Kubota M9540 New Price, Specs, Review, Attachments & Features 2023

Kubota M9540 New Price, Specs, Review, Weight, Features, Images, Overview

Kubota M9540 tractor is the new generation smart and stylish tractor. Kubota M9540 Tractor is perfect for dairy and livestock farming, orchards and vineyards, and ploughing. Take one for a test drive and you’ll be satisfied.

Kubota M9540 Tractor Overview

So guys!! Are you looking for the Kubota M9540 tractor price, features, specifications? then don’t worry, cause here in this article I going to present all kinds of information about Kubota M9540 tractor including price, engine, transmission, hydraulic, cab features, front loader functions, specifications, review, etc. That’s all kinds of information are reliable and genuine you can believe it because I write this article after long-time research about this tractor.

Let’s check out the Kubota M9540 Tractor quick overview:

Kubota M9540 Tractor

Price of the Kubota M9540 Tractor

Kubota M9540 Tractor Price

The Price of Kubota M9540 is $32,160 in The USA.

Key Features of the Kubota M9540 tractor


Kubota M9540 Tractor Engine

The Kubota M9540 tractor designed with the new V3800DI-T engine. This hearty diesel engine employs a reliable 4-valve, center-direct injection system to achieve maximum towing power.

M9540 is equipped with Kubota’s revolutionary Center Direct-Injection system. The E-CDIS engine provides a rare combination of maximum power, durability, and better fuel efficiency.

This engine boasts lower noise, which equates to less stress and fatigue after long workdays. M9540 engine main features such as 4 cylinder diesel engine, PTO horsepower is 84HP, total displacement 3769CC, and SAE Net Power 94.5HP.

Transmission System

Kubota M9540 Tractor Transmission

The Kubota M9540 tractor has an F12/R12 Transmission for heavy-duty work such as pulling, digging, plowing and heavy trailer applications.

The hydraulic shuttle model of the M9540 can be factory equipped with the F12/R12 transmission. Its hydraulic shuttle makes shifting between forward and reverses smooth and quick.

M9540 tractor has a transmission parking lock an easy to operate gear lock parking brake, located beside the main shift is now independent of the main brakes.

Its brake lock is highly durable and reliable, providing precise parking on any terrain conditions.

The M9540 also provides greater durability with a new, larger-diameter The M9540 also provides greater durability with a new, larger-diameter Cera-metallic clutch.

The clutch diameter is 12.8in. (325mm) On the M9540. The hydraulic disc breaks decrease driver effort and increase the overall tractor longevity.

Hydraulic System

Kubota M9540 Tractor Hydraulic system

The Kubota M9540 tractor gives you the power,  durability and longevity to take on just about any job you throw at them.

The high 3-point hitch category 2 lifting capacity is 4100kg, and the 3-point hitch pump capacity is 64.3L/min.

It’s floating lift roads are standard, which give a smoother ride and enhanced traction while using 3-point hitch, especially on uneven terrain.

The standard 540rpm/1000rpm  hydraulic independent PTO makes lifting, pulling, cutting or baling easier.

This tractor has a hydraulic trailer brake system that is the most important feature that increases safety when pulling trailers. Its bevel-gear front offers greater all-around maneuverability.

Kubota M9540 Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity

Kubota M9540 tractor Fuel tank

The Kubota M9540 tractor fuel tank capacity(ROPS/CAB) is 90/110 litre.

Kubota M9540 tractor LCD Readout

Kubota M9540 tractor LCD Readout 

The Kubota M9540 has a  new LCD readout that makes viewing vital functions of your clear and easy.

You can view tractor travelling speed, PTO revolution, and hour meter information digitally. A warning light and 4wheel drive indicator have also been added.

Kubota M9540 Tractor Tire size


The Kubota M9540 Tractor Front tire size is 360/70R24 and Rear tire size is 480/70R34. Its tire is less slippage on the farm because it provides better grip on the farm and it is well suited for long time work.

Kubota M9540 tractor Cabin features

Kubota M9540 Tractor cab

The Kubota M9540 tractor newly designed Grand CAB gives the operator more comfortable and more space year around the environment.

It has a pantograph style front wiper that increases visibility on rainy days and increases operator safety.That also provides a wider coverage area.

The rounded glass is increasing the length of the cab by 50mm and the width by 160mm. This change offers the driver with more visibility and a more spacious feel—ideal for long days in the cab.

It is  AC based tractor, and its air is circulated throughout the windshield to prevent icing, frosting and fogging.

Its standard equipment such as front, halogen work lights, Front windshield wiper and washer, Rear halogen work lights, Interior dome light, External left and right mirrors, Sun visor, Cigarette lighter.

Kubota M9540 Tractor specifications

Type (Make: KUBOTA) V3800-DI-TE3, E-CDIS, Direct Injection
Rated engine RPM 2600
No. of cylinders/Aspiration 4 / Turbocharged
Engine net power* 95HP
PTO power 84HP
Total displacement 3769CC
Fuel tank capacity ROPS/CAB 90 /  110 liter
Alternator ROPS/CAB 45/60 Amp
No. of Speeds F12 / R12
Main gear shift 6/Fully synchronized
Hydraulic-shuttle Standard, column-mounted lever
Main clutch type Hydraulic Multiple-plate  wet disc
Brake type Hydraulic wet discs, 4 wheel braking
Differential lock Limited Slip Automatic Differential / Hydraulic Differential Lock
4WD clutch type Electronic hydraulic clutch
Four wheel brakes Standard
Type Live-independent PTO, electro-hydraulic clutch
PTO Speed 540/100rpm
Pump capacity (3-P hitch) 64.3 L/min
3 Point Hitch Quick-hitch lower link ends, telescopic stabilisers
Category II
Control system Position, draft (top link sensing) & mix control
 Lift capacity at link end  4100kg
No. of remote valves 2 standard (3rd & flow control valve optional)
Front 360/70R24
Rear 480/70R34
Wheelbase(Rops/Cab) 2250mm
Weight 3305kg
Overall length(Rops/Cab) 3955mm
Overall height (top of ROPS / Cab) 2650mm
Overall width 2005mm
Tread width front 1514,1608mm
Tread width rear 34.4-54.5in(900-1385)mm
Turning radius 3.8m
Steering Hydrostatic power steering
Bonnet type Full open, slanted, steel
Deck type / Pedal type Semi-flat deck / Hanging pedals
Panel type Electronic
Fender shape Standard

Kubota M9540  Tractor Front Loader features


The Kubota M9540 tractor has an LA1353 front loader. The new front loader has dramatically increased loading power. That’s perfect for field use.

The frame of the front loader manages it sturdy, thick steel frame, but its design has been simplified by displacing braces and connectors.

It is designed with this feature such as Maximum lift height 3350mm, Maximum Dump Angle 64 degrees, Digging Depth 185mm, Reach maximum height 1149mm.

Its Euro type quick hitch will let you quickly attach or detach a variety of Euro type attachment.

The joystick provides you with the ability to control the movement and speed of the loader with a single lever.

Front Loader Hydraulic Self-Leveling Valve allows the operator to increase or lower the loader boom while keeping the bucket level to the ground. It’s more specifications look on the front loader specification table.

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Kubota M9540 Tractor LA1353 Front Loader Specifications

Tractor Applications M9540
Boom Cylinder Fulcrum Power position
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin) 3350mm
Clearance w/Attachment Dump 2405mm
Reach @ Maximum Height 1149mm
Maximum Dump Angle 64degrees
Reach w/Attachment on Ground 2233mm
Maximum Rollback Angle 40degrees
Digging Depth (When Bucket is Level) 185mm
Overall Height in Carry Position 1695mm
Material Bucket Width / Capacity (Heaped) 0.64
Lift Capacity (Bucket Center) 1880kg
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load *1) 4.6second
Lowering time w/out Load (power down) *1) 3.1second
Attachment Rollback Time 2.6second
Attachment Dumping Time 2.2second

Kubota M9540 Tractor Review Video

I provide a video about the Kubota M9540 Tractor, and you can see in this video Kubota M9540 that all parts working process and much more information, that is helpful to you for buy or sell this tractor.  

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Final Conclusion

This is a stylish and lovely tractor that is well suited for farming and loading work, here in this article we are providing the latest and genuine information about this tractor. I hope it will helpful to you for buy this tractor but if you have any questions about this post, then please comment in the comment box thanks for visiting our site.


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