Kubota’s Z125S ❤ Kommander Zero-Turn Mower Reviews, Price & Specs 2024

Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower For Sale Price USA, Specs, Reviews, Overview

Kubota’s Z125S Kommander zero-turn mower luxury styling meets powerful performance, It is engineered to command lawns and capture attention.

This premium residential Kubota’s Z125S Kommander zero-turn mower features a 54″ pro-commercial deck with all the advantages of a commercial zero-turn mower.

It is designed with high performing Kohler Confidant engine and commercial-grade hydro-gear transmission, this innovative zero-turn mower quickly maneuvers in and out of tight spaces without compromising power. It has LED Headlights & seat suspension that come as standard.

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Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower Price

Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower Overview

Price: $4,750.00 

Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower Features


Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower engine

  • It has a Powerful Kohler Confidant engine that offers high performance and reliability when you require it most.
  • Dual operation levers give smooth, precise control for delicate trimming and work around flowerbeds and trees.
  • Rugged, low-maintenance, and integrated transmission design produce exceptional power and operational efficiency for the wheels and mower deck.


Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower comfort

  • There’s plenty of legroom up front, thanks to a wide-foot pan. It also makes entry and exits a snap.
  • The seat slides a full 6″ forward and back, letting you find just the right position for maximum personal comfort.
  • Keep your drink cup or tumbler always handy in the integrated cup holders.
  • A simple twist of a dial lets you adjust the cutting height in precise 1/4” increments.
  • Ergonomic control layout with all controls and indicators placed for quick, easy, user-friendly access.


Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower components

  • For safety and peace of mind Equipped with full-height ROPS.
  • For your tools, lunch, and anything else too big or heavy for your pockets.
  • Large Ultracaper Z rear tires to give a softer ride, better traction, and weight distribution to help protect your lawn.
  • LED Headlights allow you to continue mowing in low light conditions.
  • The Hitch kit comes standard.
  • K-Lift mechanical one-push deck lift pedal makes adjusting the cutting height simple.

Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower Specifications

TypePetrol, air-cooled V-Twin
Max. horsepower (Gross) (HP)25**
Total displacement (cc)747


Starting systemKey switch
Overall length (mm)1940
Overall width (w/ mower) (mm)1710
Overall width (w/o mower) (mm)1207
Overall height (w/ ROPS upright) (mm)1652
 Wheelbase (mm)1155
Front (mm)796
Rear (mm)954
Front11 × 4 – 5 pneumatic
Rear22 × 10 – 14
 Weight (w/ mower) (kg)350
 Transmission system2-HST w/ Gear Reduction
 Speed control2-hand lever
Forward (km/h)0–12.9
Reverse (km/h)0–6.4
 Brake typeCog-style parking lock/lever
TypeBelt drive
Clutch typeElectric clutch
PTO brakeDry disc
 Engine stop systemKey stop
 Fuel tank capacity (L)16
 BatteryU1 (12V, RC: 45min, CCA: 300, CA: 410)
 Generator capacity (amp)15
 Hour meterStandard
 Fuel gaugeSight window

Kubota Z125S Mower Deck Specifications

Mower lift systemMechanical
Mower deck typePro commercial fabricated deck
Deck depth (mm)127
Belt typeSingle belt
Deck steel thickness (mm)3.4
Anti-scalp rollerRigid
Cutting width of the mower (in.)54
Number of blades3 blades
Cutting height1.5 in. – 4.5 in. 1/4″ in. increments
Mower mounting systemParallel linkage
Blade tip speed (max.) (FPM)18100

Kubota Z125S Zero-Turn Mower Review 

The Kubota Z125S zero-turn lawn mower is for homeowners who have medium to large lawns. The mower is powered by a Kohler 7000 Series 25 HP engine with a 54-inch cutting deck. It also comes with a variety of features which make it an attractive choice for homeowners. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

So this was all about the Kubota Z121S Zero-Turn Mower information. I hope you liked the Specification table and also enjoyed reading the article there are many other articles on my website to read them as well. And thanks for reading and stay tuned with me for more New Tractor information.

Kubota’s Z125S FAQS

(I) What is Kubota’s Z125S fuel capacity? 

Ans:- Kubota’s Z125S  has a 4.3 gal 16.3 L Fuel Tank Capacity.

(II) What kind of oil does a Kubota Z125S take? 

Ans:- Kubota’s Z125S takes CASTROL GTX 20W-50. oil.

(III) How much does a Kubota’s Z125S weigh? 

 Ans:- Kubota’s Z125S has a Weight – of 771 lbs. Belt Type – Single Belt. Blade Tip Speed – 18,100 fpm. Overall Length- 76.4″.

(IV) How much horsepower is a Kubota’s Z125S?  

Ans:- Kubota’s Z125S horsepower is 25 hp.  

(V) Who makes Kubota equipment? 

Ans:- KMA manufactures and assembles Kubota lawn tractors, zero-turn mowers, sub-compact tractors, utility vehicles, loaders, backhoes, and other implements. The company is proud to employ 1,200 local American workers.

(VI) Which engine is in a Kubota’s Z125S tractor? 

Ans:- Kubota’s Z125S  has a 25 h.p. Kubota GH750V Engine.

(VII) What country is Kubota from? 

Ans:- Since Kubota first launched its farm tractors in 1960, the “Made-in-Japan” Kubota tractors have always led the market.

(VIII) What is Kubota’s Z125S Price?  

Ans:-  Kubota’s Z125S Price is $ 4,750.

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3 years ago

i have owned this mower less than one year it has 42hours on it ate the blade belt at 33 hours ate the drive belt at 42 hours took it to dealer they said sweet gum balls knocked belts off , other reviews i have read same problem they dont seam to care dont buy kubota