Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Price, Specs & Features 2024


Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Price USA, Specifications, Review, Features, Overview

The Kubota WG14-36 Walk Behind Lawn Mower is Designed with pistol grip controls, It delivers a powerful cut with exceptional maneuverability. 

Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36


It comes with commercial-grade features such as heavy-duty, maintenance-free spindles and flat-free caster front tires, this model is the perfect addition to any professional grounds crew. For full details please read this entire post.

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Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Price 2024

Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Price

Price: $3,923.00 USD


Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Key Features

Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Key Features


  • The V-Twin overhead valve design
  • Cast Iron Cylinder Sleeves
  • Pleated Style Air Filter


  • Five forward speeds and a reverse assist.
  • The transmission is conveniently located at the rear of the machine, which allows the driver to operate the drive system and select the proper ground speed for their walking and turf conditions.
  • Proper operation of the transmission and drive system will ensure increased uptime.

Heavy Duty Spindles and Wheel Bearings:

  • Spindles and wheel bearings are designed for no maintenance.
  • Sealed bearing prevents premature wear due to debris or lack of grease.
  • Heavy-duty bearings lower maintenance costs.

Discharge System:

  • Flexible molded polymer discharge chute.
  • The discharge chute’s structure disperses the clippings at a wider, higher angle.

Cut Height Adjustment:

  • The deck has a slight upward tilt
  • Leveling is accomplished by adjusting spacers on front casters.
  • The angle of attack created by proper deck leveling allows the machine to operate at maximum efficiency.
  • Deck leveling should be checked periodically

Warner Mag Stop Electric Clutch:

  • Heavy Duty Clutch.
  • Higher torque rating to prevent slippage and improve belt life.

Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Specifications

Kubota Walk Behind Lawn Mower WG14-36 Specs

Model Name 36” Gear Drive w/Fixed Deck
Engine Kawasaki FS FS481V
Air Filtration Dual Element Filter
Lubrication Full Pressure – Spin on replaceable filter
Displacement 603cc
Starter Manual
Fuel Capacity 5 Gal.
Cutting Width 36”
Cutting Height 1.5”- 4.5”
Blade Tip Speed @ 3600RPM 18,700 fpm
Deck Construction Welded 7 gauge with 7 gauge skirts
Discharge Chute Flexible Molded Polymer
Spindle 1” w/ Maintenance free double sealed bearings
Spindle Bearings Double Sealed, Precision ground ball bearings
Deck Drive Warner Mag Stop 125 ft. lb. electric clutch
Transmission Manufacture Gear Drive Peerless® 5 Speed w/ Reverse Assist
Brake Drum Type
Speed 5.1 mph
Tires Front 9”x3.5”-4” No-Flat
Tires Rear 13”x6.5”-6” 4 ply
Length 78”
Height 40.3”
Weight/Wet 464 lbs.

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