Kubota Combine Harvester Price in India, Specifications & Features 2024

Kubota Combine Harvester Harvesting Price India 2024, Specification, Review, Overview

Here in this post, you can get to learn about the Kubota Combine Harvester price in IndiaKubota harvester price in Odisha, Specifications, Key features, review video and images. I hope it will very helpful to you.

Kubota Combine Harvester Price in India, Specifications & Features

Kubota Combine Harvester world-renowned Kubota Diesel Engine featuring improved fuel efficiency and environmentally-friendly performance.

Single Maneuvering Lever Such generally used actions as making turns and changing Cutting Height require only simple steps of the maneuvering Lever with the right hand.

The simple stepless movements of the Hyro-Static Transmission (HST) Lever receives the ideal speed for the specific requirements of job-at-hand.In addition, switching the direction of movement between forward and Reverse is simply achieved.

Kubota Combine Harvester Price in India 2024

Price: Rs.20 Lakh

Kubota Combine Harvester Features

  • Engine: Water-Cooled 4-Cycle 4-Cylinder Vertical Diesel Engine[WithTurbocharger]
  • Displacement: 2.434 L
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 60 L
  • Harvestig Speed: 1.23 m/s
  • Steering: Clutch and Brake
  • Harvesting Capacity* 5.75-10 acre / day
  • Weight: 3200 kg
  • Ground Clearance:  325 mm

Kubota Combine Harvester Specifications

Length ( mm )4800
Width ( mm )2245
Hight (With Canopy Stored) ( mm )2800
Weight ( kg )3200
TypeWater-Cooled 4-Cycle 4-Cylinder Vertical Diesel Engine[WithTurbocharger]
Displacement ( ℓ )2.434
Output (kW{PS}/rpm)50.8(69.0) / 2700
Fuel Tank Capacity ( ℓ )60
Drive System
CrawlersWidth x Ground Contact Length (mm)500 x 1800
Average Ground Contact Pressure (kPa)450{17.72} x 1680{66.14}
Average Ground Contact
Pressure (kPa)
Ground Clearance (mm)325
Traveling Speed (m/s) F/RMedium:0-1.23 High:0-1.75
Harvestig Speed m/s1.23
SteeringClutch and Brake
Pickup Reel Diameter x Width (mm)900 x 1903
Height AdjustmentHydraulics
Gathering length (mm)2075
Cutter Bar length (mm)1980
Cutting Height Range (mm)-19-800
Threshing /Separating
Threshing System (mm)Spiked Tooth Axial Flow
Diameter x Length ( mm )620 x 1650
Revolutions (rpm)560
Concave Area (㎡)0.9
SieveCase Length x Width (mm)1375 x 840
CleaningOscilating / 3 Way Air Stream Cleaning System
Grain Tank
Capacity ( ℓ )1250
Grain Discharge Height Range ( m )1.1-4.5
Length of Grain Unloader ( m )3.66
Turning Angle of Grain Unloader ( degree )235
Grain Discharge TimeAround 90 Seconds
Electrical System12 Volts Battery Starting, Lighting Equipment, Alarms
(Coolant Temperature, Battery Charge, Engine Oil,
Grain Tank Full,and Tailings Clogging)
Harvesting Capacity* ( acre / day5.75-10

That’s all about the Kubota Combine Harvester information, that all kinds of information are reliable and genuine, it is very helpful for you to buy or sell this tractor but if you have any questions regarding this article then please comment below in the comment box. I will solve your problem as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting our site.

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Kubota Combine Harvester Harvesting

What can a combined harvester harvest?

ANS: Bell designed the combine to perform the three jobs he listed for it, and today’s combine can harvest 25 acres of grain each hour while doing so.

How many hectares can be harvested by a combined harvester can finish in a day?

ANS: The cutting, handling, threshing, and cleaning processes are all combined by the combine harvester. In the Philippines and Vietnam, compact “mini combines” with 1.2m cutting width have lately been created.

Is Kubota making a combine?

ANS: Kubota has been manufacturing combine harvesters and rice transplanters for over 50 years.

How many acres can a combined harvest per hour?

ANS: 30 acres

Which country made  Kubota harvester?

ANS: Kubota headquarters in Naniwa-Ku, Osaka, Japan.

How many acres of wheat can a combined harvest in a day?

ANS: If you are dumping as you go, going at a good clip(4+ mph), and don’t have much road time, a combine with a 30′ or 35′ flex head will be able to do anywhere from 150-200 acres each day. We’re talking about 10 to 12-hour days.

How long does harvest last?

ANS: Generally, harvest runs from as early as mid-September to as late as the end of November.

What is  rice harvester?

ANS: A machine called a rice reaper harvester is used to remove rice panicles during harvest. The machine spreads out the sliced panicles for collection. Different models exist. Reapers can be freestanding devices or attached to a power tiller (see the image on the right) (on the left).

How many rows can a combined harvest? 

ANS: That’s why we tag-teamed the X Series and S Series with a new lineup of corn heads from 6 rows to 18 rows in both rigid and folding configurations.

What is the purpose of a combine harvester?

ANS: combine, also called combine harvester, is a complex farm machine that both cuts and threshes grains and certain other crops.

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Gouranga Parida
Gouranga Parida
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Gouranga Parida

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Dhanaji Tandle
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Paresh kanade
3 years ago

Hi , i m interested in such type of machine.
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Ashok Kumar reddy
Ashok Kumar reddy
3 years ago

I wanted to bye Kubota rice combined harvest machine….let me know the deatils abou it