Kubota TG1860G Original Price, Specs, Review [2024]


Are you looking to buy a Kubota TG1860G? But you need to know more about Kubota TG1860G Specs, Weight, Original Price, Horsepower,  Oil capacity, and Review.

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Let’s look at the latest specs, weight, price, and review of the Kubota TG1860G.

Kubota TG1860G Original Price, Specs, Review


Kubota TG1860G Price New and Used

Country New TG1860G Price  Used TG1860G Price
United States $3,000 – $4,500 $1,500 – $3,000
Canada $3,500 – $5,000 $2,000 – $3,500
United Kingdom £2,000 – £3,500 £1,000 – £2,500
Australia $4,000 – $5,500 $2,500 – $4,000
India ₹200,000 – ₹350,000 ₹100,000 – ₹200,000
South Africa R30,000 – R50,000 R15,000 – R30,000

Kubota TG1860G Weight   

The Kubota TG1860G has an operating weight of 859 pounds.


Kubota TG1860G Horsepower

The Kubota TG1860G has an 18 HP Kawasaki FD590V gasoline engine.

Kubota TG1860G Fuel Capacity

The Kubota TG1860G has a fuel capacity of 4 gallons (15.1 liters).

Kubota TG1860G Lift Capacity

The Kubota TG1860G has a fuel capacity of 4 gallons (15.1 liters).

Kubota TG1860G Oil capacity

The Kubota TG1860G has an engine oil capacity of 3 liters (3.17 quarts).


Kubota TG1860G Specs


Type Kawasaki FD590V gasoline 2-cylinder liquid-cooled vertical-shaft V-Twin
Displacement 584 cc
35.68 ci
Bore/Stroke 2.91×2.68 inches
74 x 68 mm
Power 18 hp
13.4 kW
Starter volts 12


Type belt-driven hydrostatic
Gears infinite forward and reverse


Two-wheel drive
Steering power
Open operator station.

Power Take-off (PTO)

Front PTO independent
Clutch electric


Ground negative
Battery volts 12


Length 75.8 inches
192 cm
Width 40.2 inches
102 cm
Weight 859 lbs
389 kg

Kubota TG1860G Attachments

Attachments Attachments Use Estimated Price
Front Loader Lifting and moving materials $800 – $1,500
Rear Bagging System Collecting and bagging grass clippings $200 – $400
Snow Blower Snow removal $800 – $1,200
Lawn Sweeper Collecting leaves and debris $150 – $300
Mulching Kit Mulching grass clippings $50 – $100
Bagger System Collecting grass clippings $200 – $400
Blade Attachment Grading and leveling $200 – $500
Dethatcher Removing thatch from the lawn $100 – $300
Sprayer Applying pesticides or fertilizers $100 – $300
Aerator Aerating the soil for better grass growth $100 – $300
Attachment overview
48″ mid-mount mower deck
54″ mid-mount mower deck

Kubota TG1860G Review

Diesel lawn tractors like the Kubota TG1860G are renowned for their dependability, toughness, and efficiency. It is propelled by an 18-horsepower 3-cylinder liquid-cooled diesel engine.

The TG1860G has a hydrostatic transmission, power steering, and a 54-inch mowing deck. For a full review, please check this YouTube video Here.

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