TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Specs Price Features Photos

TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Specs Price Features Photos
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TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Price Overview

TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader price

Hey, Friends Do you know about the TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Price in India, Key features, Hydraulic system, Transmission, Refill Capacities, Travel Speeds, Axles, images and more? If you don’t know. So don’t worry my friends, you are Landed at the Genuine place.

Here in this article of mine, I will be telling you, that all kinds of information, where you need. And I ensure that all kids of information genuine and reliable, you can blindly trust it, my friends. Ok friends let’s move on our topic friends. 

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TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Quick Facts TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader 1

  • Model Code:  TH 86 L
  • Engine Power:  86 PS
  • Operating Weight: 7500 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: Backhoe: 1.0 – 1.2 m3  
  • Turbocharged, Inter cooled 4 cylinder Diesel engine.

TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Price

The TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Price starts at 10 Lakh. And for any inquiry please contact us on this toll-free number 1800 3456 500.

TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader Specifications

TATA Hitachi TH 86 L Wheel Loader specs

Make & Model TATA 497 TCIC
Type Turbo-Charged, Inter-Cooled 4 Cylinder Diesel Engine
Gross Power 86 PS @ 2200 rpm
Max.Torque 31 kg-m
Battery 12 V-130 AH
TH 86 L is provide with fully Powershift transmission sourced from the internationally renowned ZF, with heavy duty clutch packs for a smooth and easy click of the knob gear shift. The integral Torque converter has stall ratio of 1:2.63 which increases the tractive effort, making dozing operation easy in tough conditions
Fuel tank (with ground level fueling) 136.0 ltr
Engine coolant 21.9 ltr
Engine oil including filter 9.0 ltr
Transmission 13.0 ltr
Hydraulic system 91.0 ltr
Rear axle 16.0 ltr
Front Wheel (only for4WD) 8.0 ltr
Front Tyres (standard) 9-16, 16 PR | 12.5-8, 12 PR (Optional)
Rear Tyres  
(standard)…Industrial tyres 16.9-28, 12 PR
(standard)…Heavy duty tyres 14-25, 20 PR
Front Axle The rigid non-powered front axle for two wheel drive version can float 180 deg. to take care of unevenness of ground.
Rear Axle Rear ZF Multitrac Axle is a heavy duty, long-life axle
Curb turning circle
With brakes 7868 mm
Without brakes 8808 mm
Bucket clearance circle
With brakes 9560 mm
Without brakes 10500 mm


Travel speeds with standard rear tyres. (16.9-28, 12 PR)
  Forward Reverse
Gear 1 6 kmph 7 kmph
Gear 2 10 kmph 13 kmph
Gear 3 21 kmph 21 kmph
Gear 4 36 kmph  
Efficient hydraulic system with gear type TANDEM heavy duty pump
  Flow @ 2200 rpm Pressure
Loader 106 lpm 210 bar
Return oil, spin-on type, replaceable, 10-micron element
Loader End Width Capacity Weight
Tilt dump bucket 2346 mm 1.00 m3 555 kg
Bottom dump (6-in-1) bucket 2350 mm 1.00 m3 640 kg


Loader Performance Bucket Types
Tilt Dump Bucket Bottom Dump (6-in-1) Bucket
Break force 4140 kgf 3765 kgf
Lifting capacity, full height 2790 kg 2631 kg
Height to bucket hinge pin, maximum 3400 mm 3400 mm
Dump clearance, bucket at 45Deg. 2640 mm 2620 mm
Bucket dump angle, maximum 45Deg. 45Deg.
Reach at full height, bucket at 45deg. 765 mm 818 mm
Rollback angle at ground level 40Deg. 40Deg.
Digging depth below ground, bucket level 206 mm 185 mm
Max. Operating height 3820 mm 3820 mm

Final Words

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