Kubota M59 TLB Price, Specs, Review, Attachments & Features 2022

Kubota M59 TLB Specs for Sale, Price, Specs, Review, Attachments, Features, Images, Overview

Introducing the most powerful Kubota Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) Series utility tractor. The new Kubota M59 Tractor powerful 59HP engine and a performance-matched loader and backhoe provide excellent results on everything from landscaping works to construction sites.

Kubota M59 TLB tractor featured with 59 engine gross Horsepower at 2700 rpm, Hydrostatic, HST-PLUS Transmission system, 4 cylinders. It is ideal for construction and constructing jobs.

So, Are you looking for Kubota M59 TLB Tractor/Loader/Backhoe Price, Specification, & key features? Then you are placed at the perfect place, cause here in this article, you can get to learn about the Kubota M59 TLB technical specification, price, configuration, mileage, hydraulics performance, engine details and more.

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Price of The Kubota M59 TLB tractor


The starting price of The Kubota M59 TLB tractor is $71,640 onward.   

Key Features Of The Kubota M59 TLB Tractor

Engine Performance


The Kubota M59 TLB has a E-TVCS( Three-Vortex Combustion System ) diesel engine, that produce 59 horsepower. 

The engine allows for increased airflow into the combustion chamber, where it mixes instantly and evenly with fuel from the fuel injection nozzle to offer excellent power, increased performance, and cleaner emissions. 

The Kubota M59 Diesel engine system connects a large displacement(2434cc) engine to help reduce noise and vibration.

Transmission System


The Kubota M59 TLB(Tractor Loader Backhoe) HST Plus Transmission attain excellent performance by offering automated control of both the HST pump and motor.

Its main features such as Hydro Dual Speed (H-DS), Load Sensing ability, HST Response Control and Auto Throttle Advance.

Hydraulic System 


The Kubota M59 Tractor Hydraulics Performance is so good and excellent. It’s lifting capacity at lift points is 1750kg and 24″ behind lift point is 1350kg.

These features make the M59 a hit on almost any construction sit such as front loader can tackle just about any job with simple. Plus, with a maximum height of 10.5 feet, to the pivot pins, this loader can simply reach as high as a standard dump truck.

Kubota M59 TLB Tractor Tire Size


The Kubota M59TLB  large tire well suited for digging work and lifting work. That is less slippage during the digging and loading operation and provide better grip in the way. Its front tire size is 10 x 16.5 – 15 R4 and rear tire size are 17-5l.24 R4.

Kubota M59TLB Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity


Kubota M59TLB tractor fuel tank is large and its capacity is 67 liter, 17.7 gel. It is good for log work no need to frequently refuel.

Kubota M59 TLB 4WD 


The M59 tractor 4 wheel drive offers powerful traction for the heavy duty front loader work and operating other tools.

It is especially used when pulling heavy loads or working on uneven terrain. Its front wheel drive bevel gear assures that you get smooth and great power transfer.

That 55° steering angle provide the ground clearance and maneuverability you require for a wide array of work applications.

Kubota M59TLB Tractor IntelliPanelTM


The Kubota M59TLB tractor Intellipanel is large and easy to read. Its LCD panel provides all of the important information when you need. Its display current working status, fuel and oil warning signal, engine conditions, and maintenance indications.

Category I and II 3 point hitch


The Kubota M59 Tractor Loader Backhoe (TLB) Category I and II 3 point hitch offers fast and easy attachment of a wide array of rear-mounted tools. This versatile hitch boasts 3858 lbs of lift capacity.

The Kubota M59 TLB Specifications

Model V2403, with EGR
Type Diesel
EPA Rating Interim Tier IV
Cooling Liquid
Number of cycles 4
Aspiration Turbo
Cylinders 4
Bore and stroke 3.4 x 4.0 in. (87 mm x 102.4 mm)
Displacement 148.5 cu. in. (2434 cc)
Engine gross @ rpm  Horsepower 59.0 HP (44.0 kW) @ 2700 RPM
Engine net @ rpm Horsepower 57.0 HP (42.5 kW) @ 2700 RPM
PTO @ rpm Horsepower 46.0 HP (34.3 kW) @ 2700 RPM
Injection pump Inline, piston type
Self bleed fuel system Yes
Fuel shutoff Key switch activated engine stop mechanism
Governor Weight type governor
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Cooling system Liquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Radiator fan Radial air flow
Cold weather start aid Glow plugs
Exhaust/muffler Enclosed with spark arrestor
Throttle location (s) Hand control, right side-mounted for loader and or backhoe operation
Air filter Dual paper element
Pre-cleaner Optional
Oil filter Spin on cartridge
Transmission type Hydrostatic, HST-PLUS
Number of ranges 3-range plus Hi/Lo
HST pedal Hydraulic servo mechanism
Clutch Dry type, single stage
Type Liquid cooled w/pressurized radiator
Air flow type Radial air flow
Radiator screens Standard
Fuel filter Replaceable cartridge
Fuel tank capacity 14.6 gal. (55 l)
Cooling system capacity (6.5 l)
Engine lubricant oil capacity (9.4 l)
Transmission oil capacity 12.2 gal. (46 l)
Front axle housing (12.5 l)
Steering type Hydrostatic power steering
Front axle type Bevel gear type, 4WD
Differential lock – Rear axle Standard
Final drive Spur gear
Brake type Wet disc
Parking brake Parking brake on master brake pedal and Hand brake (backhoe position)
Maximum traveling speed L: 9.3 mph (14.9 km/h), H: 15.5 mph (24.9 km/h)
Maximum traveling speed L: 8.3 mph (13.4 km/h), H: 13.9 mph (22.4 km/h)
Low range Forward L: 2.2 mph (3.5 km/h), H: 3.6 mph (5.8 km/h)
Low range Reverse L: 1.9 mph (3.1 km/h), H: 3.2 mph (5.2 km/h)
Medium range Forward L: 4.4 mph (7.1 km/h), H: 7.4 mph (11.9 km/h)
Medium range Reverse L: 4.0 mph (6.4 km/h), H: 6.6 mph (10.7 km/h)
High range Forward L: 9.3 mph (14.9 km/h), H: 15.5 mph (24.9 km/h)
High range Reverse L: 8.3 mph (13.4 km/h), H: 13.9 mph (22.4 km/h)
PTO system Hydraulic, independent
Rear PTO Standard
Rear PTO speed 540 @ 2590 rpm
Mid-PTO Not available
PTO shield Flip-up type
Implement pump 16.2 gpm (60.5 l/min)
Total hydraulic flow 26.7 gpm (100.9 l/min)
Loader valve Standard
Loader 3rd function Optional
Rear remote valves Optional, 3-spool valve
Backhoe service port Standard on BT1200V model
3-Point hitch Optional
Position control Position control
Lift capacity At lift points 3860 lbs. (1750 kg)
Lift capacity 24″ behind lift point 2980 lbs. (1350 kg)
Drawbar Type Option
Alternator  45 amp.
Battery voltage x capacity  12 volt, 650 CCA
Block heater  Optional, CSA approved
Engine shut-off  Electric key stop
Gauges  Coolant temperature, fuel level, tachometer
Easy Checker  IntelliPanel; incorporates travel speed, digital readout, service interval reminder, self diagnosis and communicates with the operator
Indicator lights  13 indicator lights
Lights  2 front work lights, 2 rear work lights, 2 tail lights, 4 ROPS mounted turn signals / 4-way flashers
Optional lights  Front work light kit, rear work light kit
Horn  Standard
Overall height Top of canopy  102.1 in. (2594 mm)
Overall length  256.0 in. (6502 mm) including loader & backhoe
Overall width  84.8 in. (2154 mm)
Tread width front   56.7 in. (1440 mm)
Tread width rear 57.6 in. (1462 mm)
Wheelbase  80.7 in. (2050 mm)
Turning radius With brake  10.8 ft. (3.3 m)
Turning radius Without brakes  12.5 ft. (3.8 m)
Weight Power unit  8344 lbs. (3785 kg) TLB
Angle of departure  Backhoe: 20.7º
Standard front  10-16.5 R4
Standard rear  17.5L-24 R4
ROPS  OSHA 1926, 1001 / ISO 3471 1994 / SAE J1040 May94
FOPS OSHA 1926, 1003 / ISO 3449 1992 level 1
Safety switches Standard
Operator’s presence control (OPC) Standard
Engine shut-off Electric key stop
Seat belts Standard, retractable
Operator’s manual storage Behind operator’s seat
Engine throttle from backhoe position Yes
Spark arresting muffler Standard
Brakes Wet disc
Parking brakes Parking brake on master brake pedal and Hand brake (backhoe position)
Grab handles for entry / exit Standard
Non-slip entry / exit surfaces Standard
Lights 2 front work lights, 2 rear work lights, 2 tail lights, 4 ROPS mounted turn signals / 4-way flashers
FlashersPaint Orange
SMV Standard
Horn Standard
Back-up alarm Standard
ROPS Certified OSHA 1926, 1001 / ISO 3471 1994 / SAE J1040 May94
FOPS Certified OSHA 1926, 1003 / ISO 3449 1992 level 1
Control console location Right side
Platform mount to frame ISO-mounted flat deck
Pedals Hanging pedals
Tilt steering wheel Standard
Seat type High-back seat
Seat swivel Standard
Beverage holder Standard
Hydraulic breaker KXB460Q
Non commercial use 12 months / no hour limit
Commercial use 12 months / no hour limit
Extended powertrain Up to 24 months or 1500 hours

Kubota M59 Loader specifications


Lift capacity to max. height at bucket bottom mid point 2976 lbs. (1350 kg)
Lift capacity to max. height at pivot pin 3968.3 lbs. (1800 kgf)
Breakout force at pivot pin 5961.3 lbs. (26517 N)
Control valve One detent float position power beyond circuit
Net weight (Approx.) 1169 lbs. (530 kg)
Self-leveling Standard
SSL quick coupler Standard
Maximum lift height to pivot pin 126.1in (3203mm)
Clearance with bucket dumped 95.0 in (2412mm)
Reach at maximum height 22.9 in. (582 mm)
Maximum dump angle 45 deg
Reach with bucket on ground 71.7 in (1821mm)
Bucket roll back angle 43 deg.
Digging depth 2.7 in (69mm)
Overall height in carrying position 63.0 in(1600mm )
                                                              ON               |              OFF
Raise to full height 4.2sec.                        3.9sec.
Lowering time  4.3sec.                        3.1sec.
Attachment rollback time 2.4sec.                        2.4sec.
Attachment Dumping time 2.4sec.                        2.4sec.

Kubota M59TLB  Backhoe specifications


Digging force using bucket cylinder (approx.) 7602 lbs. (3448 kgf)
Digging force using dipper stick cylinder (approx.) 4731 lbs. (2146 kgf)
Trunnion type boom swing mechanism Two cylinders
Operating Dimensions:
Transport height 123.9 in. (3146 mm)
Stabilizer spread-transport 67.2 in. (1707 mm)
Ground clearance 13.8 in. (352 mm)
Overall width 75.0 in. (1905 mm)
Digging depth, maximum 144.0 in. (3652 mm)
Digging depth, 2ft. flat bottom 143.0 in. (3632 mm)
Digging depth, 8ft. flat bottom 127.6 in. (3242 mm)
Operating height, fully raised 183.1 in. (4651 mm)
Loading height 105.9 in. (2690 mm)
Loading reach 69.3 in. (1759 mm)
Reach from swing pivot 187.9 in. (4773 mm)
Swing pivot to rear axle center line 39.7 in. (1008 mm)
Bucket rotation 180 deg.
Swing arc 180 deg.
Stabilizer spread-operating 89.3 in. (2268 mm)
Angle of departure per SAE J1234 20.7 deg.
Leveling angle 10.0 deg.

Kubota M59 TLB Tractor Review Video

I recommended this video for you in this video you can see about The Kubota M59 TLB Tractor all parts specifications and review, that is fair video. It is very helpful to you for buying this tractor.

Final conclusion

This is the class-leading new Kubota M59TLB (Tractor Loader Backhoe) and here in this article, I mention all kinds of information about this tractor. 

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Kubota M59 TLB FAQ 

What does TLB stand for on Kubota?

ANS: For instance, Jeff Jacobsmeyer, Kubota product manager for excavators, wheel loaders, and TLBs, describes the Kubota tractor loader backhoe (TLB) as “basically three machines in one, capable of performing front loader, backhoe, and tractor operations and supported by an integrated main frame for greater longevity.”

How much does a Kubota M59 TLB weight?

ANS: Kubota M59 TLB weight is 1169 lbs. (530 kg).

What is the use of TLB?

ANS: A memory cache known as a translation look-aside buffer (TLB) is used to store recent virtual memory to physical address translations for quicker retrieval.

How much does a Kubota M59 TLB Fuel tank capacity?

ANS :  Kubota M59 TLB Fuel tank capacity is 14.6 gal. (55 l).

How much does a Kubota M59 TLB Transport height?

ANS: Kubota M59 TLB Transport height is 123.9 in. (3146 mm).