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Kubota M62TLB For Sale, Price, Specs, Review, Attachments, Overview

Guys!! Are you looking for the Kubota M62TLB Tractor/Loader/Backhoe price, specification, key features? if yes then let me tell you, you have placed at the perfect place, cause Here in this article, you will get that all kinds of information, which you need to know about the Kubota M62TLB.

Kubota M62TLB For Sale Price Specs Overview

Kubota M62TLB tractor featured with 63 Horsepower  Kubota Tire  4 final diesel engine, Powerful Kubota Backhoe with 169.8in. Maximum digging depth, Kubota front loader lift capacity is 3960lbs.

It is ideal for construction and construction jobs. Its engine-rated rpm is 2700 and the displacement cubic capacity is 2434cc. Let’s check out the Kubota M62TLB Tractor quick overview.

Kubota 62TLB

Price of The Kubot M62TLB tractor


The starting price of The Kubota M62TLB tractor is $81,348 onward.

Key Features Of The Kubota M62TLB Tractor

Engine Performance

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Engine

The Engine is the heart of any vehicle without engine any vehicle no more. This tractor engine is powerful and reliable because it is designed with this feature such as Engine gross power 63HP, Engine Net power 59HP, Power take-off 46HP, 4 cylinder diesel engine.

Its new engine features a common Rail direct injection system that reduces emissions and increases fuel economy while maintaining a high level of power and torque.  

Transmission System Of Kubota M62TLB Tractor

Transmission System Kubota M62TLB

Kubota M62TLB tractor transmission system is very smooth and potent because it is designed for heavy weight work. Its transmission type is HST Plus.

It has an infinite number of speeds. Its maximum travelling speed is 15.5Mph. Wet disc types Its main features such as Autothrottle advance, Hydro dual speed, Hst response control, Still guard plus and auto H-DS.

Hydraulic System Of Kubota M62TLB Tractor

Hydraulic System Of Kubota M62TLB Tractor

Kubota M62TLB tractor hydraulic system is done by implementing new technology and more than one testing.

It has 3 point hitch lift capacity at 24 in.(610mm) behind lift, the point is 2796lbs, 1350kg.

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Tire Size


The Kubota M62TLB  large tire well suited for digging work and lifting work. That is less slippage during the digging and loading operation and provide better grip in the way.

Its front tire size is 10 x 16.5 – 15 R4 and rear tire size are 17-5l.24 R4.

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity

Kubota M62TLB tractor fuel tank is large and its capacity is 67 liter, 17.7 gel. It is good for log work no need to frequently refuel.

Four Wheel Drive Kubota M62TLB Tractor

Four Wheel Drive Kubota M62TLB Tractor

The M62 tractor 4 wheel drive provides powerful traction for the heavy duty front loader work and operating other tools.

It is especially used when pulling heavy loads or working on uneven terrain. It’s front-wheel-drive bevel gear assures that you get smooth and great power transfer.

Kubota M62TLB Tractor IntelliPanelTM

Kubota M62TLB Tractor IntelliPanelTM

The Kubota M62TLB tractor Intellipanel is large and easy to read. Its LCD panel provides all of the important information when you need.

Its display current working status, fuel and oil warning signal, engine conditions, and a variety of maintenance indicators.

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Category I and II 3 point hitch

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Category I and II 3 point hitch

Kubota M62TLB tractor category I and II point hitch are specially designed for attachment and detachment of tractor tools, but it is optional.

Attachment is fast and easy and the category I hitch offers a surprising lift capacity.

Remote hydraulic control valves Kubota M62TLB Tractor

Remote hydraulic control valves Kubota M62TLB Tractor

The Kubota M62TLB provides 3 optional remote control valves for a greater selection of hydraulically powered tools for drivers. This versatile system translates into a suitable and cost-efficient solution.

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The Kubota M62TLB Tractor Specifications

None- road emission std.  EPA Final Tire 4
Gross power (SAE)  63.7 HP (47.0 kw)
Net Power (SAE) 59.1HP (44.1kw)
Total displacement  148.5 cu.in,2434cc
No. of cylinder  4
Rated speeds   2700 rpm
Air cleaner   Dual element
Max. PTO Power  46.0 HP (34.3 kw)
Rear PTO  Independent, 540 rpm
Fuel tank capacity   17.7 gal (67 liter)
Front 10 x 16.5  R4
Rear 17.5L- 24 R4
Wheel base  80.7 in (2050mm)
Front 10 x 16.5  R4 
Rear  17.5L- 24 R4
Min. Turning radius  10.8 ft. (3.3 m)
Type   HST  plus (6 range)
No. of speeds   infinite
Max. Traveling speed  15.5mph (24.9 km/h)
Range  shift lever position seat side, right
Brake type wet disc
Pump Capacity       30.9 GPM (116.9 l/min)
3 point hitch lift capacity at 24 in.(610mm) behind lift point             2796 lbs (1350kgf)
Position Control       Standard
Power Steering     Hydrostatic
Hard nose slanted  hood   standard
Back up alarm  standard
Horn standard
Rear axle differential lock    standard
Loader integrated reinforced frame  standard
Reversible seat standard
Tilt steering standard
Deck walk through deck
Glow plug   super glow

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Front Loader Features

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Front loader

Kubota front loader main specification is Loader Bucket capacity 23.7 cu.ft., Auxiliary hydraulic flow 16 gal., Breakout force 5992 lbs. Standard bucket width 84 in.

Kubota two lever quick coupler lets you quickly and easily attach and detach front implements.

You won’t to even leave your seat, you can simply press two buttons to release the levers, back away from the new detached tool, move into to the next tool and press the button and re-engage the levers. 

Kubota M62TLB tractor features a new throttle up a switch that increases the engine speed without increasing travels speed, giving you extra power of loader work.

Its hydraulic circuit switching lever shut off the hydraulic oil flow to the backhoe when the backhoe isn’t being used.

Its slanted boom design provides the driver with the better field of view when changing attachment.

Its brace less loader frame design improves visibility over the hood to the side when servicing the engine.

The standard loader boom stopper securely locks the loader boom while in the raised position.

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Kubota M62 TL1800 loader specifications

 TL1800 loader
Lift capacity to max. height at pivot pin 3660lbs (1796kg)
Breakout force at pivot pin 5992lbs (26654 N)
Control valve One detent float position power beyond circuit hydraulic dual self-leveling valve
Net weight 1169lbs (530kg)
Auto leveling mechanism Standard hydraulic
2 lever quick coupler Sandarad
Maximum lift height to pivot pin 126.1in (3203mm)
Clearance with bucket dumped 95.0 in (2412mm)
Reach at maximum height 24.1.6in (612mm)
Maximum dump angle 43 deg
Reach with bucket on ground 71.7 in (1821mm)
Bucket roll back angle 45deg.
Digging depth 2.7 in (69mm)
Overall height in carrying position 63.0 in(1600mm )
  ON               |              OFF
Raise to full height 4.2sec.                        3.9sec.
Lowering time self-level valve 4.3sec.                        3.1sec.
Attachment rollback time 2.4sec.                        2.4sec.
Attachment Dumping time 2.4sec.                        2.4sec.
Boom stopper (meets      OSHA1926.600)=> Standard
3rd function valves Optional 16.0  GPM

Kubota M62TLB Backhoe Information

Kubota M62TLB Backhoe Information

Kubota M62TLB tractor Backhoe designed by this main feature such as quick mount mounting method, Maximum digging depth 168 in., Maximum digging force using bucket cylinder is 6572lbs, auxiliary hydraulic flow 16gal.

Kubota M62TLB tractor four point mount technology lets you quickly and easily detach the backhoe. It’s digging capacity is a 14’ digging depth 6572 lbs.

It is well suited for dip digging because it is a powerful tool of Kubota M62. Curved backhoe Boom using you can avoid those dig area obstacles like rocks and easily reach a maximum dig depth with a maximum trench cut. Its reversible seat well suitable for during digging and loading work.

Kubota M62TLB  Backhoe specifications

Backhoe Mounting Method Quick Mount
Maximum Digging Depth 168in.
Max. digging force using bucket cylinder 168in.
Max. digging force using dipper stick  cylinder 4657 lbs
Reach @ Swing Pivot 211.1in.
Auxiliary Hydraulic Flow 16gal./min
Arch Type Boom Standard
Bucket QC Option Available
Thumb Option Available

Kubota M62TLB Tractor Review Video

I recommended this video for you in this video you can see about The Kubota M62TLB Tractor all parts specifications and review, that is fair video. It is very helpful to you for buying this tractor.


This is the class-leading new Kubota M62TLB tractor /loader/backhoe and here in this article, I mention all kinds of information about this tractor. I hope that all kinds of information is helpful to you for purchasing this tractor. If you are not satisfied with this article and if you have any questions then please comment. I will clear your Doubt.

Kubota M62TLB FAQ 

How much does a  M62 Kubota weigh?

ANS : Kubota M62 is 1169lbs (530kg).

How much horsepower is a Kubota M62?

ANS: Kubota M62TLB tractor featured with 63 Horsepower  Kubota Tire  4 final diesel engine, Powerful Kubota Backhoe with 169.8in. Maximum digging depth, Kubota front loader lift capacity is 3960lbs.

Does Kubota make a backhoe?

ANS: Products – Tractors – Tractor Loader Backhoe | Kubota. 24.8 – 30.8 HP. The affordable LX Series. 128.0 – 168.0 HP.


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