Kubota B2710 Specs, Price, Review, Attachments [2024]

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Kubota B2710 Specs, Price, Review, Attachments

Kubota B2710 Price New and Used

Country New Price Range (USD) Used Price Range (USD)
United States $10,000 – $15,000 $5,000 – $9,000
Canada $11,000 – $16,000 $6,000 – $10,000
United Kingdom £8,000 – £12,000 £4,000 – £7,000
Australia $15,000 – $20,000 $7,000 – $12,000
India ₹6,00,000 – ₹9,00,000 ₹3,00,000 – ₹5,50,000
Germany €8,000 – €13,000 €4,000 – €7,500
Brazil R$35,000 – R$55,000 R$16,000 – R$28,000
South Africa R80,000 – R120,000 R40,000 – R70,000
China ¥55,000 – ¥85,000 ¥25,000 – ¥45,000

Kubota B2710 Weight   

The standard operating weight of a Kubota B2710 tractor is 1741 lbs (789 kg)

Kubota B2710 Horsepower

The Kubota B2710 has a 4-cylinder Kubota diesel engine that produces 27 gross HP (20.1 kW).

Kubota B2710 Fuel Capacity

The Kubota B2710 has a fuel capacity of 6.9 US gallons (26.1 liters).

Kubota B2710 Lift Capacity

The Kubota B2710 has a maximum lift capacity of 1655 lbs (750 kg) at the ends of the lift arms and 1300 lbs (589 kg) at 24 inches (610 mm) out from the lift arms.

Kubota B2710 Oil capacity

The Kubota B2710 has an oil capacity of 4.3 quarts (4.1 liters).

Kubota B2710 Specs

Type Kubota V1305-E-D12 diesel 4-cylinder liquid-cooled
Displacement 81.5 ci
1.3 L
Bore/Stroke 2.99×2.90 inches
76 x 74 mm
Power (gross) 27 hp
20.1 kW
Air cleaner dry
Rated RPM 2600
Starter volts 12
Oil capacity 4.3 qts
4.1 L
Coolant capacity 4.7 qts
4.4 L
Type hydrostatic
Gears infinite forward and reverse (3-range)
Oil capacity 3.8 qts
3.6 L
Kubota B2710 Power
Engine (gross) 27 hp
20.1 kW
PTO (claimed) 20 hp
14.9 kW
Four-wheel drive
Final drives spur gear
Differential lock mechanical rear
Power steering
Wet disc brakes
Two-post folding ROPS.
Type open center
Valves 2
Pump flow 6.4 gpm
24.2 lpm
Total flow 9.5 gpm
36.0 lpm
Steering flow 3.1 gpm
11.7 lpm
Power Take-off (PTO)
Rear PTO live
Rear RPM 540 (1.375)
Engine RPM 540@2600
Mid PTO live
Mid RPM 2500 (Kubota 10-spline)
Engine RPM 2500@2578
Ground negative
Battery CCA 443
Battery volts 12
Tractor hitch
Rear Type I
Control position control
Rear lift (at ends) 1655 lbs
750 kg
Rear lift (at 24″/610mm) 1300 lbs
589 kg
Kubota B2710 Tires
Ag front 7-12
Ag rear 12.4-16
Lawn/turf front 24×8.50-14
Lawn/turf rear 13.6-16
Industrial front 23×8.50-14
Industrial rear 12.4-16
Wheelbase 65.6 inches
166 cm
Length 99.2 inches
251 cm
Width 53.8 inches
136 cm
Height (ROPS) 78.5 inches
199 cm
Weight 1741 lbs
789 kg
Ground clearance 14.6 inches
37 cm

Kubota B2710 Attachments

Attachment overview
60″ mid-mount mower deck
72″ mid-mount mower deck
Front-end loader
Kubota B4672A Backhoe
Backhoe type Kubota B4672A Backhoe
Weight 845 lbs
383 kg
Transport height 67.7 inches
171 cm
Digging depth 73.9 inches
187 cm
Reach from pivot 98.1 inches
249 cm
Loading height 65 inches
165 cm
Bucket Rotation 180°
Swing Arc 180°
Bucket force 2950 lbs
1338 kg
Dipperstick force 1740 lbs
789 kg
Kubota BL4690A Backhoe
Backhoe type Kubota BL4690A Backhoe
Weight 890 lbs
403 kg
Transport height 76 inches
193 cm
Digging depth 90.2 inches
229 cm
Reach from pivot 116.5 inches
295 cm
Loading height 78.9 inches
200 cm
Bucket Rotation 180°
Swing Arc 180°
Bucket force 2950 lbs
1338 kg
Dipperstick force 1740 lbs
789 kg

Kubota B2710 Review

It is the Kubota B2710 is a compact tractor known for its dependability, durability, and flexibility. It is a favorite choice for farmers, homeowners, and ranchers who require a tractor capable of handling many tasks such as mowing, grading clearing snow, and much more. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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Kubota B2710 – FAQ’s

What kind of transmission does the Kubota B2710 have?

The Kubota B2710 tractor has a hydrostatic transmission with 9 forward gears and 3 reverse gears.

What is the PTO horsepower of the Kubota B2710?

The PTO (power take-off) horsepower of the Kubota B2710 is 23.7.

What kind of tires does the Kubota B2710 come with?

The Kubota B2710 tractor comes with 12-inch front tires and 16-inch rear tires.

What is the ground clearance of the Kubota B2710?

The ground clearance of the Kubota B2710 tractor is 11 inches.

What is the turning radius of the Kubota B2710?

The turning radius of the Kubota B2710 tractor is 9.8 feet.

What kind of attachments are available for the Kubota B2710?

There is a wide variety of attachments available for the Kubota B2710, including mowers, tillers, loaders, backhoes, and snow blowers.

What is the warranty on the Kubota B2710?

The Kubota B2710 tractor comes with a 2-year limited warranty.

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