TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Price, Specification & Review

TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Price in India, Specification, Review, Overview

TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader includes both the Z-bar linkage and power-shift transmission technology. This TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader focuses on productivity and all its features enhance this parameter. This TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z machine has the highest reach in its class and has the highest travel speeds in its first gears.

TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader price

Guys! Are you searching for the TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader on the site? And do you want to know about the TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Price List, Specifications, Features, images? if yes, then don’t worry my friends, cause Here in this article, I am going to present that all kinds of information which you need to know about it.

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TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Price in India

The TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Price starts at Rs.30 Lakh. And for any inquiry please contact us on this toll-free number 1800 3456 500.

TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Quick Facts 

  • Model Code: TL 360 Z
  • Max. Engine Power: 129 HP
  • Operating Weight: 12,185 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 1.5 – 3.0 m3

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TATA Hitachi TL 360 Z Wheel Loader Specifications

Model TATA 697 TCIC
Type 4 Cycle water cooled
Aspiration Turbocharger and charge air cooled
No. of cylinders 6
Maximum power 129 hp @ 2400rpm 
Maximum Torque 440 Nm @ 1400-1700 rpm
Emission Norm BS-III
Batteries 24V (2 x 12 V)
Transmission ZF Ergo power Transmission hydrodynamic torque converter and a reversing transmission of countershaft design with proportional control valve, electro-hydraulically actuated clutches
Torque converter Three elements, single stage, single phase
Main clutch Wet hydraulic, multi-disc type
Cooling method Forced circulation type
Travel speed* (km/h) Forward/Reverse
1st 7.32 / 7.71
2nd 14.27 / 15.03
3rd 25.27 / 26.40
*With 14.00-25-25 PR tires  
Drive system Four-wheel drive system
Front axle ZF Multitrac 3075 fixed rigid to front frame
Rear axle ZF Multtrac 3065 fixed rear by an oscillating bracket
Oscillation angle  Total 28 Deg. (+14 deg. -14 Deg.)
Wheel rise 490 mm
Final drive Planetary reduction in the wheel hub. Self locking limited slip-type differential
Front and Rear Tyres  
Standard Four,14.00 x 25-20 PR
Optional Four,14.00 x 25-25 PR
Service Brakes Multi wet disc brake integarted in wheel hub acts on all 4 wheels
Parking Brakes Spring applied air released
Emergency Fail safe type automatically applied wheel air pressure falls below 3-4 bar
Type Articulated frame steering
Steering mechanism Refer to standard & optional equipment list
Steering angle Each direction 40 degree ; total 80 degree
Relief Pressure 210 bar
Main Pump  Tandem vane Pump-189 in lpm @ 2400 rpm
relief pressure seating  190 bar
Steering pump Vane Pump-60 lpm @2400 rpm
Hydraulic cycle time  
Lift arm rise  5.7 Sec
Lift arm lower 3.4 Sec
Bucket dump 1.3 Sec
Total 10.4 Sec
Fuel tank 150.0 L
Engine coolant 22 L
Engine oil 14.5 L
Front axle  25.0 L
Rear axle  25.0 L
Hydraulic tank 140.0 L
Hydraulic system 210.0 L
Rated Payload 3600 kg
Breakout force 11600 kg
Tipping Load (straight) 8285 Kg
Tipping Load (Full Turn) 7105 Kg


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