Kubota M7-131 Price, Specs, Review, Attachments & Features 2024

Kubota M7-131 For Sale, Price, Specs, Review, Features, Attachments, Overview

Kubota M7-series are the most powerful tractors yet in Kubota tractor industries. It has a 128HP tire 4 final engine.

That offers a high level of speed control with a 24 speed Powershift transmission and Multitasking hydraulic system, including a 4 speed live independent PTO.

So my friends!! Are you thinking to buy Kubota M7-131 Tractor? You must read this, cause Here in this post, you can get all kinds of information about the Kubota M7-131 Tractor including Overview, Price, Specification, Engine & Performance, Transmission, Fuel, Brakes, Tyre size and key features, etc. Let’s check out its quick overview:

Kubota L5740 Tractor Price

The Price of Kubota M7-131 tractor

Kubota M7-131 For Sale Price Specs Review Overview

Kubota M7-131 tractor starting price is $126,500

Kubota M7-131 Tractor Key Features

Kubota V6108 Engine

Kubota M7 131 Tractor Engine

Kubota M7-131 tractor has new V6108 engine boasts the latest in clean technology. It’s common rail system electronically manages the timing and high-pressure injected fuel in stages for optimal combustion.

This engine provides greater efficiency, less engine noise, and better fuel economy. The main features of this V6108 engine are water-cooled 4  cycle diesel engine, 4 cylinders, displacement cubic capacity is 6124CC, engine rated is 2200RPM and boost power is +20HP.

Power Boost

Kubota M7 131 Feature_powerBoost

Power is the most important part of any vehicle. This tractor power designed with these new features such as Common Rail System, Selective Catalyst Reduction, Exhaust Gas Reduction, Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

Kubota M7-131 Tractor has plenty of power to handle any task quickly and efficiently.   

Transmission System

Kubota M7 131 Transmission system

Kubota M7-131 tractor has KVT (Kubota Variable Transmission)  that provide an infinite number of forward and reverse speeds. Its transmission type is Powershift.

Its main gear shift is 4-speed Powershift. This tractor maximum travelling speed is 25mph,40kmh. It has an electro-hydraulic shuttle.

Hydraulic System

Kubota M7 131 Tractor Hydraulic

Kubota M7-131 new generation model provides energetic hydraulics such as CCLS and a variable flow rate that can manage a variety of work at the same time.

It has 21GPM independent  PFC pump. The lifting capacity at lift end of this tractor is 20723lbs and lifting capacity at 24in. Behind is 11793 lbs. It’s more specification is seen in the below specification table.

Fuel Tank Capacity


The Kubota M7-131 tractor designed with a large tank for fuel and its capacity is 87gal. (330 litres.), DEF is 10gal. It’s good for long work because it has a large fuel tank, So no need to refuel frequently.

Tire Size


The Kubota M7-131 tractor has a large tire that is well suited for any field operation. Its front tire size is 14.9R28, and rear tire size is 18.4R38.

Kubota M7-131 Tractor Specifications

TypeDirect Injection, with Intercooler turbocharger, water-cooled 4 cycle diesel engine
No. of cylinders4cylinders
Total displacement374 cu. In. / 6124cc
Bore × stroke4.65 × 5.51in. /  118 × 140 mm
Rated speed2200rpm
Rated power @2200 engine rpm (97/68EC)128HP
Boost power+20 HP
Fuel tank capacity87 gal  /  330 liter
DEF tank capacity10gal /  38 liter
Rated PTO horsepower* @2000 engine rpm (OECD Code2)100HP
Rear PTO speeds540 / 540E / 1000 / 1000E  HP
Front PTO seeds (option)1000HP
Alternator/ Bettery200 Amp/174 Ah (20 hr) / 1400A
Main gear shift4-speed Powershift
Range gear shift6-speed synchronized (GST)
No. of speedsF24 / R24 (F40 / R40 w/ optional creep)
Max. traveling speed25mph /  40 kmph
Shuttle shiftElectro-hydraulic shuttle
Main clutchHydraulic multi-plate wet disc
SystemPressure Compensated, Fixed Displacement
Pump capacity21gpm  /  80  L/min
3-point hitchTelescopic lower link, Category 3 / 3N
Control systemElectronic draft control / Lower link sensing
Lifting capacity at lift end20723lbs. /  9400kg
Lifting capacity at 24in. behind (OECD)11797 lbs.  /   5350kg
No. of rear remote valvesMaximum 4 valves (mechanical valve)
Overall length188in.  /  4770mm
Overall height119in  / 3030mm
Overall width98.4 in  2500mm
Wheelbase107in.  /  2720 mm
Shipping weight14546lbs.  /  6598 kg

Kubota M7-131 Tractor Front Loader Features

Kubota M7-131 implemented with LM2605 front loader. Kubota’s Front Loader Joystick greatly simplifies front loader functions so you can focus on the work ahead.

The joystick is located on the control console for smooth and easy shifting and better forward visibility.

Kubota M7-131 tractor front loader mechanical self-leveling system ensures an unobstructed view ahead With no upper loader link to get in the way.

The Euro Quick Coupler using you can attach and detach a wide variety of tools with a quick and simple operation.

With the pull of a single lever hydraulic quick coupler, a driver can quickly and simultaneously attach and detach all four hoses using a single lever. For more specification see in the specification table.

Kubota M7-131 Tractor Front Loader Specifications

Leveling systemKubota Z-bar linkage, mechanical self-leveling (MSL)
Attachment96 in. Bucket
CompatibilityFor M7 Standard models (Pressure Compensated, Fixed Displacement Hydraulics)For M7 Premium and           Premium  KVT models (closed center  hydraulic)
Control typeMechanical leverElectrial joystick
Max. lifting height at bucket pivot pin167in. / 4250mm
Max. lifting height at bucket under level156in. /  3972mm
Clearance with bucket dumped131in.  /  3321mm
Max. dumping angle59degree
Max. roll-back angle42degree
Digging depth3.9in. / 100mm
Lifting capacity at bucket pivot pin, max. height5776lbs /  2615kg
Lifting capacity at 800mm forward, max. height5765lbs  /  2615kg
Breakout force at bucket pivot pin9069lbs  /  40342N
Breakout force at 800mm forward7968lbs  / 35444N
Bucket rollback force at max. height5972lbs  /  26566N
Bucket rollback force at 59in.(1.5M) height11017lbs  /  49004N
Bucket rollback force at ground level10825lbs  /  48151N
Raising time6.4sec.5.4sec.
Lowering time8.1sec8.1sec.
Bucket dumping time5.1sec.5.2sec.
Bucket rollback time4.6sec.4.4sec.
Standard equipmentThird function valve, Single-lever hydraulic valve quick coupler, Accumulator (KSR: Kubota Shockless Ride)

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Final Words

Here in this article, we are mentioning all kinds of information about The Giant Kubota M7-131 tractor. I hope this information is useful for buy this tractor but if you have any questions and problems about this article, then please comment below in the comment box we will solve your problem soon thank you.

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