2023 Kubota Bx25d Price, Specs, Review, Attachments

Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor Price, Specs 2023

Check here all information about the new Kubota BX25D Compact Tractor Loader and Backhoe like Kubota BX25D technical specification, Kubota BX25D features, Kubota BX25D price, Kubota BX25D review & Kubota BX25D mileage, transmission facilities, etc.

Kubota BX25D Mini tractor is a technologically designed stylish and advanced tractor. It is a high horsepower tractor.


The Kubota BX25D tractor was designed with this feature It is a powerful,liquid-cooled Kubota 3-cylinder design engine, hydrostatic power steering, deluxe high back, reversible, and reclining seat.

It has bright halogen headlights, a digital tachometer, cruise control, and selectable 2WD and 4WD drive type.

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Price of Kubota BX25D tractor in The USA

Price of Kubota BX25D tractor

The Kubota BX25D tractor price is $19,900 (USD).

Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor Key Features

Engine Performance


Kubota BX25D tractor engine designed with this feature, 23 Horsepower, power take-off horsepower is 17.7HP; cubic capacity is 898CC.

Its power take-off horsepower is 25.5HP and its engine rated rpm is 3200 which makes a powerful engine and offers great power.

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Kubota BX25D tractor transmission type is hydrostatic, and it has 2 forward and 2 reverse gearbox systems and a wet hydraulic clutch.

Kubota BX25D-1 is not ideal for work because it has 2 features speed which is less than another competitor that requires a very precise speed.

Hydraulic System


Kubota BX25D Tractor Hydraulic system is smooth and powerful. Its lifting capacity is 310 kg, 680lbs, and its steering type is hydrostatic power steering.

It’s a 3-point hitch, and transmission is optional. It has hydrostatic power steering that is comfortable for long farming work.

Tire Size


The Kubota BX25D tractor tire is large that is well suited for ground and snow removing work, and it is less slippage on the ground because it provides a better grip.

Fuel tank capacity


The BX25D tractor has a  large fuel tank and its fuel tank capacity is 25 liter. That is well suited for this sub-compact tractor no need to refuel frequently.

Electrical System


Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor has a standard alternator. Its charging capacity is 40 amps and its battery is 12 volts. It’s More details can see above the specification table.

12v DC Outlet


The Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor has a 12v DC Outlet, and You can charge your smartphone with the built-in 12v socket.

Meter panel


Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor Meter Panel is technically the latest design of the meter. It is easy to read the meter design, tachometer on the left, and the LCD display for fuel level and coolant temperature on the right side.

Reversible seat


This type of seat is only available in the BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor. When it’s time to switch from loading to backhoeing, only lift the reversible seat and turn it to the back.

Foldable ROPS


The BX25D ROPS meets SAE specifications and offers safe and efficient work. It also quickly folds down without tools, providing the tractor for passing under low-hanging obstructions. It also makes for comfortable storage of the tractor in a garage or shed.

Kubota BX25D tractor Key Specifications

Type D902
Cylinder 3
Cubic capacity 898cc
Horsepower 25.5hp
PTO Horsepower 17.7hp
Fuel Tank capacity 25 liter
Rated RPM 3200rpm
Gearbox 2 forward / 2 reverse
Clutch Live Independent. Wet Hydraulic Clutch
Pump output 23.5 L/min, 6.2gpm
Lift capacity 310kg
3-point hitch Optional
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Front – Truf/Bar/Industrial 18.5×8.5-10/NA /18 x8.5-10
Rear  – Truf/Bar/Industrial 26×12-12 / NA / 26×12-12
Alternator Standard
Battery voltage 12v
Charging Capacity 40 amps
Block heater Optional
Engine Shut-off Electric key Shut-off
Indicator lights Standard, dash-mounted switch
Instrument panel Illuminated
Lights Two halogen Headlights, rear work light optional
Optional Light Available
Gauges Engine temperature, fuel tank, digital tachometer, digital rpm, hour meter
Length with 3-point hitch 95.5in. (2425mm)
Width (w/ turf tire) 44.5in. (1130mm)
Height with ROPS 87.2in. (2215mm)
Wheelbase 55.1in. (1400mm)
Ground clearance (front axle) 8.7in. (220mm)
Tread – Front 36.6in. (930mm)
Tread – Rear 32.2in. (820mm)
Turning radius (w/o brake) 7.5ft. (2.3m)
Tractor weight 1587lbs. (720kg)

Kubota BX25D Loader Attachments

Kubota BX25D Loader Features

The Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor Front Loader-mounted tools are now a snap to attach and remove, and that is possible for Kubota’s unique Quick Hitch system. 

A sturdy and distinctive front grille guard protects the front end and matches the tractor’s sleek, rounded look.

The loader hoses are tucked inside the boom for greater protection and better visibility.


Kubota BX25D Loader Specifications

Max. Lift height (to bucket pivot pin) 71.3in. (1810mm)
Dumping clearance 52.4in. (1330mm)
Dumping reach-at max. Lift height          26.2in. (665mm)
Maximum dump angle 45deg.
Reach with a bucket on the ground                  54.7in. (1390mm)
Bucket rollback angle                                 29deg.
Digging depth                                               4.7in. (120mm)
Bucket width                                                 48in.
Lift capacity (500mm fwd, max. height)    518lbs. (235kg)
Lift capacity (pivot pin, max. height)     745lbs. (338kg)
Breakout force (500mm fwd)  992lbs. (4410kg)
Raising time / lowering time (w/o load)    3.5/2.4 second
Bucket rollback time/dumping time         2.4/1.7 second

Kubota BX25D Backhoe Features


The Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor is engineered with a BT602 Backhoe. Kubota all BX series models that ROPS  provides excellent SAE-rated protection.

Its vast size provides a lot of shoulder room and great visibility while operating a backhoe.

 That curved boom allows you to dig deeper, and it is also increasing the lifting height. 

A positionable mechanical thumb gives the BX25D Sub Compact tractor the ability to grasp and move logs, landscaping materials,

 and other items with ease, greatly expanding the types of jobs you can do around your property.

Kubota BX25D Backhoe Specifications 

Bucket cylinder digging force           1936lbs. (8610N)
Dipperstick cylinder digging force   1171lbs. (5209N)
Boom swing mechanism One Cylinder
Shipping weight (with 12″ bucket)   617lbs. (280N)
Transport height   67.7in. (1719mm)
Loading height 5ft. (1533mm)
Digging depth                                        6`1” ft. (1842mm)
Swing pivot to rear axle center line 28.6in. (726mm)
Reach from swing pivot                       8`7” ft. (2612mm)
Bucket rotation                                      180deg.
Swing arc                                                  140deg.
Angle of departure 20.1                       20.1deg.

Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor Official Video

This video represents the Kubota bx25D Compact tractor with all parts configuration and review. That is very helpful for you to buy this tractor and sell this tractor.

Final conclusion

The Kubota BX25D Sub-Compact Tractor is a well-proven tractor in the Kubota industry. If you are searching for another model of Kubota Tractors then you may be able to do this from our site.

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Kubota BX25D FAQ

How many horsepowers is a Kubota BX25D? 

ANS : 23.0 @ 3200 RPM

How much can a Kubota BX25 lift?

ANS: 745 lbs.

When was BX25D made?

ANS: Manufacturer Kubota

How wide is a Kubota bx25?

ANS: 36.7 in (93 cm)

How long is a Kubota bx25?

ANS: 95.5 inches* 242 cm


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