TD Employee Benefits and Perks Canada 2023

TD Employee Benefits 2023

TD Employee Benefits 2023 – Toronto-Dominion Bank, a Canadian multinational banking and financial services corporation known as TD Bank. Headquartered in Toronto, Ontario, TD bank has thousands of branches in Canada, America, and the united kingdom.

To run their business continuously, the bank employees around 89,000 employees to serve about 26 million clients worldwide.

In order to attract and retain the best active talented staff, TD bank offers a range of TD Bank employee benefits packages to enjoy besides attractive salary. TD employee benefits help the bank to improve its customer service and so the business.

Employee Benefits at TD Bank also helps the chain to create a good work culture and the environment with supportive management to improve their business standards.

Continue reading to learn what employee benefits and discounts at TD Bank, you can enjoy in Canada.

Employee Benefits at TD Bank (Toronto-Dominion Bank)

Toronto-Dominion Bank is the leading financial service provider in Canada and America, is also considered as the best place to work. With locations throughout America, Canada, and the United Kingdom, the bank has 89,000 employees to serve about 26 million customers worldwide, the bank is referred to as the best workplace in Canada.

Here are some of the major reasons why the company is considered the best place to work in Canada. Here, I have explained some of the major TD Bank Benefits, perks, and employee discounts offered by Toronto-Dominion Bank.

Retirement Plans

Toronto-Dominion Bank provides its employees with several retiree benefits and pension plans that help employees to make savings for the future and ensure a secure source of income. See below what are these plans –

  • Fully bank-paid defined benefit pension plan of eligible employees.
  • Canada Pension Plan & Quebec Pension Plan
  • TD Bank 401(k) retirement plan – TD contribute between 2% and 6% of pay and a match of up to 4.5% of employee contributions.
  • Group Personal Pension Plan for eligible employees

Toronto-Dominion Bank Benefit Plans

To support a healthy balance, the bank offers multiple cores and supplemental coverage for employees’ physical and mental well-being and feel your best which are explained below –

  • Medical reimbursement and dependent care
  • Retiree medical and dental benefits for eligibles ones.
  • Options for disability, medical, dental, life, and accident insurance as well as vision care.
  • Spending Accounts and Health Savings Account
  • Health consultation services
  • Paid vacation based on job level
  • Fitness programs, counseling, and preventive care programs.
  • Employee discounts for various events, attractions, products, services, etc.
  • Employee Ownership Plan
  • Share Incentive Plan

Employee Support Programs

To support employees’ physical and mental well-being, Toronto-Dominion Bank provides its employees with multiple Employee Support Programs like

  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Employee Banking Benefits – Discounts on a range of credit products and services
  • On-site wellness services, Cancer awareness seminars, massages, aromatherapy, heart-health assessments, reflexology, blood pressure monitoring, eye checks, health and nutrition sessions
  • Online health risk assessment, wellness tools, etc.
  • Flu shot program and flu shot reimbursement program
  • Backup childcare for full-/part-time, emergency, temporary and occasional childcare
  • Critical Incident Trauma Response
  • TD Helps Program for confidential financial advice on loans, loan extensions, mortgage capitalization, etc.

TD bank employee benefits Eligibility and restrictions

Mostly TD employee benefits and discounts are effective immediately from the hiring.

Both, part-time and full-time permanent employees are eligible for all TD bank employee benefits packages. Though, the eligibility and availability of different plans vary based on classification, such as full-time or part-time.

So, read below on what basis employee benefits at TD Bank are offered –

  • Employees residing outside of Canada, the U.S., and the U.K. become eligible for mostly all of the packages, mention here.
  • Canada:
  • Part-time employees in Canada must work at least 15 hours/week throughout the year to be eligible for the TD employee Benefits Plan.
  • All Canadian employees must have above 3 months’ continuous employment for TD Bank Employee Ownership Plan and pension plan.
  • U.S.: Short-term/long-term disability employee benefits are eligible for only those who worked 30 hours or more per week.
  • Paid vacation entitlement is 25 days regardless of employees in the UK regardless of job level and length of service.
  • Temporary employees in Canada may receive vacation pay instead of paid vacation
  • Retiree medical and dental programs are closed for new members.

Contact TD Bank Customer Service for TD BANK Perks

  • Toll-Free Number: (888) 751-9000 General Assistance
  • TD Bank Customer Service: (800) 937-2000
  • Live Customer Service: (888) 751-9000 General Assistance
  • Self-Service Phone Line:
    • (877) 700-2913 Cross-border Banking
    • (800) 815-6849 Home Equity Loans and Lines of Credit
    • (866) 325-4516 Mortgage Loans
    • (800) 400-3603 TD Ameritrade
    • (888) 561-8861 TD Cards
    • (888) 568-7130 TD Connect Card
    • (855) 219-8050 TD Go Card
    • (866) 235-1248 TD Wealth

Corporate Office Address:

  • TD Bank Operations Center
    P.O. Box 219
    Lewiston, Maine 04243-0219
    United States

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Final words For TD Employee Benefits and Perks

Hopefully, you like the available repot on TD Employee Benefits and Discounts.

If you have any questions or queries related to employee benefits at Toronto-Dominion Bank? Drop them into the below comment section. Thank you!


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