NBI Clearance Verification ❤️ How To Verify if an NBI Clearance is FAKE or VALID?

NBI Clearance Verification

NBI Clearance Verification – This article is all about the “NBI Clearance Online Verification” or “How To Verify if an NBI Clearance is FAKE or VALID?”.

It is intended for NBI Clearance Candidates who are searching for an updated complete guide on How To check NBI Clearance Authenticity online. So let’s check it out.

NBI clearance online verification, you can be done using the tool provided in the NBI Clearance official website. so let’s check it out step by step guide.

How To Verify an NBI Clearance?

To verify if an NBI Clearance is Fake and valid, we require the NBI Clearance hard copy, we’re trying to verify.

➽ Now, go to the NBI Clearance official website at https://clearance.nbi.gov.ph

NBI clearance online verification

➽ When you arrived at the NBI Clearance home page, at the bottom left of your screen, click on the “NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE VERIFICATION” button as shown in the below image.

NBI clearance online verification

➽ When you click on the “NBI CLEARANCE ONLINE VERIFICATION” button, then a pop-up box should appear asking for your NBI ID number. It is a set of alphanumeric characters you can get it on your current NBI clearance.

➽ You have 2 option for the NBI Clearance verification. It’s either you enter manually the NBI Clearance ID Number or you scan the QR Code, which is both found in the NBI Clearance hard copy.

NBI clearance online verification

➽ Next, Enter your NBI Clearance ID Number and click on the verify button to see if the NBI Clearance you have is real or not.

➽ If the NBI clearance is Valid, the picture, name, and status of clearance will display, but if the NBI clearance is Not Valid then the “The system cannot find the given NBI ID Number” message will appear on the side.

NBI clearance online verification

For more information about The NBI Clearance Verification and other inquiries, you can call at the National Bureau of Investigation’s trunk line: 5238231 to 38.

That’s all about How To Verify if an NBI Clearance is FAKE or VALID?. If you have any problem regarding the NBI Clearance Verification, please fill free to ask and leave a comment below. We are here happy to help you. 

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