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Sky Employee Benefits 2024 – Being the biggest home entertainment and communications provider in the UK, Sky aims to increase their family by providing television, broadband, and telephone. For its successful network, the company thinks of employees as a vital part. 

To thank its hardworking employees, the company offers some amazing Sky employee benefits like Sky 3D and Sky Talk.

Are you working at Sky? Yes, then you become eligible for below mentioned Sky employee benefits and perks offered by the company.

So, read the full article very carefully and understand clearly what various Sky employee benefits, perks, and discounts, you can use in your workplace.

  • Health insurance covers basic healthcare plans and free counseling for all employees.
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Disability insurance
  • 401(k) plan through which the company pays a lump sum match of up to 6% of employee contributions.
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Health Savings Accounts
  • Dependent Care scheme
  • Maternity and Parental Leave options
  • Profit-Sharing
  • “C” level management plans
  • The facility of Free Sky package, free Sky broadband package, and discounted telephony for all employees
  • Personal Enrollment Selections, through which the company assistant for registered employees
  • One-on-One Onboarding plan through which the company hires new employees from employees’ relatives and spouses.
  • Free Employee Assistance Program through which the company provides confidential 24/7 care, resources, and referrals for every aspect of work and personal life
  • Monthly Invoice Reviews and enrollments are available on a monthly basis in order to resolve discrepancies.

Sky at a Glance (About Sky)

Sky Ltd is a leading retailer of home entertainment, broadband, and telephony providers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Founded as a direct-to-home satellite television service provider in 1989, it becomes BSkyB (Sky) as a result of the emergence with British Satellite Broadcasting (BSB).

Now, it has started many popular channels which include Sky Sports (1991), FTSE 100 (1995), Easynet (2005), Virgin Media Television (2010), UK’s public Wi-Fi network (2011), and many more to mention.

Now, it has over 10.5 million TV users and more than five million broadband throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. It employees around 22,000 full-time employees throughout the UK and around 900 employees in Ireland.

Sky employee benefits and Perks Summary

Here below is a brief account of different Sky employee benefits packages. Check them –


  • A healthcare trust, available to all employees
  • Physiotherapy in addition to trust’s out-patient limit.
  • Health screening
  • Free employee assistance program
  • On-site physiotherapy at a few locations

Sky products

  • Free broadband.
  • Sky World package -access to free films and sports.
  • Discounted telephone services.
  • Free access to Wi-Fi through The Cloud.
  • Salary sacrifice arrangement for Tablet and Sky TV purchase


  • Trust-based defined contribution scheme
  • Double-matched employer contributions (maximum of 8%)

Group risk

  • Group income protection (GIP)
  • Life insurance at a four-times salary

Other benefits

  • Retail vouchers.
  • Childcare vouchers.
  • Bikes-for-work scheme.
  • Sharesave scheme.
  • Recognition program.

In short, Sky Blue offers a comprehensive range of Sky Blue employee benefits and perks for all eligibles regardless of job level.

Do note that eligibility for Sky Blue employee benefits may vary by location, working hours, employment period, and job status (seasonal or temporary employment).

Sky Employee Discounts 2024

Here are some of the Sky employee discounts in 2024:

  • Free Sky TV and broadband. Sky employees get a free Sky TV package, including all the new channels and discounted Sky broadband.
  • Discounted retail. Sky employees get a 10% discount on various retail products, including electronics, clothes, and homeware.
  • Discounted health and fitness. Sky employees get a 20% discount on health insurance, gym memberships, and other health and fitness products.
  • Discounted travel. Sky employees get a 20% discount on hotels, flights, and car hire.
  • Discounted Sky Mobile. Sky employees get a 25% discount on Sky Mobile plans.
  • Other benefits. Sky employees also get various other advantages, including life insurance, private healthcare, and access to a company pension scheme.

Sky Employee Login

Sky Employee Login
  • Enter your Username and password.
  • At last press the Login button to access your account.

Sky Blue Customer Service


That’s all about Sky Blue Employee Benefits packages and other useful details. 

Do you have any questions or queries related to Sky Employee Benefits? Drow them into below comment section.

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Do Sky employees get a discount?

Sky employees can get a free TV package and a good discount on their mobile, broadband, and phone packages.

How is it to work for Sky?

A fantastic inclusive company. The benefits of working for Sky are great: free Sky TV, cheaper broadband, an excellent pension, private health care, and a share-saving program, and that’s just what I can think of right now. The management team is beneficial. Chances to go further in your career.

How much does Sky pay an hour?

The average salary at Sky is between £20,467 and £142,215 per year for a Customer Service Representative and a Director. 

The average hourly pay at Sky is between £9 and £10 for a Customer Service Representative and a Customer Service Service Representative.

How much do Sky employees get paid?

Salaries at Sky plc capacity range from ₤24,994 to ₤76,242 a year.

How much holiday do you get at Sky?

Standardly, you get 28 days off, but you can buy more through the benefits menu, and after 5 years, you get an extra day off for every year you work for Sky.

How do I get Sky employee benefits?

To qualify for Sky employee benefits, You must be a full-time Sky employee. Sky. You can learn more about the benefits available to you by contacting the HR department.

What are the eligibility criteria for Sky employee benefits?

The criteria for eligibility for Sky employee benefits vary based on the benefits. In general, it is necessary to be long-term employed by Sky to be qualified.

How do I claim Sky employee benefits?

The procedure for claiming Sky employee benefits is different based on the benefits. In general, you’ll need to supply your HR department with the employee ID number and evidence of eligibility.

What are the drawbacks of Sky employee benefits?

There are some potential drawbacks to Sky employee benefits, including:

The benefits may not be as generous as those offered by other employers
The benefits may be subject to change
The benefits may not be available to all employees

How do I renew my Sky employee benefits?

Your Sky employee benefits will automatically renew each year.

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