Kubota B26 TLB ❤ Price, Specs, Reviews, Weight & Features 2023

2023 Kubota B26 TLB Price, Specs, Reviews, Weight, Features, Overview

Guys!! If you are looking for Kubota B26 TLB Tractor details before buy, then you are at the perfect place. Here I have given all the information about Kubota B26 TLB Tractor Including price, technical Parts specification, key features with Images. I hope it will useful to you.

Kubota B26 TLB (Tractor Loader Backhoe) featured with  Engine gross horsepower: 24.3HP HP, PTO Horsepower: 19.5 HP,  Front loader: 1102 lbs. lift capacity, Backhoe: 99.8 in. max. digging depth,  Operating weight: 4001 lbs, Transmission: HST (3 range), Panel: Front type, a 3-point hitch: category I (optional). It details information you can check below.

Kubota-B26-TLB-Tractor-Loader-Backhoe price specs

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The Kubota B26TLB Tractor/ Loader / Backhoe Price

Kubota-B26TLB-Tractor price specs

The Kubota B26TLB Tractor/Loader/Backhoe Price is $44,776.    

Key Features Of The Kubota B26TLB

Engine Performance:


The Kubota B26 TLB engine designed by gross power 24.3HP, net power 23.3HP, displacement 68.5 cu.in(1123cc), 3 cylinders and its rated rmp is 2800.

Its new engine features a Common Rail direct injection system that reduces emissions and increases fuel economy while maintaining a high level of power and torque.

Its reliable engine boasts a diesel particulate filter and exhaust gas recirculation system.



Kubota B26TLB tractor HST (3 range) transmission is very smooth and powerful. It tackles any task easily and efficiently.

With excellent correctness, Hst plus automatic control HST pump, working conditions, or driver expertise.

It’s maximum traveling speed with standard tire size is 11.1 mph (17.8 km/h) forward, 9.8 mph (15.8 km/h) reverse.

It has a wet disc type brake and it is also designed with Hydrostatic Power steering, that is comfortable for the operators.

Hydraulic System:


Kubota B26 TLB Tractor hydraulic system is well suited for the farming, loading and digging operation.

It’s 3 point hitch provide you the ability to take on bigger jobs, the lifting capacity at lift point is 970 kg and 24″ behind lift point is 760 kg. The lift height of 7′ 10″ is the best in class.

Tire Size:


Kubota B26 TLB Tractor has a Standard tire. That is less slippage during the loading and digging operation and provide better grip in the way. Its front tire size is 23 × 8.5–14 R4 (IND) and rear tire size are 12.4–16 R4 (IND).

Fuel Tank Capacity:


Kubota B26 TLB(tractor loader backhoe) fuel tank is right according to his size and its capacity is 67 liter, 17.7 gel. That is well suited for log work no need to frequently refuel.

4 Wheel Drive:


Kubota B26 TLB tractor 4WD combined with the differential lock for the rear axle. It is especially used when pulling heavy loads or working on uneven terrain.

It ensures virtually unstoppable performance under difficult conditions or on varying terrain.



The Kubota B26 TLB Tractor has a Rollover Protective Structure(ROPS) and Falling Object Protective Structure(FOPS), that protecting you from harm. 

Kubota B26TLB Specs

None- road emission std.  EPA Final Tire 4
Gross power (SAE)  24.3 HP (18.1 kw)
Net Power (SAE) 23.3HP (17.4kw)
Total displacement  68.5 cu.in  (1123 cm3 )
No. of cylinder  3
Rated speeds   2800 rpm
Air cleaner   Single element
Max. PTO Power  19.5 HP (14.5 kw)
Fuel tank capacity   8.2 gal (31 liters)
Rear PTO Independent, 540 rpm
Front 23 × 8.5–14 R4 (IND)
Rear 12.4–16 R4 (IND)
Wheelbase  62.2 in. (1581 mm)
Front 35.6 in (905 mm)
Rear  41.3 in (1050 mm)
Min. Turning radius  8.2 ft. (2.5 m)
Weight with loader, backhoe and ROPS/FOPS*1) 4001 lbs (1815 kg)*1)
Type   HST (3 range)
No. of speeds   infinite
Max. Traveling speed  11.1 mph (17.8 km/h)
Range  shift lever position Seat side, left
Brake type wet disc
Pump Capacity       11.1 GPM (42.0 l/min)*2)
3-point hitch lift capacity at 24 in.(610mm) behind lift point             1676 lbs (760 kgf)
Position Control       Standard
Power Steering     Hydrostatic
3-point hitch (Category I) Standard
ROPS/FOPS (meets OSHA1926 1001/1003, ISO3471) 4 post, Standard
Hard nose slanted  hood   standard
Back up alarm  standard
Horn standard
Rear axle differential lock    Spin in place
Loader integrated reinforced frame  standard
Reversible seat Enclosed (w/ spark arrestor)
Tilt steering Hanging type
Deck Full-floating ISO-mounted flat deck
Glow plug   super glow

Kubota B26 TLB Tractor Front Loader Specs


B261500 loader
Lift capacity to the max. height at pivot pin 1301 lbs (590 kg)
Breakout force at pivot pin 2343 lbs (10417 N)
Control valve One detent float position power beyond circuit
Net weight 628 lbs (285 kg)
Auto leveling mechanism Mechanical spill guard
2 lever quick coupler Standard
Maximum lift height to pivot pin 94.5 in. (2400 mm)
Clearance with bucket dumped 70.0 in. (1778 mm)
Reach maximum height 22.3 in. ( 567 mm)
Maximum dump angle 45 deg.
Reach with a bucket on the ground 61.5 in. (1561 mm)
Bucket rollback angle 46 deg
Digging depth 7.0 in. ( 177 mm)
Overall height in carrying position 49.5 in. (1258 mm)
Raise to full height 3.6 sec.
Lowering time  2.4 sec.
Attachment rollback time 3.4 Sec.
Attachment Dumping time 1.8 sec.
3rd function valves Optional 7.0 GPM

Kubota B26 TLB Tractor Backhoe Specs


Digging force using bucket cylinder (approx.) 4210 lbs (18731 N)
Digging force using dipper stick cylinder (approx.) 2123 lbs (9444 N)
Trunnion-type boom swing mechanism Two cylinders
Net weight (approx.) 1025 lbs (465 kg)
Operating dimensions:
Transport height 89.1 in. (2264 mm)
Stabilizer spread-transport  53.0 in. (1347 mm)
Ground clearance 11.3 in. ( 287 mm)
Overall width 53.7 in. (1365 mm)
Digging depth, maximum 99.8 in. (2535 mm)
Digging depth, 2ft. flat bottom 98.3 in. (2498 mm)
Digging depth, 8ft. flat bottom 77.0 in. (1957 mm)
Operating height, fully raised 129.8 in. (3298 mm)
Loading height 77.3 in. (1963 mm)
Loading reach 52.1 in. (1324 mm)
Reach from swing pivot 133.9 in. (3400 mm)
Swing pivot to rear axle center line 33.7 in. ( 855 mm)
Bucket rotation 181.2 deg.
Swing arc 180 deg.
Stabilizer spread-operating 83.3 in.(2116mm)
The angle of departure per SAE J1234 20.3 deg.
Leveling angle 10.7 deg
Auxiliary hydraulic valve Optional 7.0 GPM

 Kubota B26 TLB Video

Final conclusion

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Kubota B26 TLB FAQS

(I) What is Kubota B26 TLB fuel capacity?  

Ans:- Kubota B26 TLB has an 8.2 gal Fuel Tank Capacity.

(II) How much can a Kubota B26 TLB lift?  

Ans:- Kubota B26 TLB has a 1,676 lbs Lift Capacity.

(III) How much does a Kubota B26 TLB weigh?  

 Ans:- Kubota B26 TLB has an Operating Weight of 4,001 lbs.

(IV) How much horsepower is a Kubota B26 TLB?  

Ans:- Kubota B26 TLB horsepower is 63.5 – 71.0.  

(V) How Many Cylinder Kubota B26 TLB Have?  

Ans:- Kubota B26 TLB Has 3 Cylinders.

(VI) What does TLB stand for on Kubota? 

Ans:-Case in point: the Kubota tractor loader backhoe (TLB) is “essentially three machines in one, capable of performing front loader, backhoe, and tractor work and supported by an integrated main frame for increased durability,” says Jeff Jacobsmeyer, Kubota product manager for excavators, wheel loaders, and TLBs.

(VII) How deep can a Kubota B26 dig? 

Ans:- The B26 offers more than 1815 kg of bucket breakout force and a digging depth of 2540 mm.

(VIII) What is Kubota B26 TLB Price?  

Ans:-  Kubota B26 TLB Price is $ 44,776.

(IX) How much does a Kubota B26 backhoe weigh? 

Ans:- Kubota B26 TLB backhoe wieght is 4,001 lbs.

(X) Does a Kubota B26 have a 3-point hitch? 

Ans:- The B26 tractor has a category 1 three-point hitch. The Kubota B 26 PTO is rated at 19.5 hp and is shown left with loader and backhoe attachments and is also a part of the Kubota TLB Tractor Series.


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