as factors in chopping a new employer.

Workplace flexibility doesn’t mean doing yoga. Instead, it promotes leniency as to how and where an employee works to better meet his or her needs and the needs of the business.

Zappos has embraced flexible work schedules for employees who can perform their jobs outside the regular nine-to-five.

In addition, many reasons make job seekers choose Zappos as the first to start your career.

Read here what extraordinary employee benefits, Zappos offers to Zapponians –

Staying Healthy & Fit (Zappos Health Benefits)

To support a healthy balance, Zappos offers multiple cores and supplemental coverage for employees’ physical and mental well-being and feel your best which are explained below –

  • Onsite 24/7 fitness center, yoga studio including shower facilities
  • Medical, dental, and vision with free employee-only premiums
  • Free primary care, generic prescriptions, dental exams, dental cleanings, eye exams
  • Onsite and virtual fitness classes
  • Company-sponsored fitness challenges and events
  • Endurance event reimbursement program
  • Onsite and weight management programs
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Infertility and adoption benefits
  • Free telemedicine benefits
  • Orthodontic coverage
  • Incentive-based wellness program

Zappos Employee Benefits

Planning for the Future at Zappos

To support a healthy balance between living for today while preparing financially for tomorrow, Zapponian are eligible for

  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • Onsite goal coaching
  • Zappos University personal and professional development classes
  • Paid maternity and paternity leave
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Leave of absence programs
  • Pre-paid legal assistance
  • Life insurance
  • Mentoring program
  • Short term and long term disability insurance
  • Discounts with various colleges and universities

Enjoying Time Off

To promote and maintain a healthy work-life balance, protect income for the future, Zappos offers good paid time off to assist with employees career and personal development such as

  • Paid holidays to celebrate:
    • New Year’s Day,
    • Martin Luther King Jr. Day,
    • President’s Day, Memorial Day,
    • Independence Day,
    • Labor Day,
    • Thanksgiving Day,
    • Christmas Day
  • Paid vacation days to recharge:
    • 1st year through 4th year – 12 days per year,
    • 5th year through 9th year – 17 days per year,
    • 10th year and thereafter – 20 days per year
  • Paid sick time to get better fast: Regardless of employment length – 5 days per year

Zappos Employee Benefits

Make an Impact

Zapponians give back to the community through Karma (volunteer) adventures.

A few of the organizations are:

  • Las Vegas Rescue Mission
  • Three Square Food Bank
  • Opportunity Village
  • Nevada Partnership for the Homeless Youth
  • Goodie Two Shoes
  • The Animal Foundation

Employee Concierge

  • Employee library
  • Car washing and waxing services
  • Dry cleaning service
  • Gift wrapping
  • Onsite health screenings
  • Employee life coach on-site
  • Oil change service

Zappos Employee Benefits

Mandatory Fun

  • Zapponians are allowed to take a break, celebrate, or break out in random song
  • Each business circle has a monthly teambuilding budget to build a team and family spirit
  • And when the fun wears, Zappos has a nap room for a quick recharge

Zappos Happy Hours

Zappos love a good happy hour, not just for the tasty food and drink, but for an opportunity to connect with our fellow Zapponians.

Once a quarter, Zappos shuts down the company and participates in our all-hands program that concludes with a company-sponsored happy hour

A few of our favorite spots in downtown Las Vegas include The Gold Spike, Commonwealth, and Park on Freemont.

You’ll Be Well Fed

  • Onsite bistro with fresh salads, sandwiches, daily specials, and sweet treats
  • Snack stations throughout campus with beverages, fresh fruits, and snacks
  • Zappos ZCafe Coffee Shop serves up plenty of caffeine to keep you going
  • A short walk to many local restaurants in fabulous downtown Las Vegas

Zappos Employee Benefits Summary

Mostly Zappos benefits and discounts are effective immediately from the hiring. Both, part-time and full-time permanent employees are eligible for all Zappos employee benefits packages based on classification, such as full-time or part-time.

Here below is a brief account of Zappos Employee Benefits and Perks, offered by Zappos

  • Above-average medical, dental, and vision insurance coverage.
  • 40% employee discount for those who love shoes and accessories.
  • 401(k) retirement plan with company match
  • On-site wellness service.
  • Pet insurance.
  • Pre-paid legal
  • Monthly team outings.
  • Free food for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and breaks.
  • Nap rooms so you can rest and rejuvenate for the remainder of the workday.

Overall, employee benefits at Zappos go beyond the common benefits compares to others in the field. Ross employee benefits aim to enhance employee’s personal and financial security through handsome benefits programs and packages.

Zapponian Discount – Zappos Employee Discounts 2024 careers offer great benefits for Zapponian. They also offer discounts on its offers for its Zapponian –

  • Shop your heart out with 40% Zapponian discount on everything on, from Ugg boots to Gucci sunshades there is no limit to how much you can indulge
  • Free next business day shipping straight to your desk from
  • Don’t forget about Zappos sister site, to get a 20% Zapponian discount there too
  • Various discounts with local and national services and goods

Zappos Employee Benefits

Zappos Contact Details

Popular Employee Benefits: 

Final words

Hopefully, you like the available information on Zappos Employee Benefits, Incentives, and Discounts. If you have any questions or queries related to employee benefits at Zappos? Drop them into the below comment section. Thank you!


What are some of the benefits that Zappos offers to its employees?

Zappos offers a wide range of benefits to its employees, including:

Medical, dental, and vision insurance
Life insurance
Short-term and long-term disability insurance
401(k) plan with company match
Tuition reimbursement
Employee discounts
Zappos culture concierge
Paid time off (PTO)
Paid parental leave
On-site wellness center
Pet insurance

How does Zappos’s health insurance compare to other companies?

Zappos’s health insurance policy is considered above average compared to other businesses. Zappos offers a range of plans, and the costs are generally lower than those you will find with other companies.

What is Zappos’s policy on paid time off (PTO)?

Zappos employees get PTO according to their number of years of service. The new employees begin with 14 working days PTO each year. In addition, they can earn an additional day per year, up to 20 days. PTO is available for holidays, sick days as well as personal day.

Does Zappos have an on-site wellness center?

Yes, Zappos has an on-site wellness center that offers a variety of services, including:

Personal training
Yoga classes
Massage therapy
Weight loss counseling
Health screenings

How much paid parental leave does Zappos offer?

Zappos provides the opportunity to take paid leave for 16 weeks for both fathers and mothers. This time off is an excellent opportunity for bonding with your brand-new child or caring for an unwell child.

Does Zappos offer pet insurance?

Zappos indeed provides pet insurance to employees. The company will cover up to 80% of medical treatment to a maximum limit of $ 10,000 annually.

Does Zappos offer tuition reimbursement?

Yes, Zappos will reimburse tuition for its employees. Zappos will pay up to $5,250 annually for tuition and other fees.

How can I find out more about Zappos’s employee benefits?

Find out more about Zappos’ employee benefits on the company’s website. The site also has a benefits calculator, which calculates how much you can receive in benefits depending on your earnings and years of service.

What are some of the unique benefits that Zappos offers?

Zappos provides a variety of benefits that are unique, such as:

A culture consultant who can assist employees with everything from the search for a babysitter to booking a trip
It is a Zappos University that offers employees many learning and development opportunities.
The Fund is a Zappos Family Fund that provides cash assistance to employees who are in need.

What are the qualifications for getting a job at Zappos?

Zappos seeks people enthusiastic about teamwork, customer service, and the pursuit of knowledge. The company doesn’t need a college degree; however, it will consider those with prior experience in retail or customer service.

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