Kubota F2890 60″ – 72″ Mower Deck Price, Specs & Features 2024


2024 Kubota F2890 60″ – 72″ On Ride Mower Price, Specs, Review, Overview

The Kubota F2890 mower takes commercial mowing to new heights, It is featuring an efficient Kubota 28HP diesel engine, famous worldwide for their outstanding performance and reliability.

Kubota F2890 Mower available in a 60″ or 72″ side or rear discharge pro deck, the Kubota F2890 mower betters and outlasts its opponents, It is providing unmatched capacity and enhanced performance.


Kubota F2890 60″ – 72″ Mower Price

Kubota F2890 60inch - 72inch Mower Overview

Price: $18,700*

Kubota F2890 60″ – 72″ Mower Features

Engine Performance:

Kubota F2890 60inch - 72inch Mower performance

  • Kubota 28HP, 3-cylinder diesel engine, producing a high torque rise, that assures faster, smoother recovery under immediate loading.
  • Large 61L fuel tank keeps you working longer between fuel stops and reduces the number of fuelling stops needed to complete long jobs. 
  • Hydrostatic power steering decreases operator fatigue and makes it simpler to mow around trees and other obstructions.
  • The powerful hydrostatic transmission gives a quick response, excellent working speed, and more muscle for tough mowing jobs.


Kubota F2890 60inch - 72inch Mower comfort

  • It has a deluxe high back seat with four separate adjustments—weight control,  back angle, lumbar support, and armrests—to give every operator with a custom fit and maximum comfort.
  • Easy to read LCD digital panel give important information at a glance, including water temperature, engine speed, remaining fuel, and hour meter.
  • The tilt steering wheel can be immediately adjusted to several positions for optimum driver comfort.


Kubota F2890 60inch - 72inch Mower Maintenance

  • It is designed for quick and simple maintenance with quick release engine cover.
  • A 90-degree tilt mower deck gives unobstructed access to the blades and deck underside for simple cleaning and maintenance.
  • Dual-element air cleaner helps keep the engine running easily and efficiently. 

Mower Deck:

Kubota F2890 60inch - 72inch Mower deck

  • Pro-commercial mower deck with an inner baffle blocks cut grass from discharging to the front.
  • A larger chute improves discharge performance and also requires less power to run the mower.
  • The Kubota F series fabricated steel decks are designed to provide years of reliable cutting performance with minimal maintenance.

Kubota F2890 60″ – 72″ Mower Specifications

Model Kubota D1105
Type Liquid-cooled diesel (3 cyl)
Max. horsepower HP (kW) 28 (20.9)
Total displacement (cm³) 1123
Air cleaner type Dual element
Air cleaner air restriction indicator
Alternator 12V, 40A
 Fuel tank capacity (L) 61.0
Type HST (F2/R2)
Max. travel speed forward km/h (mph) 20 (12.5)
Max. travel speed reverse km/h (mph) 11 (6.8)
4WD mode select Auto-assist 4WD with dual acting overrunning clutch/locked 4WD
Differential lock Standard
Front 24×12 – 12
Rear 18×9.5 – 8
 Brake  Wet discs
Type Hydrostatic power
Tilt steering Standard
Tread front (mm) 1047
Tread rear (mm) 997
Wheel base (mm) 1300
Overall length (mm) 2450
Overall width (mm) 1370
Overall height (mm) 1985
Weight (kg) 748
Ground clearance (mm) 185
Turn assist brake Optional
Cruise control Optional
Fuel gauge LCD Display
Tachometer LCD Display
Toolbox Standard / not available with air seat
Seat Reclining suspension seat / optional air suspension seat
Cup holder Standard
ROPS Standard (ISO 21299 and OSHA)

Kubota F2890 Mower Deck Specifications 

  RCK60 P- F39 RCK72 P- F39 RCK60R- F36 RCK72R- F36
Discharge Side discharge Side discharge Rear discharge Rear discharge
Cutting width (mm) 1520 1826 1520 1826
Cutting height (mm) 25-127 25-127 25-127 25-127
Cutting height adjustment (mm) Each 6.4 Each 6.4 Each 6.4 Each 6.4
Depth (mm) 152 152 140 140
Deck pan Welded Welded Welded Welded
Thickness (mm) 4.2 4.2 4.5 4.5
Number of blades 3 3 3 3
Tilt assist Standard Standard
Mulch kit Optional Optional Optional Optional

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Kubota F2890 60″ – 72″ Mower Review

A front-mount mower intended for commercial use is the Kubota F2890. It has a 60″ or 72″ side or rear discharge mower deck and is driven by a 28 HP Kubota diesel engine. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


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