Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Price in India, Specification & Review 2023

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Price India 2023, Specification, Overview

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller COMES with KUBOTA RT1 40DI-EM which is very powerful and able of working continuously in high rpm and the attached 80 cm width rotary helps increased power on earth pulverization.

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller mixed-curve blades of rotary can till the soil deeper up to 12cm in a dry field and up to 15cm in the open field and they can work well in both wet and dry field without the requirement to change the blades.

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Overview

The Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller new design of the headlight gives long-range light and better working visibility for the operator.

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Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Key Features

  • Fast working With KUBOTA Engine & Wider Rotary Width
  • Less Fuel Consumption
  • Deeper Tilling Depth
  • Better Land Optimizing
  • Easy Ridge Crossing with Higher Ground Clearance
  • High Durability with low Maintenance Cost
  • Better Visibility with multi-Reflector Headlight
  • Comfort working with Attachable Seat

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Price in India

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Price in India

New Price ₹ 2.20 Lakh

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Specification

Power tiller model   PEM140DI
Model name   RT140DI-EM
Type   4-Cycles, horizontal piston, water cooled, direct-injection diesel engine
Bore x Stroke   97 x 96 mm
Cylinder displacement volume cm3 709
Rated maximum output PS/rpm [kW/rpm] 13 / 2400 [9.56 / 2400]
Rated Continuous output PS/rpm [kW/rpm] 13 / 2400 [9.56 / 2400]
Specific Fuel Consumption (Average value at continuous output) g/PS-h [g/kW-h] 185 [252]
Maximum Torque kg-m/rpm [N-m/rpm] 4.4 / 1600 [43.1 / 1600]
Fuel tank capacity Liters 11
Engine oil grade/volume   SAE30 or SAE10W-30, SAE40 or SAE15W-40 / API CF oF above/ 2.8 Liters
Starting system   Hand cranking with handle (double speed ratio)
Cooling system   Pressurized radiator, crankshaft driven cooling fan
Safety cover   Flywheel cover and muffler heat shield
Engine pulley outside diameter mm 120
Weight (dry) Kg 100
Model name   PEM480-IN
Power transmission system Engine to main clutch
Main clutch to wheel axle
Main clutch to PTO
3 V-belts (Belt section: B, Length: 78 in) Gear
Gear (dependence with traveling sub-speed shift)
Traveling speed step Main speeds shift
Sub-speeds shift
Total possible speeds
3 forwards, 
1 revers 2 (“H” / “L”) 
6 forwards, 2 reverse
Transmission oil grade / volume   SEA90 / API GL-4 / 7.5 – 8 Litres
Main clutch   Dry multi-plate type
Steering clutch   Bolt-on Internal gear insert type (14 teeth)
Brake   Internal expansion shoe and drum type
Tires   7.0-16 (Rolling Diameter 71 cm)
Wheel track width mm 800-950
Belt cover   Full cover type
Weight   116
Standard implements & accessories* Provided Rotary tiller [RP80M-IN], Rubber tire, paddy wheel
Total weight Weight kg
Rubber tires kg
Paddy wheel kg

Kubota Pem 140di Power Tiller Review Video

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Kubota PEM140DI FAQ 

 What is the price of the Kubota PEM140DI?

ANS : Kubota PEM140DI Price is ₹ 220000 in India.

What are the uses of Kubota PEM140DI?

ANS: Kubota PEM140DI mainly works in the Power Tiller category.

Where can I get complete details of Kubota PEM140DI?

ANS: Get the price, features, and complete details of Kubota PEM140DI at tractorsinfo.


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