TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Price in India, Specification & Overview

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Price in India 2022, Specification, Review, Overview

The TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC is India’s high-rated hydraulic excavator. TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC offers a high return on investment and comes with excellent hydraulics, power optimization, and efficiency boosters. TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC hydraulic excavator is very easily serviceable and is recognized for its performance.

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Machinery price

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Series Machinery is designed with these main features such as Rain forced idler mounting frame hardened lifetime lubricated idlers and forged idler bearing, Wiper and window washer, front grill, Larger pin diameter, Reinforced arm plate, Reinforced boom-end bracket, Cushioned cylinder, Larger boss diameter, Powerful cummies 6BT5.9c engine, cyclonic pre-cleaner.

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TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Price in India

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Machinery specs

The TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Series Machinery price Starts at 20 Lakh

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Series Machinery Quick Facts

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Machinery price

  • Model Code: EX 210 LC
  • Engine Power: 133 PS @2000 rpm
  • Operating Weight: 20,600 kg
  • Bucket Capacity: 0.8 – 1.5 m3

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Series Machinery Operating Video

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Super Specifications

Model Cummins 6BT5-9C
Type 6 cylinder in-line water-cooled
Rated fly wheel power 133 ps @ 2000 rpm
Maximum torque 54.8 kgf  @ 1300 rpm
Batteries 2 X 12 V
Main pumps 2 variable displacement axial piston pumps
Max. Oil Flow 2 x 221 Lpm
Pilot pump 1 gear pump
Max. Oil Flow 20 lpm
Swing speed 13.7 rpm
Travel speeds 0-4.2 Kmph
Maximum traction force 15,200 kgf
Gradibility 35deg (70 % continuous)
No. of upper rollers 2
No. of lower rollers 8
No. of track shoes 52
Shoe width 600 mm
Hydraulic Tank 129.0 L
Hydraulic system 220.0 L
Fuel tank 310.0 L
Engine coolant 35.0 L
Engine oil (Sump) 14.0 L
Swing device 7.5 L
Travel device (each side) 5.5 L
Implement circuit 285 kgf /cm2
Swing circuit 260 kgf /cm2
Travel circuit 350 kgf /cm2
Pilot circuit 40 kgf /cm2

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Machinery specs

Machine  Operating weight  Ground pressure
Backhoe 20,600 kg 0.44 kgf / cm2
Capacity Width Without side cutter Weight (approx.) Tooth points
0.80 m3 997 mm 902 kg 4
0.91 m3 1150 mm 741 kg 5
1.20 m3 1450mm 690 kg
1.5 m3 1780 mm 567 kg

TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC Machinery 5

Bucket digging forces 11000 kgf
Arm Length 1.90 m 2.22 m 2.90 m
Arm digging force 12500 kgf 11300 kgf 8800 kgf
ARM LENGTH 1900 2220  2900
Maximum digging reach 9110 9250 9910
Maximum digging reach (On ground) 8920 9060 9740
Maximum digging depth 5580 5970 6600
Maximum digging depth (8′ level) 5340 5670 6420
Maximum cutting height 9340 8990 9400
Maximum dumping height 6480 6230 6610
Maximum swing radius 4010 3720 3660
Minimum vertical wall depth 4950 5050 5980

Final Words For TATA Hitachi EX 210 LC

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