Kubota B2301 Price, Sepcs, Review, Attachments & Features 2023

Kubota B2301 For Sale, Price, Review, Specs, Attachments, Features, Images, Overview

Kubota B2301 compact tractors are driver-friendly, and they can handle the real work, all day every day.

It is designed for this application like Ground Maintenance, Landscaping, Vegetable Gardens, Home and Commercial use.

Kubota B2301 Tractor is the ideal tool for the job. It is offering a wide range of innovative features to provide more comfort and more efficiency. For full details please read this entire post.

Kubota B2301 For Sale Price Review Specs Overview

Guys!! Are you interested in buying a new Kubota B2301 Tractor? Do you know about this Kubota B2301 specification, price, review?

Don’t worry my friends here I am going to present all kinds of information in details like Features, Specification, Engine, Transmission system, etc.

In this article, you can get reliable and perfect certain Information about Kubota B2301 Tractor.

Price of Kubota B2301 Tractor:


Kubota B2301 Tractor price is $19,900.

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Key Features Kubota B2301 Tractor Model:

Engine Specification:


Kubota B2301 Tractor Engine Designed with this feature such as 22HP/22.5HP liquid cooled diesel engine, three vortex combustion system. Rated RPM 2800, 1001CC.

It offers terrific power, cleaner emissions, high torque, Low noise and low vibration. It’s more specifications sees below in the specification table.

Transmission System:


Kubota B2301 Tractor transmission type is the three range HST. Its hydrostatic transmission provides the smooth and powerful performance for heavy duty loader tools. It has spur gear, and its break type is multi-plate et disc.

Hydraulic System:


Kubota b2301 tractor hydraulic system is powerful. It’s an important category I, 3 point hitch accepts a variety of implements for all your varying needs.

The hitch can handle rotary tillers, box blades finishing mowers. Its lifting capacity is 820kg. It’s more specification shown below in the specification table.

Tyre Size:

Kubota B2301 Tractor Tyre is comfortable for garden work because it provides a better grip.

     Tyre Size
Front (farm) 6-2
Rear (farm) 9.5-16

Fuel tank capacity:

Fuel tank capacity

Kubota B2301 fuel type is diesel and its fuel tank capacity is 23 liter and gas Is 6.1 it better for long work no need to frequently refuel.

Electrical System:

Kubota-B2301-Tractor Electrical-System

Kubota B2301 tractor batteries typically operate at 12 volts; you can charge your smartphone or other electronic device using 12-volt socket.

Engine shut off type is the electronic key shut off. Its more details see in the specification table.

High Back seat:


Kubota B2301 tractor high back seat makes your ride easy, with no meter conditions, it is specifically designed to absorb shock, reducing driver tiredness.

Reversible seat:


It’s the new features of the Kubota B series tractor. It turns from front to back, while also providing greater leg room. Designed with the driver’s comfort and convenience in mind.

Kubota B2301 Tractor Key Specifications:

Model B2301
Type D1005
Cylinder 3
Cubic capacity 1001cc
Engine gross horsepower 22hp
PTO Horsepower 17.7hp
Fuel Tank capacity 23 liter
Rated RPM 2800rpm
Bore and stroke in.(mm) 3.0 x 2.9 ( 76 X 73.6 )
Air Cleaner Dual paper element
Lubrication Forced lubrication
Cooling system Pressurized radiator
Radiator fan Radial air flow
Gearbox Spur gear
Clutch N/A
Brake Multi plate wet disc
Type Open center
Pump Dual Pump
Pump output 31.4 L/min, 8.3gpm
Lift capacity
at lift point 1808lbs /  820kg
24” behind LP 1411lbs / 640 kg
3-point hitch Category I
Steering Hydro static Power Steering
Tyre Size
Front (farm) 6-2
Rear (farm) 9.5-16
Electrical System
Alternator Standard
Battery voltage 12v
 Charging Capacity 40 amps
Block heater Optional
Engine Shut-off Electric key Shut-off
Indicator lights Standard, dash mounted switch
Instrument panel Illuminated
Lights Two halogen Headlights, rear work light optional
Overall length (w/o 3p)  i 93.7in / 2380mm
Overall width (min. tread) 45.3in / 1150mm
Overall height 83.9in / 2130mm
Wheelbase 61.4in  /  1560mm
Ground clearance 12.0in / 305mm
 Turning radius with brake 6.9feet / 2.1 m
Weight 1566lbs /  710kg

Kubota B2301 Tractor Attachments




Kubota B2301 tractor backhoe the is BH70. Its provide more power and greater digging capacity and its reversible seat well suited during working time. It has 4 points quick attachment system.

Front Loader:


Kubota B2301 Tractor new LA434 front loader features a curved boom design, better lift capacity, and superb lift height for an excellent performance. It is enhancing your efficiency and productivity on any work.

Front Loader Specifications:

   Model  LA434
Maximum lift height (to bucket pivot pin)  in. (mm) 78.5 (1995)
Clearance with attachment dump in. (mm) 61.7 (1568)
Maximum dump angle deg.                                40
Bucket rollback angle deg.  25
Lift capacity (Bucket pivot pin, max height)  lbs. (kg) 948 (430)
Lift capacity (19.7in. forward, max height)  lbs. (kg) 659 (299)
Breakout force (Bucket pivot pin)   lbs. (kg) 1521 (690)
Breakout force (19.7in. forward)  lbs. (kg) 2144 (973)

Mid Mount Mower:

Kubota-B2301-Tractor Mid Mount Mower

Mid Mount Mower specially designed for tools attachment and detachment. You can quickly remove tractor implements using mid-mount mower.

Mid Mount Mower Specifications:

Model RCK54-32            RCK6032    
Type Side discharge                  Side discharge                 
Number of blades 3 3
Blade length 18.7in / 475mm 20.6in / 523mm
Mounting method       Suspended Suspended
Cutting width      54in / 1372mm              60in / 1524mm            
Cutting height 1.0 to 4.0in / 25 to 102mm         
Adjustment of cutting height Dial Dial
Weight (approx.) 300lbs / 136kg             322lbs / 146kg

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Final conclusion:

This is all about the Kubota B2301 tractor information I hope you will be satisfied with this information and this information helpful to you buy this tractor. If you have any queries regarding this article, then please comment below.


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