Kubota BX1870 New Price, Specs, Reviews, Attachments & Features 2024


Kubota BX1870 New Price, Specs, Review Overview, Kubota BX1870 Sub-Compact Tractor Implements, Key Features

Kubota’s BX series tractor model includes Kubota BX1870Kubota BX2670Kubota BX2370 and  Kubota BX25D are the America’s top-selling sub-compact tractors.

The BX series tractors are easy to drive and can work smoothly even in tight spaces. And the versatile BX1870 tractor delivers Incomparable power for a tractor this size.


The engine power, hydraulic capacity, and power steering to provide great riding and the quality of Marvel engineering, assembly, and components are outstanding from Kubota BX1870. 

Overview of Kubota BX1870 sub compact tractor

Are You Searching for Kubota BX1870 Tractor on the site? or are you questioning buying for Kubota tractor? then you are at the right place, here in this article we’re going to provide a reliable, modern-day and perfect guide and information about Kubota tractors such as price, configuration,  specification, mileage, and review.

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Kubota BX1870 compact tractor

Price Of The Kubota BX1870 Tractor 

Price Of The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact Tractor

Kubota BX1870 is the class tractor, and the price of this tractor is $11,900 onward in the USA.

Key Features Of The Kubota BX1870 Tractor

Compact Body

Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact tractor Copact body

The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact Tractor designed with an overall length similar to a standard garden tractor. It is powerful and capable of handling a wide range of yard and garden needs.

Engine Features

Engine of Kubota BX1870 sub compact tractor

The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact Tractor is powered by a rugged engine built by Kubota. It has a 3 cylinder and 18 horsepower diesel engine. Its engine type is D722.

This tractor cubic capacity is 719cc, and its power take-off horsepower is 13.7HP.

Its engine rated rpm is 3200rpm. It’s 3-cylinder workhorses that provide power unparalleled for the tractor this size more than enough muscle for all your gardening and mowing jobs.


Kubota bx1870 sub compact transmission system

The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact Tractor transmission system is HST, High low gear shift, and Its Transmission is very smooth and powerful. 

It has 2 forward / reverse and live independent wet hydraulic clutch. The steering wheel on the BX1870  tractor has been repositioned to provide any driver with better steering control and greater comfort.

Hydraulic System

Kubota BX1870 Hydraulic System

The Kubota BX1870 Sub-Compact Tractor Hydraulic system is more robust with a lift capacity of 680 lbs, 310kg. its pump output is 23.5 l/min. And it has a hydrostatic power steering that is well suited for long agriculture work. That hydraulic power steering provides effortless control, thereby reducing driver stress and fatigue. The Category I 3-point hitch that allows you to attach a wide array of rear implements.

Tire Size

Kubota BX1870 Tire Size

The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact Tractor has a large tyre that provides better grip and traction on the way that is less slippage on the garden. It has a three type of tire such as Truf, Bar, Industrial.


Fuel tank capacity

Kubota Bx1870 Large Fuel Tank

It has a large fuel tank that capacity is 25 litres so you can get more work done when you are not stopping frequently to refuel.


Kubota BX1870 4WD

The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact tractor 4 wheel drive provides powerful traction for the heavy-duty front-loader work and operating other tools.

Electrical System

Kubota BX1870 Bright Halogen_Headlights

The Kubota BX1870 Sub Compact Tractor has strong and durable electrical system, its operating voltage 12.0v and alternator amperage 40 amps. It’s more specifications you can see above specification table.

Kubota BX1870 Attachments

I suggest you see this video related to Kubota BX1870 Attachments.

The Kubota BX1870 Sub-Compact Tractor Front Loader-mounted tools are now a snap to attach and remove, and that is possible for Kubota’s unique Quick Hitch system. 

A sturdy and distinctive front grille guard protects the front end and matches the tractor’s sleek, rounded look. The loader hoses are tucked inside the boom for greater protection and better visibility.


The Kubota BX1870 Specs

Cylinder 3
Cubic capacity 719cc
Horsepower 18hp
PTO Horsepower 13.7hp
Fuel Tank capacity 25 liter
Rated RPM 3200rpm
Gearbox 2 forward / 2 reverse
Clutch Live Independent. Wet Hydraulic Clutch
Pump output 23.5 L/min, 6.2gpm
Lift capacity 310kg
3-point hitch Optional
Steering Hydrostatic Power Steering
Front – Truf/Bar/Industrial 16×7.5-8/ 16×7.5-8 / NA
Rear  – Truf/Bar/Industrial 24×12-12 / 24×12-12 / NA
Alternator Standard
Battery voltage 12v
Charging Capacity 40 amps x 435cca, RC: 62 min
Block heater Optional
Engine Shut-off Electric key Shut-off
Indicator lights Standard, dash mounted switch
Instrument panel Illuminated
Lights Two halogen Headlights, rear work light optional
Optional Light Available
Gauges Engine temperature, fuel tank, digital tachometer, digital rpm, hour meter
Length with 3-point hitch 92.1 in. (2340mm)
Width (w/ turf tire) 44.5in. (1130mm)
Height with ROPS 86.2in. (2190mm)
Wheelbase 52.8in. (1340mm)
Ground clearance (front axle) 9.0in. (230mm)
Tread – Front 34.6in. (880mm)
Tread – Rear 32.2in. (820mm)
Turning radius (w/o brake) 7.2ft. (2.2m)
Tractor weight 1345lbs. (610kg)
Rear PTO Standard
Rear PTO speed 540 rpm @ 3068 engine rpm(540 rpm @51.1r/s)
Mid PTO Standard (Operates Independent rear)
Mid PTO speed 2500 rpm @ 3125 engine rpm (2500 rpm @ 52.1 r/s)
Steering Type Hydrostatic Power Steering
Differential lock- Rear axle Standard foot operated
Final Drive Shaft Drive
Brake type Wet Disks
Forward 0 – 7.8 mph (0 – 12.5 Km/h)
Reverse 0 – 5.9 mph (0 – 9.5 Km/h)
Non-commercial use 36 months, 2,000 hour limit
Commercial use 24 months, no hour limit
Powertrain purchasable Optional residential only

Final conclusion

Here in this post, we are providing the latest and genuine information about this tractor you can blindly trust in it. And that is very useful to you for buying this tractor, but if you have any questions about this article then comment below we will solve your problem Thank you.

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Bianca R. Mendoza
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