TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck Price, Review & Specification

TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck Price in India, Specification, Features, Overview

The TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck is the largest of the Hitachi Rigid Dump Trucks with a nominal payload of over 296 tonnes, and a name in the surface mining industry. 

The TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck proves to be extremely capable and reliable with economic advantages, drive control systems, a strong-structured body and a high-powered engine.

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TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck Main Facts

TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck specifications

  • Model Code: EH 5000AC-3
  • Engine Power: 2125 KW (2850 HP)
  • Max GMW: 500,000 kg
  • Max Payload: 326 Ton

TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck Price

TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck specifications

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TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck Specifications

ModelCummins QSKTTA60-CE
Type 4 Cycle Diesel w/ MCR fuel system
Aspiration 2 stage Turbocharged & Low Temperature Aftercooled
Emission CertificationU.S. EPA Tier 2
Gross Power @1900 min-1 (rpm) SAE J19952125 kW (2 850 HP)
Net power @1900 min-1 (rpm)1970 kW (2 640 HP)
Maximum Torque @1 500 min-1 (rpm) SAE J199510628N.m (1 084 kgf.m)
No. of Cylinders16
Bore & Stroke159 x 190 mm
Displacement60 L
Starting24 Volt Electric
ModelMTU 16V4000 C20L
Type4 Cycle Diesel w/ DDEC
Aspiration1 stage Turbocharged & Low Temperature Aftercooled
Emission CertificationNot Certified
Gross Power @1900 min-1 (rpm) SAE J19952125 kW (2 850 HP)
Net power @1900 min-1 (rpm)1970 kW (2 640 HP)
Maximum Torque @1 500 min-1 (rpm) SAE J199511136 N.m (1 136 kgf.m)
No. of Cylinders16
Bore & Stroke165 x 190 mm
Displacement65 L
Starting24 Volt Electric
HITACHI AC-Drive System 
AC Control Cabinet 
Number of units1
Rated capacity1860 kW
IGBT Inverter 
Number of units2
Rated capacity per unit1200 kVA
Number of units2
Rated capacity per unit1950 kW
Number of units1
Capacity2050 kVA at 1900min-1 (rpm)
AC Wheel Motor 
Number of units2
Capacity per unit950 kW
Grid Box (Electric Brake)
Number of modules 6
Capacity per unit 625 kW (3 min.)
Equipped with inverter controlled variable speed cooling fan.
Planetary Ratio41.0: 1
Maximum Speed (Continuous)56 km/h
 Front and Rear Rim Width
53/80R63914 mm (36 in) standard
 965 mm (38 in) Optional
  • Twenty-four-volt system.
  • 140 ampere Cummins engine driven or 260 ampere MTU engine driven alternator.
  • Four 245H52, 12 volt, heavy duty batteries connected in series/parallel.
 Struck (SAE) 148 m3
 Heaped 3:1185 m3
 Heaped 2:1 (SAE) 201 m3
Body capacity and payload subject to change based on customer specific material density and application.
  •  Closed-center, full-time hydrostatic power steering system using two double-acting cylinders and a variable displacement piston pump.
  • Hitachi accumulators provide supplementary steering in accordance with ISO 5010 (SAE J1511), supplying a constant steering rate under all conditions.
  • A tilt/telescopic steering wheel with 35 degrees of tilt and 57 mm telescopic travel is standard.
 Turning Diameter (ISO 7457)29.9 m
 Body Raise Travel 58 degrees
 Body Raise Time24 sec
 Body Down Time (Float)22 sec
 Brake system complies with ISO 3450 (SAE J1473).
 Service Brake: 
Service braking for the EH5000AC-3 is made up of front and rear hydraulically applied brakes and the electric brake.
 Front Axle – Dry Disc 
 Disc Diameter Each (2 discs/axle, 4 calipers/disc) 133.3 cm
Rear Axle – Oil-cooled Wet Disc 
Total Friction Area per Brake75760 cm2
  • Two of front hydraulic, rear hydraulic and electric brake within the service brake system provide modulated reserve braking capability.
  • Both front and rear hydraulic brakes are automatically applied when loss of pressure is detected.
 Parking Brake
 This system is designed to use spring applied, hydraulically released brake calipers to hold the truck stationary
 Electric Brake
 The Electric Brake is used for a usual operating brake for the EH5000AC-3.
 Maximum dynamic braking (Standard).3750 kW
Load/Dump Brake Apply 
Through activation of a switch by the operator, a solenoid is energized, sending full brake pressure to apply the rear Wet Disc brakes. For use during the load and dump cycles.
WEIGHTS (Approximate)
Net machine weight stated below includes standard equipment. Net machine weight changes will directly affect the Nominal Payload.
Chassis with Hoist & Body parts174 000 kg
Body 30000 kg
Net Machine Weight 204000 kg
The Net Machine Weight specification includes operator and 100 % fuel.
Nominal Payload296 tonnes
Target GMOW 500 000 kg
Weight DistributionFRONT                    REAR
Empty48 %                        52 %
Loaded33 %                         67 %
Floor16 mm
Front9 mm
Sides9 mm
Canopy6 mm
Corners12 mm
High strength 690 N/mm2 (100 000 psi) alloy steel is also used for the canopy side members and floor stiffeners. The body is rubber cushioned on the frame.
Optional Body Liners:
Floor & Corners12 mm
Sides & Front6 mm
Canopy drop edge6 mm
Special plate thicknesses and partial plates are available.
Crankcase (includes filters): Cummins260 L
Crankcase (includes filters): MTU250 L
Engine Cooling System: Cummins725 L
Engine Cooling System: MTU667 L
Fuel Tank (Standard)2900 L
Fuel Tank (Optional)5100 L
Hydraulic system950 L
Rear Brake cooling system170 L
Planetary Drives (L & R)360 L
Front Wheels (L & R)24 L
Control Cabinet Cooling System59 L
Windshield Washer20 L
Main Accumulator 2 X 70 L

TATA Hitachi EH 5000AC-3 Dump Truck price

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