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kubota mini excavator

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Kubota Mini Excavator Overview

Kubota manufactures a variety of construction equipment, the majority of which are small excavators, sometimes known as mini excavators.

Although classified as little, the excavators are in many respects anything but. They combine the famed small-scale versatility of Kubota with a combination of powerful engines and carrying capacity.

Mini excavators from Kubota range from the K008 to the U55. There are changes in horsepower, engine, size, and capacity of the bucket.

Important factors to consider when deciding which excavator to purchase are the sort of work it will be used for, the type of terrain it will be used on, and the frequency of its use.

Purchasing any form of construction equipment, whether new or secondhand, is a significant expenditure that should be avoided in favor of renting.

For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

Kubota Mini Excavator Price 

A modest used Kubota excavator can be purchased for as little as $20,000, while a brand-new, full-sized vehicle can cost up to $140,000 or more.

The price differences reflect the excavator’s varying power and versatility, and there is a vast selection of secondhand mini excavators available.

These are available for purchase via a variety of online auction sites, Kubota dealerships, and private sales.

Kubota Mini Excavator Models


Kubota K008 $26,954 USD
Kubota KX018 $37,848 USD
Kubota KX71 $47,065 USD
Kubota KX91 $55,372 USD
Kubota KX033 $56,175 to $ 63,660 USD
Kubota KX040 $68,169 to $85,226 USD
Kubota KX057 $98,512  to $1,01,912 USD
Kubota KX080 $1,31,231 to $1,35,648 USD
Kubota KX121 $45,999 USD
Kubota U17 $35,117 USD
Kubota U25 $43,988 USD
Kubota U27 $42,280 USD
Kubota U35 $58,093 to $69,990 USD
Kubota U55 $93,413  to $98,634 USD

Kubota Mini Excavator Specs

Tier IV emission criteria are met by the Tier IV-compliant, low-vibration, clean-running Kubota engine.

Although the engine has the better horsepower, it operates so quietly that it can be utilized in almost any place and at nearly any time of day without causing significant disturbance to adjacent inhabitants.

The machine’s low-vibration function enables for smooth operation, and it also includes advanced fuel-efficiency features.

  • Engine -Performance and displacement
  • Length, height, and width overall, as well as ground clearance
  • System hydraulics – pump capability and auxiliary hydraulic flow
  • Drive system – velocity, traction, caller length, etc.
  • Swing system – swing speed, boom swing angle
  • Dimensions of the blade’s above- and below-ground lift Capacity of the blade’s lift

For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.


Kubota Mini Excavator Attachments

The majority of the various excavator attachments manufactured by Kubota are detailed below. Utilizing a two-hole quick coupler, a three-hole quick coupler, or a hydraulic quick coupler, quick couplers are suitable for attaching and detaching equipment.

These can generally be divided into the following categories, with a more comprehensive list provided below:

Buckets carriers
Brooms cutters
Booms Graders
Brakers forks
Blades Grapples
Grinders Hitches
landscape rakes Planers
Pullers Rippers
Posthole diggers Silage defacers
seeders Snow pushers
Snow blowers Tillers
Trenchers Hydraulic thumb kit
24″ frost rippers Hydraulic breakers
Grading blade Excavating rake
Vibratory Compactor Wide steel tracks/dozer blade extension kit
Hydraulic auger Vibratory Compactor

Kubota Mini Excavator Rental

It is possible to rent a Kubota mini excavator from dealerships as well as retailers such as Home Depot and rental yard in the USA.

This is mostly due to the fact that many excavators are utilized for one-time jobs or on an infrequent or seasonal basis.

While the rental market may be perfect for certain individuals, there are typically stringent limits on usage, condition, and liability while the excavator is in the care of the renter. Just ensure that you read the fine print.

Kubota Mini Excavator Kubota Mini Excavator Kubota Mini Excavator

Kubota Mini Excavator Buckets

Buckets are essential to all excavator operations. The sizes of Kubota mini excavator buckets vary based on the excavator model.

  • Two types of trenching buckets are available:
  • Pin on 8-inch/36-inch trenching bucket.
  • Quick-attach 9-inch/36-inch trenching bucket
  • 36″/60″ pin-on and quick-attach ditch cleaning/grading buckets
  • Quick-attach tilt grading buckets – 36 inch/54 inch
  • Cemetery pail – 36 inches

Kubota Mini Excavator Parts

Here are listed some of the main parts that are often needed for a Kubota mini excavator.

Roller aftermarket final drive Sprocket
Case Idler Lower roller
Undercarriage with tracks Front idler
Aftermarket drive motor Other carrier rollers
Replacement tension idler Tension idler
Upper roller Front idler
Loader rubber tracks Track and sprocket combo
Bottom track roller Rubber tracks

Kubota Mini Excavator Reviews  

Kubota mini excavators are reliable, durable, and powerful machines that are easy to operate.

They are available in a variety of sizes and weights to meet the needs of different contractors and homeowners. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

FAQs – Kubota Mini Excavator

How much do Kubota mini excavators cost?

A modest used Kubota excavator can be purchased for as little as $20,000, while a brand-new, full-sized vehicle can cost up to $140,000 or more. When shopping for an excavator, you have apparently countless options in terms of type, size, features, and attachments.

Is 3000 hours a lot for a mini excavator?

The maximum lifespan of a high-quality, well-maintained mini excavator (also known as a compact excavator) is approximately 10,000 hours. Heavy use and poor upkeep can rapidly reduce it to approximately 8,000 hours.

What size mini excavator is best?

Mini Excavator size: 3 to 5 tons

This is the most adaptable and optimally sized small excavator for a variety of jobs. A machine in this size range is a fully-functional small excavator, appropriate for tasks such as stump removal, road leveling, and hot tub excavation.

How often do you change the oil in the mini excavator?

Regularly clean the fill and drain plugs, and remember to change the oil every 1,000 hours or at the period recommended by the manufacturer, typically between 0.5 and 1 quart. Your excavator’s propel drive gearbox is small, easily overlooked, and costly to replace.

How much does a new Kubota KX040 4 cost?

2024 Kubota KX040-4 Excavators and Mini Excavator – $69,910.


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