REI Employee Benefits ❤️ Discounts 2023

REI Employee Benefits 2023, REI Employee Discounts & Incentives

REI Employee Benefits Guide 2023 – Recreational Equipment, Inc., known as REI, is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. 

Classified as a consumer co-operative, REI sells sporting goods, travel equipment, camping gear, and clothing, related services, and courses.

REI operates 165 retail stores in 39 states and employs around 13,000 skilled people.

Considering its employees as the best asset of their success, the company wants to keep them happy, loyal, and engaged with the company.

REI Employee Benefits

To do so, the company is providing a unique and comprehensive REI Employee Benefits that has great impacts on the employee’s careers.

REI Employee Benefits packages hesps the company to retain its hardworking and quality staff and provide a better customer experience.

REI Employee Benefits

So, if you are an employee or corporate at REI, read here what attractive benefit, perks, and discounts you can enjoy as an employee at REI.

REI Employee Benefits & Discounts

Recreational Equipment, Inc offers a ton of moderate and interesting REI Employee Benefits Package to helps employees with several retirement benefits health and medical benefits to take care of their health, family, finances, and future.

The main idea behind offering various REI Employee Benefits program is to ensure a steady source of cash later in life for the employer’s family. Such a defined contribution pension plan from REI also helps the employees to save and invest for retirement to ensure a steady source of cash. REI Employee Benefits packages hesps the company to retain its hardworking and quality staff and provide a better customer experience.

REI Employee Benefits

So, read here what attractive benefit, perks, and discounts you can enjoy as an employee at REI.

Healthcare: Health, Life & Disability Plans

REI believes in taking care of its employees and cause of this, they offer a rich benefit packet to their full and part-time employees.

All employees working at least 20 hours or more per week are eligible for the REI Flex Plan.

Employees at Recreational Equipment, Inc may also choose from several medical plans for themselves and their dependents.

REI pays for the majority of employees’ medical plan costs and the full cost for basic life and disability coverage.

Employees may also purchase several additional coverages like vision care, orthodontia, and long-term care coverage.

REI Employee Benefits

Retirement & Profit Sharing

Recreational Equipment, Inc offers a unique in the retail industry Retirement and Profit Sharing Plan.

Eligible employees will receive a contribution of 5% of eligible compensation along with an additional 10% discretionary funding depending upon company profitability.

REI provides 100% funding to the Plan.

Staff members at REI are not required to contribute their own pay in order to receive an REI contribution.

Though the company encourages employees to make their own contributions within the traditional 401k.

Annual Incentive Plan

Recreational Equipment, Inc offers a unique annual incentive plan for its employees based on reaching individuals, both department and company goals.

Incentive targets depend upon employees’ pay grade with all employees being eligible for the annual incentive plan.

Compensation Philosophy

REI has committed to recognizing and rewarding employees with a total rewards package that includes competitive base pay, incentives and comprehensive benefits, generous employee discounts, and other perks, as well as programs that support good health and work, life balance.

It also offers a cash-compensation package that includes competitive wages and an above-market incentive plan.

It believes that all employees should share in the rewards of total company performance and all regular REI employees; full- and part-time—are eligible for the annual incentive plan.

REI Employee Benefits

Tuition Reimbursement

This program provides employees with the opportunity to get financial support to pursue higher education. The course of study can be aimed at growth in the current job or possibly for a change of career with REI.

Professional Growth & Development

At the very core of our culture is the belief that, given the opportunity, motivated people will make the most of their careers and contribute to the success of the company.

REI supports employees in their efforts by offering professional training and development classes and creating a culture where growth and internal promotion are encouraged.

As a new employee, you will learn about REI through a specially designed orientation.

In addition, all new employees get a chance to participate in a stewardship project or outing where they get to have fun outdoors bonding with teammates or members of the community.

Family & Medical Leaves

REI provides a generous leave of absence program, including REI Medical and Family leaves for employees who do not yet meet FMLA eligibility.

Additionally, REI extends FMLA leave to care for a life partner, life partner’s child, or sibling. REI also provides two weeks of paid parental leave for working mothers and fathers.

Time Away from Work

Time off is an important part of our culture. Renewing spirits through a healthy work/life balance is encouraged through earned time off.

REI Employee Benefits

Paid time off includes:

  • vacation pay
  • sick pay
  • 8 paid holidays
  • sabbatical pay

After 15 years of service with REI, employees earn their first paid sabbatical, four consecutive weeks of time off in addition to their vacation hours earned!

Personal Leave of Absence

Sometimes earned vacation just isn’t enough. Employees at REI can request up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a year.

With manager approval, leave can be used to pursue any personal interest including volunteering, traveling the globe, or going back to school.

Culture & Work Environment

There’s nothing more fun than working with people we truly enjoy. And at REI we get to do that. An interest in the outdoors and outdoor activity are common threads that bind us together. And REI warm and inclusive culture creates an environment where we can easily get to know our teammates and learn from each other.

REI Employee Benefits

REI does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, national origin, citizenship status, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, disability, or any other basis protected by law or company policy.

REI takes reasonable steps to protect the right of every employee to work in an environment free from intimidation and harassment.

Popular Employee Benefits: 

Additional Benefits at REI

  • Work/Life Employee Assistance: To help find a balance between work and home, employees can use the REI Work/Life program. This employee assistance program offers access to services, referrals, three in-person visits, and support to help us all in our quest to live and work well. REI even provides a convenient service as part of this program-sort of like a concierge for your life!
  • Employee Referral Bonus: Refer someone to REI and, if they are hired, employees can receive a $100 – $2,000 bonus through paycheck!
  • Public Transit Subsidy: Regular commuters in all REI locations can take advantage of 50% subsidies for buses, trains, or other public transit methods. At REI headquarters employees may find vanpools as another commute alternative.
  • Relocation Support: REI provides financial assistance to full-time employees who move more than 50 miles to fill a job.
  • Adoption Assistance: Adoptive parents who are eligible for the REI Flex Plan can receive up to $3,000 reimbursement to apply toward adoption costs.

The perks don’t stop here.

In addition to the above, the following benefits are also available to employees:

  • casual dress every day,
  • flexible schedules,
  • retirement investment education,
  • national discount gym/fitness, and
  • student loan program support.

At the headquarters in Kent, WA, employees enjoy lunchtime activities like Ultimate Frisbee, bike rides, running, yoga, and CrossFit.

Popular Employee Benefits: 

REI Employee Benefits

REI Employee Discounts 2023

REI employees receive 50% discounts on REI Gear and Apparel. This discount program also includes 30% off on company vendor merchandise and 10% off sale items.

REI employees also have access to our vendor ProDeal Discount Program. Under this program, purchases can be made directly from vendors priced at or below wholesale.

Employees also receive discounts on trips with our own travel company, REI Adventures! Most trips are discounted 30% while other select trips are 10% off the REI member price.

REI Adventures offers active trips across the globe as well as close to home.

Employees also have access to discounted classes through REI’s Outdoor School to learn a new activity or skill.

Yay Day: REI supports outdoor adventures by offering all employees one day off every six months to go outside and play.

Yay Day gives our employees a chance to get inspired by the outdoors, by engaging in their favorite outdoor activity or helping create access to inspirational places through stewardship.

Challenge Grant: This program provides REI employees an opportunity to set a personal outdoor challenge and apply for a special grant to achieve their goals. 

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REI Employee Benefits help center

For additional information about REI’s Pay and Benefits, go to 

If you believe, you need a reasonable accommodation while seeking employment, or if you have any questions about REI’s reasonable accommodation process, please email at [email protected], or call 1-800-999-4REI ext 4747.

Alternatively, you can contact REI’s Reasonable Accommodation Request Line, managed by The Network, by calling (888) 256-4920

Conclusion for REI Employee Benefits 2023

That’s all about REI Employee Benefits 2023 packages, REI employee benefits phone number, REI employee discounts, and other useful details. 

Do you have any questions or queries related to Employee Benefits at REI? Drop them into the below comment section.

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FAQs – REI Employee Benefits 2023

Is working at REI worth it?

Your time at REI will depend on the people you work with. It’s a great place to work. There are good benefits (if you get them), great discounts, and a great place to work. If you want to get ahead, try to be as friendly as possible (best friends level) and be as much of a “go-getter” as you can for management.

Can REI employees use their discounts online?

Yes, you can. To get it, you have to buy it through the store. You must call customer service to place an online order from home and get your employee discount. They will set up a personal account with information about you as an employee that you can use to get your discount.

What should a REI employee wear?

You can wear whatever you want, within reason. 

How long does REI take to hire?

For me, it took a few days. They got my resume and asked me to come in for an interview. About 30 minutes after my interview, I got a call and was offered a job.

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