2022 Kubota B3030 New Price, Specs, Review, Attachments ❤️ Features

2022 Kubota B3030 New Price, Specs, Horsepower, Attachments, Review, Features, Overview

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Kubota B3030 is a 30 HP mini tractor for multiple ground care applications. Kubota B3030 tractor standard specification such as hydrostatic transmission system, 4×4 Drivetrain, and the Bi-Speed Turn feature for making extremely narrow turns.

All this makes Kubota B3030 fit for work in confined spaces where tight turns are a must – the minimum turning radius with Bi-Speed Turn has been just 2,1m. The B3030 tractor is immensely easy to operate and comes with rear and mid-mounted PTOs as standard.

Kubota B3030 Price

Kubota B3030 Tractor Price

The Kubota B3030 Tractor price is $17,889 USD In The USA.

Kubota B3030 Tractor weight

weight : 1035kg

Kubota B3030 Horsepower

Horsepower: 30 HP

Kubota B3030 Lift capacity

Lift Capacity: 970KG 

Kubota B3030 Oil capacity

Oil Capacity: 4.3 qts 4.1 L

Kubota B3030 Tractor Key Features 

Kubota B3030 Tractor Engine

Kubota B3030 tractor Engine

The engine is the most important part of any vehicle because that gives the power and potential. Kubota B3030 tractor engine designed with this main feature such as 4 Cylinder water cooled mechanical indirect injection type engine; Power output is 30KM according to ECE-R24, Total displacement 1498CC, PTO Power is 23KM and Maximum torque 92Nm.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Transmission System

Kubota B3030 Tractor Transmission

The Kubota B3030 Tractor Transmission system is powerful and smooth, F9/R9 Gear Type transmission. That is well suited for loading, pulling. It has a Mechanically engaged 4×4 type transmission. Its Clutch-HST increases the efficiency of these tractors.

Thanks to the large, integrated HST pedal, an operation is smooth and simple—it’s easy to shift between forward and reverse. And because there’s no separate clutch, driver legroom is significantly enhanced for better comfort. The tilt steering wheel provides a comfortable driving position for drivers of all sizes. 

Kubota B3030 Tractor Hydraulic System

Kubota B3030 tractor Hydraulic system

The Kubota B3030 Tractor Lifting capacity is 970KG. Its hydraulic independent PTO is an active feature that keeps you working; it lets you engage or disengage both mid and rear PTO without having to stop for the tractor.

Its Hydrostatic power steering provides nimble handling while significantly reducing fatigue during long hours of work.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank Kubota B3030 tractor

Kubota B3030 Tractor can run longer and work harder thanks to its large capacity fuel tank. Equipped with a 31-litre tank, the tractor can work a full day without stopping to refuel.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Tire Size

Kubota B3030 tractor tire

The Kubota B3030 Tractor Front tire size is 180/85D12 and Rear tire size 12,4-16.That is less slippage during the snow removing because this tire provides better grip and traction.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Dash Panel

Desh Panel Kubota B3030 tractor

Kubota B3030 tractor has an easy to read Dash panel with a white background and large numbers. You can quickly monitor vital tractor functions such as PTO speed, engine temperature, fuel level, etc.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Deluxe High-Back Seat       

Deluxe High-Back Seat Kubota B3030 tractorThe Kubota B3030 tractor has a Deluxe high-back seat, That is comfortable and reduces the operator fatigue, and that is well suited for extended work.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Cab Features

Kubota B3030 Tractor Cab

The Kubota B3030 Tractor Cab model provides a superior level of comfort. That offers the first air conditioned factory cab in its class, to provide maximum relaxation to the driver. 

With five strategic air outlets, the air conditioning unit provides cooling air to beat the heat, and the heater keeps the cab cozy during winter’s chill.

The cab’s rear and side window panels open to bringing fresh air to the operator, and its high ceiling allows plenty of room for added comfort. Also, the cab includes front work lights to improve visibility in the dark.

Kubota B3030 Specs

Number Cylinders/cc4/1498
Emission Level (Tier)0
Rated Engine Power – hp30
@ rated speed2600
Max. Eng. Power – hp0
Max Torque Nm at RPM[email protected]
Rated PTO – hp17.1
PTO TypeIndependent
PTO Speeds540
PTO Speed Selection MethodLever
Transmission TypeHydrostatic
Speeds Forward/Reverse3/3
Speed Range – Min/Max0 to 19.5
Clutch TypeDry
Hydraulic System DescriptionOpen Centre
Pump TypeGear
Max l/min – Pressure – bar20/165
Remote Outlets Std/Max0/2
Drive Type4WD
Front180/85D12 mm
Rear12,4-16 mm
Overall length (with 3P)3010mm
Overall width (min. tread)1365mm
Overall height (with ROPS or CAB)2125mm

Kubota B3030 Tractor Front Loader Features

Kubota B3030 Tractor front loader

The Kubota B3030 tractor has an LA403 Front Loader that providing maximum efficiency. The quick attach and detach loader is controlled by a single lever from the operator seat and requires no tools or additional personal remove. It also features a slanted boom design for improved visibility.

Its braceless frame provides you with optimum visibility; we eliminated the connectors and braces around the front-loader arm. This front loader is well suited for loading, digging.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Front Loader Specifications

Maximum Lift Height (To bucket pivot pin)69.7 in
Clearance w/Attachment Dump51.6 in
Reach @ Maximum Height26.8 in
Maximum Dump Angle45 Degrees
Attachment Rollback Angle24 Degrees
Digging Depth at Bucket Leveled3.1 in
Overall Height in Carry Position45.3 in
Material Bucket Width48 in
Lift Capacity (500mm forward)495 lbs
Lift Capacity (Pivot Pin)685 lbs
Lift Capacity (Bucket Center)595 lbs
Breakout Force (500mm forward)1003 lbs
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load3.1 second

Kubota B3030 Tractor Backhoe features

The Kubota B3030 tractor designed with Bh75 Backhoe. That’s providing incredible digging power. Its superior backhoe offer reaches a digging depth of 7.5 feet. The bucket has a maximum digging force of 3,339 pounds and 2,097 pounds for the dipper.

It works with the loader installed, and it doesn’t interfere with the mid-mount mower linkage. Plus, it also allows 3-point usage without having to remove the subframe. The high-performance control valve provides you with smooth, efficient backhoe control that is comparable to an excavator.  

Kubota B3030 Tractor Backhoe Specifications

Transport Height80.4in (2042mm)
Stabilizer spread-transport51.8in (1315mm)
Ground clearance12.9in (327mm)
Overall width54.9in (1394mm)
Maximum digging depth92.2in (2341mm) 
Digging depth two ft. Flat bottom91.0in (2311mm)
Digging depth eight ft. Flat bottom69.3in (1761mm)
Operating height, fully raised120.1in (3050mm)
Loading height81.8in (2077mm)
Loading reach42.0in (1067mm)
Reach from swing pivot120.5in (3060mm)
Swing pivot to rear axle center line38.4in (976mm)
Bucket rotation182 deg.
Stabilizer spread operating67.6in (1717mm)
The angle of departure per SAE J123418.0 deg.
Leveling angle10.2 deg.
Swing arc180 deg.

 Kubota B3030 Tractor Mid- Mount Mower Features 

Kubota B3030 Tractor Mid-Mount Mower

The Kubota B3030 tractor designed with the mid-mount mower that is ultra sturdy and versatile, Mid-mount mowers feature your choice of liberal cutting paths, 60-inch or 72-inch. Each mower has a right-hand side discharge and is coherent with the front loader. It’s cutting height can be adjusted from 1.5-inches to 4-inches in 5-inch increments.

Kubota B3030 Tractor Mower Specifications

Maximum Lift Height (To bucket pivot pin)69.7 in
Clearance w/Attachment Dump51.6 in
Reach @ Maximum Height26.8 in 
Maximum Dump Angle45 degrees.
Attachment Rollback Angle24 degrees.
Digging Depth at Bucket Leveled3.1 in
Overall Height in Carry Position45.3 in
Material Bucket Width48 in
Lift Capacity (500mm forward)495 lbs

Final Word For Kubota B3030

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Kubota B3030 FAQ

How much does a Kubota B3030 cost?

ANS: The price is $17,889 USD In The USA.

What horsepower is a Kubota B3030?

ANS: Kubota B3030 horsepower is  30 hp 22.4 kW.

How much can a Kubota B3030 lift?

ANS: The B3030 hydraulics are powered by an open-center dual hydraulic pump that provides 3.9 GPM for hydraulic power steering and 5.2 GPM for implement needs (9.1 GPM total).

How Overall width is a Kubota B3030?

ANS:  Kubota B3030 Overall wide is 1365mm.

How much does a B3030 Kubota tractor weigh?

ANS: Operating Weight: This model weighs 2,403 lbs, 32% less than the typical competition and less than the average compact tractor, which weighs 3,527 lbs.


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