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Kubota BX2370 Backhoe, For Sale, New Price, Reviews, Oil Capacity, Specs, Attachments, Overview

Guys!! Do You want to buy a new Kubota BX2370 Sub-Compact Tractor? If you want to see all the details about the Kubota tractors, Then tractorsinfo.com is the perfect place for you. This article is relevant to the best Kubota Tractors. It should be very useful to you.

This article gives all the information about Kubota BX2370. That tractor is very helpful to those people who want to work hard and earning money.

Overview of Kubota BX2370 sub compact tractor

We should provide all details like its Mileage, Lift Capacity, Strength, Capacity of a fuel tank, Cubic capacity and horsepower.

Kubota BX2370 is a sub-compact tractor that is mostly used for yard and garden. Its main specification is a powerful 23 horsepower Kubota diesel engine, 898cc, Drive type 4wd, standard power steering.

Kubota BX2370

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Price of Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor

Price of Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor

The Kubota BX2370-1 tractor price is $13,416 (USD).

Kubota BX2370 Mini Tractor Features

Kubota BX2370 Engine

Kubota BX2370 Sub compact tractor Engine

The Kubota BX2370 Sub Compact Tractor has a more powerful diesel engine. Its engine type is D902. It contains liquid-cooled, 3 cylinders, 23HP, power takes off  17.7 HP, Displacement cubic capacity 898cc, Engine rated rpm is 3200.  Power take-off horsepower is 23HP etc.

 Kubota BX2370 Transmission

Kubota BX2370 Transmission system

This tractor transmission system is standard and smoother. Its gearbox system is packed with hydrostatic 2 forward and 2 reverse gears.

It has multi wet disk breaks and power steering that is well suited for long work. Its Axle capacity front is 1630lbs and Axle capacity rear is 2120lbs.

Kubota BX2370 Hydraulic System

Kubota BX2370 Hydraulic System

Kubota BX2370 sub-compact tractor hydraulic system is potent with lift capacity @24” behind pin is 680 (lbs), 310 (kg). Its Pump output is 23.5l/min. and it has hydrostatic power steering. That provides effortless control and reducing operator fatigue and stress.

Kubota BX2370 Tire Size

Kubota Bx2370 Tire

Its large tire is well suited for garden work that is less slippage on a field operation.

Kubota BX2370 Fuel tank capacity

Kubota BX2370 Large Capacity Fuel Tank

Kubota BX2370-1 Tractor fuel tank capacity is 25 liter, and its gasoline capacity is 6.6. That well suited for long work.

Kubota BX2370 4WD

Kubota BX2370 4WD

Kubota BX2370 sub-compact tractor is designed with 4 wheel drive that offers great traction for the heavy-duty front loader work. 

Kubota BX2370 Electrical System

Kubota BX2370 Bright Halogen_Headlights

Kubota BX2370-1 has an operating voltage 12v and alternator amperage is 40amps, and that battery size is 540cca.

Kubota BX2370 Meter panel

Kubota BX2370 Meter Panel

Kubota BX2370-1 Has a very nice meter panel which technically latest designs for it. Kubota Mini Tractors Has LCD Display For Fuel Level and Coolant Temperature on the right side. The tachometer is at the left side.

Kubota BX2370 Specs

Cubic capacity898cc
PTO Horsepower17.7hp
Fuel Tank capacity25 liter
Rated RPM3200rpm
Gearbox2 forward / 2 reverse
ClutchLive Independent. Wet Hydraulic Clutch
Pump output23.5 L/min.
Axle capacity front1630lb, 740kg
Axle capacity rear2120lb, 960kg
Pump output23.5 L/min
Lift capacity310kg
3-point hitchOptional
SteeringHydrostatic Power Steering
Front – Truf/Bar/Industrial18.5×8.5-10/18x 8.5-10 /18 x8.5-10
Rear  – Truf/Bar/Industrial24×12-12 / 26×12-12 / 26×12-12
Battery voltage12v
Charging Capacity40 amps
Block heaterOptional
Engine Shut-offElectric key Shut-off
Indicator lightsStandard, dash mounted switch
Instrument panelIlluminated
LightsTwo halogen Headlights, rear work light optional
Optional LightAvailable
GaugesEngine temperature, fuel tank, digital tachometer, digital rpm, hour meter
Length with 3-point hitch92.1 in. (2425mm)
Width (w/ turf tire)44.5 in. (1130mm)
Height with ROPS87.2 in. (2215mm)
Wheelbase55.1 in. (1400mm)
Ground clearance (front axle)8.7 in. (220mm)
Tread – Front36.6 in. (930mm)
Tread – Rear32.2 in. (820mm)
Turning radius (w/o brake)7.5 ft. (2.3m)
Tractor weight1410lbs. (640kg)
Rear PTOStandard
Rear PTO speed540 rpm @ 3068 engine rpm(540 rpm @51.1r/s)
Mid PTOStandard (Operates Independent rear)
Mid PTO speed2500 rpm @ 3125 engine rpm (2500 rpm @ 52.1 r/s)
Steering TypeHydrostatic Power Steering
Differential lock- Rear axleStandard foot operated
Final DriveShaft Drive
Brake typeWet Disks
Forward0 – 8.4 mph (0 – 13.5 Km/h)
Reverse0 – 6.2 mph (0 – 10.0 Km/h)
Non-commercial use36 months, 2,000 hour limit
Commercial use24 months, no hour limit
Powertrain purchasableOptional residential only

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Kubota bx2370 problems

Kubota BX2370, a popular subcompact tractor, has had several problems. The most common problems are:

  • Starting problems. Tractors have been reported to need help to start by some BX2370 owners. It can be due to various factors, including a dead battery or a bad starter.
  • Problems with the hydraulic system. A BX2370’s hydraulic system powers its front-end loader, backhoe, and other attachments. Owners have reported issues with the hydraulic system such as leaks and low pressure.
  • Problems with the cooling system. BX2370 is a water-cooled vehicle, and owners have reported issues with its cooling system. The engine can overheat and damage itself.
  • Transmission issues. BX2370 uses a hydrostatic automatic transmission. This is a type that uses hydraulic fluid for the transmission. Some owners have reported transmission problems, including slipping, shifting difficulties, and low fluid levels.

You must know about these problems to buy a Kubota BX2370. Make sure the tractor is properly maintained. Maintenance can prevent many problems.

It would help to take your BX2370 to a Kubota-qualified dealer to be serviced. The dealer can diagnose and fix the problem.

Here are some tips on how to prevent problems with the Kubota BX2370.

  • Make sure to follow the maintenance schedule provided by your tractor’s manufacturer. It will keep it in top condition and help prevent any problems.
  • Use only the right fluids and filters. The right fluids or filter can protect your tractor.
  • Operate the tractor properly. Do not overload or use the tractor in harsh conditions.
  • Service your tractor regularly. You can catch problems early and prevent them from getting worse.

Kubota bx2370 Attachments

Kubota BX2370 Front Loader

This video about the Kubota bX2370 Sub-Compact Tractor Front Loader, You can see in this video the bx2370 Front loader working process and that lifting and digging process.

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Final Conclusion

I think it should be great enough information to buy a Kubota BX2370 Mini tractor. I hope you like this post, please comment below in the comment box if you have any questions regarding this article. If you like this post so please share it.


What is the fuel capacity of the Kubota BX2370?

The Kubota BX2370 has a fuel tank capacity of 25 liter.

What is the horsepower of the Kubota BX2370?

The Kubota BX2370 has a 23 horsepower diesel engine.

What is the transmission type of the Kubota BX2370?

Its gearbox system is packed with hydrostatic 2 forward and 2 reverse gears.

What is the top speed of the Kubota BX2370?

The top speed of the Kubota BX2370 is 15 mph.

What is the turning radius of the Kubota BX2370?

The turning radius of the Kubota BX2370 is 7.5 ft. (2.3m) (Turning radius (w/o brake)).

What is the weight capacity of the Kubota BX2370?

The weight capacity of the Kubota BX2370 is 1410lbs. (640kg).

What are some of the benefits of owning a Kubota BX2370?

Some of the benefits of owning a Kubota BX2370 include:

Versatile and user-friendly design
Three-point hitch
Variety of safety features
Long warranty
Powerful diesel engine
Hydrostatic transmission

Where can I buy a Kubota BX2370?

Kubota BX2370s can be purchased at authorized Kubota dealerships.

What are some common problems with the Kubota BX2370?

Engine problems
Hydraulic problems
Electrical problems
Transmission problems

How do I troubleshoot problems with my Kubota BX2370?

Consult the manual first if you have problems with your Kubota BX2370. Contact a Kubota technician if your problem isn’t covered in the manual.

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