Kubota MX5100 Specs, Weight, HP, Price & Review [2024]

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Kubota MX5100 Specs, Weight, HP, Price & Review

Kubota MX5100 Specs, Price, Loader Lift Capacity, Horsepower, Weight, Attachments, Review

The Kubota MX5100 is a compact utility tractor that is known for its durability, reliability, and versatility. Kubota MX5100 is a popular choice for ranchers, farmers, and hobbyists who need a tractor that can handle a variety of tasks.

This Kubota MX5100 Utility Tractor utilized its Kubota V2403 M-T motor. It’s a 2.4 L 234 centimeters 2., (148.5 cu*in) four-cylinder turbocharged diesel motor with 87.0 millimeters (3.43 inches) of bore size and 102.4 millimeters (4.03 inch) of the stroke of the piston.

The engine had a maximum output power of 52.9 PS (38.9 kW; 52.2 HP). Kubota MX5100 is a compact, high-end vehicle.

Kubota MX5100 is equipped with hydrostatic power steering, mechanical wet disc brakes, two-post foldable ROPS, and 50.0 Liters (13.2 US gal.; 11 Imp. gal) fuel tank.

Kubota MX5100 Price New and Used

CountryNew Kubota MX5100 Price (USD)Used Kubota MX5100 Price (USD)
United States$25,000 – $30,000$15,000 – $20,000
Canada$28,000 – $33,000$16,000 – $22,000
United Kingdom£20,000 – £25,000£12,000 – £17,000
AustraliaA$35,000 – A$40,000A$20,000 – A$27,000
India₹15,00,000 – ₹18,00,000₹9,00,000 – ₹12,00,000
South AfricaR350,000 – R420,000R200,000 – R270,000

Kubota MX5100 Top Speed

The Kubota MX5100 has a top speed of 16.1 mph (26 kph).

Kubota MX5100 Weight

The standard operating weight of a Kubota MX5100 tractor is 3774 lbs (1712 kg).

2WD with gear: 1,530 kg (3,373 lbs)
4WD with gear: 1,640 kg (3,620 lbs)
4WD with hydro: 1,710 kg (3,775 lbs)

Kubota MX5100 Horsepower

The Kubota MX5100 tractor has a net engine horsepower of 52.9 PS (38.9 kW; 52.2 HP).

Kubota MX5100 Loader Lift Capacity

The Kubota MX5100 has a loader lift capacity of 2863 lbs (1299 kg) at 500mm forward.

Kubota MX5100 Oil Capacity

The Kubota MX5100 has an engine oil capacity of 8 quarts (7.6 liters).

Kubota MX5100 Years Made

The Kubota MX5100 tractor was manufactured from 2009 to 2014.

Kubota MX5100

Kubota MX5100 Specs


Engine modelKubota V2403-M-T
Displacement2.4 L, 2,434 cm2, (148.5 cu·in)
Horsepower52.9 PS (38.9 kW; 52.2 HP)
Oil capacity7.6 L (8 US. qt, 6.7 Imp. qt.)
 typeFour-stroke, liquid-cooled, inline
Fuel typeDiesel
Bore and stroke87.0 mm X 102.4 mm (3.43 in X 4.03 in)
Coolant capacity7.5 L (7.9 US. qt, 6.6 Imp. qt.)

General Specifications

ModelKubota MX5100
Width1,770 mm (69.7 in)
Wheel base1,890 mm (74.4 in)
Fuel tank capacity50.0 liters (13.2 US gal.; 11 Imp. gal)
Cabin typeTwo-post foldable ROPS.
Length2WD: 3,240 mm (127.6 in)
4WD: 3,110 mm (122.8 in)
Height2,430 mm (95.7 in)
Weight2WD with gear: 1,530 kg (3,373 lbs)
4WD with gear: 1,640 kg (3,620 lbs)
4WD with hydro: 1,710 kg (3,775 lbs)
Battery12V, CCA: 582A

Transmission and chassis

Chassis4×2 2WD or 4×4 MFWD 4WD
BrakesMechanical wet disc
Transmission modelSynchro Shuttle
Gears8 forward and 8 reverse
Transmission modelHST
GearsInfinite (3-range) forward and reverse
Steering typeHydrostatic power
Differential lockRear standard
Transmission typePartially synchronized with dry disc clutch
SpeedForward: 25.7 kmh (16 mph) Reverse: 23.7 (14.7 mph)
Transmission typeHydrostatic


Forward: 25.9 kmh (16.1 mph) Reverse: 23.3 (14.5 mph)

Three-Point Hitch

Lift capacity (at ends)1,300 kg (2,870 lbs)
Control type


Rear tiresAg: 14.9-26
Lawn/turf: 44×18-20, 610R470
Industrial: 17.5L-24 (4WD)
Front tiresAg: 7.5L-15 (2WD), 9.5-16 (4WD)
Lawn/turf: 29×12.50-15, 305R343
Industrial: 12-16.5 (4WD)

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic capacity43.9 L (46.39 US. qt, 38.63 Imp. qt.)
Pump flow9.2 gpm (34.8 lpm)
Total flow14.0 gpm (53 lpm)
Hydraulic typeOpen center
Valves0 to 3
Steering flow4.8 gpm (18.2 lpm)

PTO (Power take-off shaft)

Rear PTO spped540 rpm
Rear PTO typeIndependent

Kubota MX5100 Attachments

The Kubota MX5100 tractor is a versatile machine that can be used for a variety of tasks with the right attachments. Here is a list of some of the most popular attachments for the MX5100:

Kubota LA844 Loader
Height (to pin):110.7 inches
281 cm
Lift to full height (at pin):2,443 lbs
1108 kg
Attachment style:Kubota Quick-Coupler (optional)
Kubota BH92 Backhoe
Backhoe type:Kubota BH92 Backhoe

Kubota MX5100 Review 

The Kubota MX5100 stands out as a compact tractor recognized for its dependability, impressive performance, and great value. It’s a sought-after option for small-scale farmers, landowners, and hobby enthusiasts alike. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Review By Owners:

“I’ve had my Kubota MX5100 for over 10 years now, and it’s been a great tractor. It’s powerful enough to handle anything I throw at it, and it’s very reliable. I’ve never had any major problems with it. The only thing I would change is the seat. It could be more comfortable, especially for long days in the field.” – John Smith, farmer
“I bought my Kubota MX5100 new a few years ago, and I’m very happy with it. It’s a great tractor for my small farm. It’s powerful enough to handle all of my needs, but it’s also maneuverable and easy to operate. I’ve had no problems with it so far. I would definitely recommend this tractor to other farmers.” – Jane Doe, rancher
“I’m a landscaper, and I’ve been using my Kubota MX5100 for about a year now. It’s a great tractor for my business. It’s powerful enough to handle all of my needs, and it’s very reliable. I’ve had no problems with it so far. I would definitely recommend this tractor to other landscapers.” – Bill Jones, landscaper.

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FAQs: Kubota MX5100

What is the horsepower of a Kubota MX5100?

The Kubota MX5100 has a net engine horsepower of 50.

What type of transmission does a Kubota MX5100 have?

The Kubota MX5100 is available with either a mechanical 8-speed transmission or a hydrostatic transmission.

What is the lift capacity of the Kubota MX5100’s three-point hitch?

The Kubota MX5100’s 3-point hitch has a lift capacity of 2,310 lbs at 24 inches.

What is the fuel capacity of the Kubota MX5100?

The Kubota MX5100 has a fuel capacity of 13.2 gallons.

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