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If you want to know Kubota all Tractor Price List so please check Me.

The Grand L3560 Tractor defines the Reliable power, cleaner emissions, and an available spacious Grand Cab, Kubota L3560 tractor featured with 37 hp Direct injection Verticle Water-cooled Diesel engine, 35 hp PTO Power, Choice of three type transmission system options including HST Plus with stall guard. 

Kubota-L3560-Tractor Price specs

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2023 Kubota L3560 Tractor Price List

Kubota L3560DT(4WD) Price is $27,650

Kubota L3560GST(4WD) Price is $28,960

Kubota L3560HST(4WD) Price is $29,526

Kubota L3560HSTCC(4WD,CAB) Price is $42,222  

Kubota L3560 Model Key Features



The Kubota L3560 Tractor has a E-TVCS, indirect injection, vertical, liquid-cooled 4-cycle diesel Engine. 

That offer cleaner emissions and outstanding fuel economy. Common Rail direct injection is operated to deliver excellent fuel savings and lower emissions while maintaining a high level of power and torque.

 This engine is a combination of Common Rail System(CRS), Exhaust Gas Recirculation System(EGR) and Diesel Particulate Filter(DPF) Muffler; that reduces emissions to meet the latest emission regulations.

Transmission System:


The HST Plus (Hydrostatic Transmission) solve any task with ease and efficiency, that HST pump and drive motor to provide optimal performance, regardless of the task. 

The GST (Glide Shift Transmission) features 12 speeds and clutchless operation for maximum operator ease. 

FST (Fully Synchronized and Shuttle Transmission) produces the smooth and efficient shifting of 8 forward and 8 reverse gears while on the move.

Hydraulic system & PTO


PTO and hydraulic systems are designed to produce power and excellent performance and also give you the full control and maximum versatility.

It has an Independent PTO(Power Take-off) that rear PTO revolution speed is 540rpm. It’s lifting capacity at 24″ behind lift point is 1200kg.

Overall Kubota L3560 tractor hydraulics and PTO are the best for farming and other loading work. It’s more information you can check on the above specification table.


Tire Size


The Kubota L3560 tractor has tyre options like Galaxy tire, LSW turf tire, Turf tire, industrial tire, Agricultural tire, so the choice is your friends. The standard front tire size is 7.2-16mm, and the rear tire size is 12.4-24mm. That’s all tires are best in its category because that is less slippage on the farm and road.


Fuel tank capacity


The Kubota L3560 Model Tractor Fuel tank capacity is 51 Litres; that’s right for the long farming operation no need to frequently refuel during the work.  




Kubota L3560 tractor IntelliPanel designed with these primary functions like Tachometer, Indicator Lights, Temperature Gauge, Fuel Gauge.  That keeps you informed on the tractor’s status including maintenance at a single look.




The steering wheel gives an extra-wide tilt angle for supreme comfort. Just step on the adjustment pedal, tilt the steering wheel and lock for the most suitable working position. Step on the pedal again to unlock the wheel for easy tractor mounting and dismounting.


Cab Features


The Kubota L60 series tractor is designed with a New grand cab, its main features such as wide space, great comfort for the operator, AC/Heater with Internal/External Ventilation, Front Wiper and Washer, Two tired Headlights, Radio, etc. 

you get spacious opening doors for easier cabin entry and exit, a deluxe swivel-type suspension seat, extra legroom, enough headroom, and sufficient storage compartments to store all your needs and standard.

Check more about tractors price, models and specification below 

Kubota L3560 Specs

MODEL                                                 L3560
Type E-TVCS, indirect injection, vertical, liquid-cooled 4-cycle diesel
Engine gross power 37.0 hp (27.6kw)
Engine net power 35.0 hp(26.1kw)
PTO power 29.5 hp(22.0kw) 28.0 hp(20.9kw)
No. of cylinders / Aspiration 3 / Natural with EGR
Bore & stroke 3.4 × 4.0 in.(87 × 102.4 mm)
Total displacement 111.4 cu in.(1826 cc)
Rated speed 2700 rpm
Battery 12V, RC: 133 min, CCA: 582A
Alternater 12V, 40A 12V, 60A
Fuel tank capacity 11.2 US gal.(51 Ltr.)
Type 1 speed: 540 rpm
Rear PTO Revolution Independent Independent
Mid PTO Option
Revolution 1 speed: 2000 rpm
Lift control type: Position Standard
Lift control type: Draft Option
Implement pump 8.3 GPM(31.5 l/min.) 8.1 GPM(30.4 l/min.)
Power steering pump 4.9 GPM(18.6 l/min.) 4.7 GPM(17.9 l/min.)
Total hydraulic flow 13.2 GPM(50.1 l/min.) 12.8 GPM(48.3 l/min.)
3-point hitch Category I
Lift capacity at 24 in. behind lift point 2650 lbs(1200 kg)
Remote valves Option 1st, 2nd Std. (3rd Opt.)
Transmission FST 8F / 8R GST 12F/8R HST Plus (3 Ranges)
Steering Hydrostatic power steering
Brake Wet disc type
Clutch Dry type single stage
Front 7.2-16
Rear 12.4-24
No. of speeds (at rated engine speed) 12 Forward /8 Reverse
Overall length (w/o 3P) 115.0 in.(2920 mm)
Overall width (min. tread) 59.8 in.(1520 mm)
Overall height (w/Foldable ROPS) 97.2 in.(2470 mm) 90.6 in.(2300 mm)
Wheelbase 71.1 in.(1805 mm)
Min. ground clearance 13.5 in.(342 mm)
Tread Front Tire 45.5 in.(1155 mm)
Tread Rear Tire 47.2 in.(1200 mm) 51.2 in.(1300 mm) 54.5 in.(1385 mm) 58.3 in.(1480 mm)
Min. turning radius (w/brake, 4WD disengaged)  8.9 feet(2.7m)
 Weight (with ROPS)  3351 lbs.(1520 kg)  3395 lbs.(1540 kg)  3494 lbs.(1585 kg)  3847 lbs.(1745 kg)

Kubota L3560 Model Implements Specification

Mechanical 2 Lever Quick Coupler Standard Standard
Square Back Bucket L2256 (66”) L2235A (72”)
Heavy Duty Round Back Bucket NA L2296 (72”)
Light Material Bucket L2236 (72”)
Pallet Fork Frame / Pallet Fork L2238/ K9048 (36”)
Hydraulic spill guard N/A L2261
3rd function valve L2247 L2265
Hydraulic two-lever quick coupler N/A L2270
3rd function valve & hydraulic 2 lever quick coupler N/A L2272
Single lever valve hose quick coupler (4 Hoses) N/A L2252
Single lever valve hose quick coupler (8 Hoses) N/A L2262
3rd function hose quick coupler N/A L2260
Front grill guard (for non loader user) L2257 L2257
Rotary tiller FC1521C BK60C
Box scraper L7565A (65”)
Snow blower (front) L2194A (62”)
Snow blower (rear) BL2664 (64”)
Front blade L2172A (72”) L2184 (84”)
Front rotary sweeper L2162 (60”)

Final Words

The L3560 Model tractor provides a high level of performance while going easy on the conditions and your budget. If you’re replacing your old tractor, upgrading to a new one, or even buying for the first time, the L3560 will provide everything you need plus a whole lot more. That’s it, Ok so if you have any questions regarding this post, then leave a comment for us, and thanks for visiting our site. Keep smile.

Kubota L3560 FAQS

(I) Are Kubota’s reliable?

Ans:- Kubota tractors are known to be reliable and high-quality products. However, no tractor brand is perfect and issues are bound to arise from time to time. Here are the most common Kubota tractor problems. The Kubota tractor brand is generally respected for being a good tractor brand.

(II) How much can a Kubota L3560 lift? 

Ans:-1,715 pounds Lift Capacity.

(III) How much does an L3560 Kubota tractor weight? 

 Ans:- 3505 lb. (1590 kg.) Operating Weight

(IV) How much horsepower is a Kubota L3560 Have? 

Ans:- Kubota L3560 horsepower is 35 hp.

(V) How Many Cylinder Kubota L3560 Have?  

Ans:- Kubota L3560 Has 3 Cylinders.

(VI) Which engine is in a Kubota L3560 tractor? 

Ans:- Kubota L3560 tractor has a Kubota diesel 3-cylinder Liquid – cooled engine.

(VII) How many Kubota L3560 Attachments have? 

Ans:- Kubota L3560 attachments include a Snowblower, Blade, Front-end loader, and Backhoe.

(VIII) What is Kubota L3560 Price?  

Ans:- Kubota L3560 Price is $ 24,283.


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