Requirements for NBI Clearance | NBI Clearance Requirements 2024

NBI Clearance Requirements

NBI Clearance Requirements – Today, NBI Clearance is clearer and speeds up recovery to get the NBI Clearance.

Also, collecting the NBI Clearance requirements are not hard to find. Some requirements for NBI Clearance can be taken to your Local Municipality.

For the NBI Clearance requirements, you must have at least two valid ID’s which is provided below and should be an original copy. Your ID Photocopy won’t be allowed.

Before you visit the NBI Branch, please don’t forget to take our listed NBI Clearance requirements.

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NBI Clearance Requirements

Requirements for NBI Clearance 2024

When you enter in the NBI Clearance Outlet, the first step you must do is to secure a copy of the NBI Clearance application form. As a necessity, the NBI Clearance staff will ask you to present 2 valid Identification cards as a proof of identity. You can select 2 of the following valid Identification cards listed below:

➽ NBI Clearance Requirements following valid Identification cards: 

  • Post id
  • School id
  • TIN ID
  • Valid Philippine passport
  • Voter id
  • Driver’s license
  • PRC license
  • SSS id
  • Alien Certificate of registration
  • Senior citizen
  • Philhealth ID
  • Birth certificate
  • Previous copy of NBI clearance

➽ NBI Clearance Application Fee 2024

You must require funds for the application fee of the NBI clearance. Its prices are based on NBI clearance application objectives from P115 to P415, so before applying NBI clearance don’t forget to take cash with you.

➽ Ball Pen

You must have an individual black colored ball pen, make sure that you are not a required criminal, to get the photocopied and original version of your documents for NBI clearance verification. 

➽ Clean face

During the NBI clearance process, you will be taken biometrics it will require to take fingerprint and pictures scanning. So please keep your face clean so that your face looks good in the camera.

NBI Clearance Required Documents

There are below some required documents to apply for NBI clearance, so my friends please read carefully:

➽ Valid Philippine Passport: 

You can set an online meeting through the official website. For this, you can also choose your preferred date and time and the place where you are preparing to apply for a Philippine passport.

➽ Driver’s license:

It can be obtained by Land Transportation Office and its demand is also the most needed because (1) it is a necessity for driving (obviously) and (2), it’s also easy to apply for one.

➽ Voter Identity:

It is normally obtained through the office of Commission of Election. Issuing of Voter’s ID is not that simple, for that, you must have to be a registered voter in your municipality where you are residing first.


SSS ID is issued by the Social Security System and for this, you have to go to the nearest Social Security System branch and fill out one application form, you have to take photograph and submit it. Don’t forget it is available for free.

➽ PRC License:

PRC License issued by the Professional Regulatory Commission after passing the required board exams.


It is issued by the Government Service Insurance System. It is applicable only for government employees who are members of the GSI (Government Service Insurance).  Not all can apply for this one.

➽ Postal ID:

It can be obtained through the local post office.


It is issued by the Internal Revenue Bureau.

➽ Foreign Certificate of Registration: 

It can be obtained in the Immigration Bureau.

➽ Senior Citizen:

For this please visit your municipal office to collect this document.

➽ Birth Certificate:

It is obtained through the NSO or NSO Partners website.

➽ School ID:

If a candidate is still studying, then he can get this ID from school.

➽ Philhealth ID:

It is issued by Philhealth.


That’s all about the Requirements for NBI Clearance. If you have any problem regarding the NBI Clearance Requirements, please fill free to ask and leave a comment below. We are here happy to help you. 

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