Kubota B2650 ❤ Price, Specs, Review, Attachments & Features 2022

Kubota B2650 Price, Specs, Attachments, Review, Pictures, Overview

The Kubota B2650 Tractor does best with a variety of performance match attachments and taking multiple jobs.

It has a powerful diesel engine, and its horsepower is 26HP. Combine the ease of use and versatility with the power and reliability of renowned Kubota diesel engine and transmission.

The new B2650 tractor takes compact tractor capability to the next level with user-friendly operation and outstanding productivity. with a high-quality Kubota engine and transmission, they deliver the extra durability and reliability you demand in a wide range of jobs.

Whether you’re mowing, landscaping, or doing light utility work, the new Kubota B2650 Tractor is the best choice for durability, versatility, and comfort.

So Guys!! Are you thinking to buy a new Kubota B2650 tractor? Don’t worry my friends, here I am going to show you Kubota B2650 tractor Specifications, Price, Review, Key Features, and Photos, etc.

Here all things about Kubota B2650 searching on the site that information in I have given here, which you should know about Kubota Tractor.


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Price of The Kubota B2650 Tractor


The Kubota B2650 tractor Price is $30,500 

Key Features Of The Kubota B2650 Tractor

Kubota B2650 Engine Specification


The Kubota B2650 Tractor diesel engines are designed with excellent power and cleaner emissions.

Its liquid-cooled E-TVCS (Emission-Three Vortex Combustion System) engine provides increased power and high torque for the tractor strength you need, while significantly lowering emissions.

The Diesel Particulate Filter Muffler commutes emissions to ensure its compliance with the latest Tier IV emission regulations.

Kubota B2650Transmission System

The Kubota B2650 tractor has a Hydro Static Transmission, that is very smooth and reliable. the brake pedal is placed on the left side.

Kubota Clutch-less for easy operation, our proven 3-range transmission delivers optimal speeds to match your job.

You can choose Low range when you need extra power at low speed, Mid-range for normal operations, and High range for transporting place to place. 

Kubota B2650 Hydraulic System  


The Kubota B2650 tractor is a compact tractor but its hydraulics system is powerful and reliable. The lifting capacity at lift point is 2139lbs(970kg) and 24″ behind lift point is 1676lbs(760). That is very helpful for loading and digging operations. 

The PTO(Power Take-Off) Provides the extra strength need for tough operations with 19.5 and 27 HP, the highest PTO horsepower ever for a B-Series tractor.

Kubota B2650 Tire Size

kubota B2650 tires

Kubota B2650 Compact Tractor tire is so strong and excellent, that provides better grip on the garden and snow. Its front tire size is 7-12 and its rear tire size is 12.4 -16.

Kubota B2650 Dimension


Kubota B2650 Compact tractor is a stylish and small design cool compact tractor. It is a combination of two colors Black and orange. Its Dimension more specifications you can see above the specification table.

Kubota B2650 Fuel tank capacity


Kubota B2650 compact Tractor fuel tank capacity is 27.5 liter. It is well suited for long work no need to frequently refuel because it has a large fuel tank.

Kubota B2650 Telescoping Stabilizers


It is designed for rear implements. It is attaching and detaching rear tools have never been easy. Easily adjust the horizontal sway of the implement by aligning and setting the pin in the proper hole. 

Kubota B2650 Deluxe Suspension Seat


The Kubota B2650 Tractor new suspension seat is specifically designed to absorb shock reducing driver fatigue to make your ride superb no matter what the conditions. Arm rests are excellent equipment for added comfort.

Kubota B2650 Hydraulic Power Steering 


Kubota B2650 Compact tractor designed with Hydraulic Power Steering, This feature offers nimble handling while greatly reducing fatigue during prolonged work.

Kubota B2650 CAB


The Kubota B2650 is the first tractor in its class to designed with the new integrated cab. The cab and over fenders are integrally welded to the body’s sheet metal parts which allow for a 4-pillar construction with rounded glass that provides more cab space and a wider field of view.

The integrated design also eliminates holes in the floor for the pedals for an environment that reduce noise and unwanted dust from entering the cab for greater comfort.

It has an air-conditioner, keeps you cooler on hot days and the heater keeps warmer on cold days for year-round environment comfort.

Kubota B2650 Tractor Specifications

TypeE-TVCS, liquid cooled, 3 -cylinder diesel
Make, ModelD1305-E4-D26-R
PTO horsepower19.5HP (14.5KW)
Engine gross horsepower*26.0HP (19.4KW)
Rated RPM2500RPM
Bore and stroke3.1 × 3.5in. (78 × 88mm)
Displacement77.0 cu. in. (1261cc)
Air cleaner4.0 inch Dual paper element
LubricationForced lubrication
Cooling systemPressurized radiator
Radiator fanRadial air flow
Fuel tank7.3gal  (27.5l)
Cooling system4.5qts (4.3l)
Engine oil4.2qts (4.0l)
Transmission case4.0qts (15l)
ClutchN / A
TransmissionHST (3 ranges)
Differential lockStandard
Final driveSpur gear
BrakeMulti-plate wet disc
TypeOpen center
PumpDual pump
Total pump output8.7gpm (33.1l/min)
Hydraulic outletRear outlet
3-point hitchCategory I
Hydraulic control systemPosition control valve
Lift capacity at lift point2139 (970)
Lift capacity 24″ behind LP1676 (760)
SteeringHydraulic power steering
Front (Farm)7-12
Rear (Farm)12.4 -16
Forward0-11.9mph (0-19.1km/h)
Reverse0-9.5mph (0-15.3km/h)
Overall length (w/o 3P)101.2in. (2570mm)
Overall width (min. tread)53.7in. (1365mm)
Overall height88.4in. (2245mm)
Wheelbase65.6in. (1666mm)
Ground clearance14.6in (370mm)
Turning radius with brake6.9feet. (2.1m)
Weight1786lbs (810kg)
Cruise control, Tilt steering, Deluxe seat, Parallel link with damper seat suspension, Lower link stabilizer, Drawbar, Toolbox, 12V power socketTool box, 12V power socket

Kubota 2650 Tractor Front Loader Features



The LA534A front loader provides a large lifting capacity, perfect for landscaping or light utility work. The curved boom matches the new hood design for a sleek and modern appearance and provides a better field of vision during front loader operations.

Kubota 2650 Tractor LA534A Front Loader Specifications

Maximum lift height (to bucket pivot pin)84.6in. (2150mm)
Clearance with attachment dump67.4in. (1712mm)
Maximum dump angle38.1deg.
Bucket rollback angle28.6 deg.
Lift capacity (pivot pin)1146lbs (520kg)
Lift capacity (19.7in. forward)827lbs (375kg)
Breakout force (Pivot pin)2321lbs (1053kg)
Breakout force (19.7in. forward)1691lbs (767kg)

 Kubota B2650 Tractor Mid Mount Mower Specifications

Kubota B2650 Compact tractor equipped with Mid Mount Mower. That ultra-sturdy and highly versatile mid-mount mowers with a choice 60-inch or 72-inch cutting widths feature cutting height adjustments from 1.5 – 4 inch in 0.5-inch increments

MODELRCK60-30BA          RCK72-30B
TypeSide discharge
Number of blades       3
Mounting methodFloating
Cutting width60in. (1524mm)72in (1826mm)
Cutting height1.5 to 4.0in. (38 to 102mm)
Adjustment of cutting heightGuage wheel
Weight374lbs (170kg)463lbs (210kg)

 Kubota B2650 Tractor BH77 Backhoe Specifications

The BH77 Backhoe is performance-matched with the Kubota B2650 Compact tractor to offer more power and greater digging capacity.

It’s Main features such as curved boom, protected hoses, quick attach/detach mounting system, and optional 6-position mechanical thumb.

Know About:

BH77 Model
Transport height80.7in. (2051mm)
Stabiliser spread – transport51.8in. (1315mm)
Ground clearance12.6in. (319mm)
Digging depth 2ft flat bottom91.8in. (2331mm)
Operating height fully raised119.2in. (3029mm)
Loading height (length of dipper cyl.=680mm)66.7in. (1693mm)
Loading reach (length of dipper cyl.=680mm)50.8in (1290mm)
Reach from swing pivot124.6in (3165mm)
Swing pivot to rear axle centre line38.4in (976mm)
Angle of departure per SAE J123417.3deg.
Swing arc180deg.

 The Kubota B2650 Tractor Review Video

You can see in the below video about The Kubota B2650 Tractor each part information such as steering, Front Tire, Back Tire, Front Loader, Seat, etc. 

Final Conclusion

I hope you like this article because I tried to mention all the information in detail about the Kubota B2650 tractor. If you like this post, then please share it and if you have any questions about this tractor, then please comment in the below comment box my friends I will solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting our site.

Kubota B2650 FAQS

(I) What is Kubota B2650 fuel capacity?  

Ans:- Kubota B2650  has a 7.3 gal  (27.5l) Fuel Tank Capacity.

(II) How much can a Kubota B2650 lift? 

Ans:- Kubota B2650 has a 2,139 lbs Lift Capacity.

(III) How much does a Kubota B2650 weigh? 

 Ans:- Kubota B2650 has an Operating Weight of 2139 lbs 970 kg

(IV) How much horsepower is a Kubota B2650? 

Ans:- Kubota B2650 horsepower is 26.  

(V) How much does a Kubota B2650 Loader weigh? 

Ans:- The total weight of the Kubota B2650 is 1750 Ibs.

(VI) Which engine is in a Kubota B2650 tractor? 

Ans:- Kubota B2650 has a Kubota D1305-E4-D26-R, E-TVCS, liquid cooled, c-cylinder diesel engine. 

(VII) How long do Kubota engines last?   

Ans:-Kubota tractors, for example, tend to offer a higher-than-average lifespan of 4,500 to 5,500 hours.

(VIII) What is Kubota B2650  Price?  

Ans:-  Kubota B2650 Price is $ 30,500.


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