Kubota Z421KW-54 54″ Specs, Price & Features

2024 Kubota Z421KW-54 54″ Price, Specs, Overview

Kubota Z421KW-54 54″ Zero Turn Mower designed for residential or professional users that demand excellent durability, comfort and performance, Kubota’s Z400 series zero-turn mowers give all this and more, using powerful engines matched with rugged transmissions, smooth operation levers, and, of course, Kubota’s name for exceptional reliability.

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Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower Price

Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower Overview

Price: $6,499.00

Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower Features


Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower engine

  • It is designed with powerful Kawasaki engines that offer the torque you require to power through tall grass and rugged environments.
  • Steering lever damper force can be quickly adjusted to ensure maximum comfort for every operator.
  • Dual operation levers can be adjusted to each operator’s requirements, providing smooth, precise control and less fatigue at the end of the day.


Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower comfort

  • There’s plenty of legroom up front, thanks to a wide foot pan
  • Charge your phone or another accessory while mowing the lawn.
  • The Z400 series zero turn mower also has an integrated smartphone holder
  • All controls are ergonomically arranged for quick identification and simple operation
  • A simple twist of a dial lets you adjust the cutting height in precise 1/4” increments

Mower Deck:

Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower deck

  • Steel welded mower deck gives excellent, professional-level cutting performance.
  • A reinforced spindle mount area assures durability
  • The K-Lift pedal lets you quickly and simply adjust the cutting height.
  • Simply press the pedal and turn the adjustment dial

Kubota Z421KW-54 Zero-Turn Mower Specifications

TypeAir cooled 2 cylinders engine
Engine gross power24
Total displacement cu.in. (cc)44.3 (726)
Starting systemKey switch
Overall length (mm)2055
Overall width (w/ mower) (mm)1710
Overall width (w/o mower) (mm)1236
Overall height (w/ ROPS upright) (mm)1772
 Wheel base (mm)1255
Front (mm)944
Rear (mm)1000
Front13 × 5 – 6 Smooth pneumatic
Rear24 × 9.5 –14, Low profile tyre
 Weight (w/ mower) (kg)400
 TransmissionHydro-Gear® Commercial ZT3600®
 Transmission system2-HST w/Gear reduction
 Speed control2-hand lever
Forward (km/h)0 – 16.0
Reverse (km/h)0 – 8.0
 Brake systemCog style parking lock / lever
TypeBelt drive
Mower deck typeSide discharge
Mower lift systemMechanical / Foot pedal
Deck depth in. (mm)5.0 (127)
Belt typeBelt drive
Deck steel thickness in. (mm)0.135 (3.4)
Anti scalp rollerRigid
Cutting width of mower in. (mm)48 (1372)
Number of blades3
Cutting height in. (mm)1.5 – 5.0 (38 – 127)
Mounting system of mowerParallel linkage
Blade tip speed FPM(m/s)18700 (95.0)
Clutch typeElectric clutch
PTO brakeDry disc
 Engine stop systemKey stop
 SeatSuspension seat
 Fuel tank capacity (L)25.7
 BatteryU1 (12V, RC : 45min, CCA : 300, CA : 410)
 Generator capacity (Amp)15A
 Hour meterStandard
 Fuel gaugeSight window

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3 years ago

I purchased a Z421 and with only 57 hours on it , mowing one day about 30 to 40 minutes mowing it just quit like the key had been turned off, after checking to make sure it wasnt operator error and setting about 30 minutes it started right back up , and again 30 minutes later it just quit again , let it set for about 30 minutes it started right back up , i didnt finish mowing i just put it away , few days later i tried mowing again and the same thing , I talked to dealer where i had purchased it , they said they really couldnt do alot about it unless it was there at their shop where they could look at it , I asked if they thought i could try it again and the tech said yes , i wouldnt hurt it , and I tried again and it was just about 8 or 9 minutes running and it just quit again , took it dealer , that was 3 weeks ago and its still there and i havent heard from them in 2 weeks , Does anyone have the same problem with their Z series or does anyone have any idea whats going on with brand new machine