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Kubota M6060 Price, Specs, Review, Attachments, Features, Images, Overview

Hello, friends! If you have no idea about the Kubota M6060 price, specification, For sale price features, etc.? then, tractorsinfo.com is the perfect place for you, cause here in this article we are introducing all kinds of information, which you need to know about the Kubota M6060 Tractor.

Kubota M6060 For Sale Price Specs Review Overview


Kubota M6060 tractor has been redesigned and re-equipped with advanced features such as Common Rail System with Exhaust Gas Recirculation and Diesel Particulate Filter, Muffler for powerful yet clean and economical performance, and a more ergonomically designed cabin for easier work.

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Kubota M6060 Tractor Price



The Kubota M6060 Tractor price is $45,450 USD.

Key Features of The Kubota M6060 tractor

Kubota M6060 Tractor Engine Specification

Kubota M6060 Tractor Engine Specification

The Kubota M6060 tractor has a V3307-CR-TE4 engine; It is designed with this primary features such as 63.5 Horse Power, a four-cylinder diesel engine,

Engine net power is 63.5HP, and PTO power is 56HP. Total Displacement 3331CC and Engine-rated RPM are 2400.

Common Rail System electronically manages the timing and amount of injected fuel offering high-pressure injections in stages.

It also provides better fuel efficiency and less engine noise. M6060 tractor CRS engine adheres to TireIV EPA emission regulations.

Kubota M6060 Tractor Transmission System

Kubota M6060 tractorTransmission System

The Kubota M6060 tractor transmission system is technically well designed, smooth, and powerful.

It has  F8 and R8 speed transmission that synchronized four speeds of the first shift and a high/low range supply tractor with 8 Forward and 8 Reverse speeds.

That is well suited for pulling, digging, and any other heavy-duty work. Its hydraulic shuttle makes shifting between reverse and forwards quick and smooth.

M6060 tractor has a Multiple wet disc type clutch that provides durability and long operating life.

This tractor has transmission parking (gear lock) that can be operated by the main shift lever for easier operation, it is highly reliable and durable. Its brake type is a mechanical wet disc.

Kubota M6060 Tractor Hydraulic System

Kubota M6060 Tractor Hydraulic System

The Kubota M6060 tractor hydraulic system is technically and mechanically well design for heavy duty.

Its external hydraulic cylinder improves the lifting power and provides easier maintenance. M6060 tractor loading capacity is 3307lbs (1500kg).

Its hydraulic independent PTO, mainly used for pulling, lifting, cutting, or balling makes your toughest work easier.

The 3-point hitch Category I / II 3-point hitches offer quick and simple attachment of rear-mounted tools.

The bevel-gear front axle provides great all-around maneuverability. It’s more specifications you can see in the specification table.

Kubota M6060 Tractor Fuel Tank Capacity

Fuel Tank of Kubota M6060 Tractor

The Kubota M6060 tractor uses diesel fuel, and its fuel tank capacity is 90 Liter. It is suitable for log work, no need to frequently refuel during the field operation.

Kubota M6060 Tractor Tire size


The Kubota M6060 tractor’s front tire size is 320 / 85R20mm, and the rear tire size is 420 / 85R30mm.

That is not slipping on the field because it provides a strong grip and better traction, and is well suited for extended work.

Kubota M6060 Tractor Cab Features

Kubota M6060 Tractor Cab Features


The Kubota M6060 tractor was designed with an ultra grand cab. It’s a new innovative and stylish designed Cab that gives the driver more comfortable and wider space, and that is also reducing the outside noise that’s good for the driver.

The Cab rounded glass provides the operator with more visibility and more space. Its pantograph-style front wiper increases the driver’s visibility on rainy days.

The natural step tilt steering wheel of the Cab gets out of the way when the driver is dismounting the tractor.

Its comfortable seat is Specifically designed to absorb shock and reduce driver fatigue. It’s an AC / heater, Air is circulated throughout the windshield to prevent icing, frosting, and fogging.

Kubota M6060 Tractor Front Loader Features

Kubota M6060 Tractor Front Loader Features

The Kubota M6060 tractor is designed with an LA1154 front loader, that provides superior lifting power perfect for field use.

Its power position and height position that separates boom cylinder fulcrum points offer the option to increase the front loader lifting power or height based on your needs.

Its hydraulic tube covers further provide protection from wear and tear.

That quick-mount attaches or detach the front loader without the use of implements. Its 4-bar linkage the rollback, and dumpling angle have increased for quicker dumping and scooping, and 2-lever quick coupler makes attaching buckets bale spears, and pallet forks fast and easy.

The front loader frame maintains its sturdy, thick steel frame, but its design has been simplified by removing braces and connectors.

The joystick provides you the ability to control the movement and speed of the loader with a single lever. That’s all about the LA1154 front loader, and its more specification seen in the front loader specification table.

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Kubota M6060 Tractor Specification

Type (Make: KUBOTA) 4 Cylinder in-line, Common Rail System, direct-injected
Rated engine RPM ROPS/CAB 2400
Number of cylinders/Aspiration 4 / Turbocharged
Engine net power*                          63.5HP / 47.4 KW
PTO power 56HP / 41.7 KW
Total displacement      203 cu.in / 3331CC
Fuel tank capacity ROPS/CAB        23.8 gal. /  90 liter
Alternator ROPS/CAB            45 Amp / 60 Amp (100 Amp : OPT)
No. of Speeds     F8 / R8
Main gear shift Fully synchronized (4-speed)
Shuttle shift        Hydraulic-shuttle
Clutch type Multiple wet discs
Brake type Hydraulic wet disc
Differential lock (Front / Rear) N/A Mechanical
4WD clutch type Mechanical on the go
Type Live independent PTO,electro-hydraulic clutch with brake
PTO Speed          540/540E: lever changeover
Pump capacity (3-Pt hitch)Rops/Cab 11.0gpm/41.6L,min
Control system   Position, Draft Mixed control
Lift capacity at link end 1500 kg
No. of remote valves 1(2nd,3rd & flow control valve optional)
Front          9.5-24mm
Rear  16.9-30mm
Wheelbase 2110mm
Weight 2725kg
Overall length     3675mm
Overall height     2580mm
Overall width 1855mm
Tread Width                                                
Front 1450-1540mm
Rear                                                             1415-1735mm

Kubota M6060 Tractor Front Loader Specification

Model   LA1154
Tractor Applications M6060
Boom Cylinder Fulcrum Power position
Maximum Lift Height (Pivot Pin) 3370mm
Clearance w/Attachment Dump 2577mm
Reach @ Maximum Height 498mm
Maximum Dump Angle 43degrees
Reach w/Attachment on Ground 1947mm
Maximum Rollback Angle 43degrees
Digging Depth (When Bucket is Level) 134mm
Overall Height in Carry Position 1573mm
Material Bucket Width / Capacity (Heaped) 72/0.55,84/0.79 in./m3        
Lift Capacity (Pivot Pin) 1120kg
Raising Time to Full Height w/out Load *1) 4.7second
Lowering time w/out Load (Powerdown) *1) 3.6second
Attachment Rollback Time 2.8second
Attachment Dumping Time 3.0second

Final Conclusion

I think it should be enough information for you to buy this tractor because above all kinds of information are perfect and reliable, but if you have any questions regarding this article, then please comment below in the comment box. We solve your problem solution as soon as. Thanks for visiting our site, my friends.

Kubota M6060 FAQS

Kubota M6060 FAQS

(I) How much horsepower is a Kubota M6060?

Ans:- Kubota M6060 has 63.5 Horsepower.

(II) How Many Cylinders have Kubota M6060?

Ans:- Kubota M6060 has 4 Cylijnders.

(III) Where is Kubota made?

Ans:- Kubota M6060 Made in Georgia.

(IV) What is Kubota M6060 Price?

Ans:- Kubota M6060 Price is $ 45,450 .

(V) How Much does Kubota M6060 Weight?

Ans:- Kubota M6060 has a 5,005 lbs. (2,270 kg) weight.

(VI) How long will a Kubota gas engine last?

Ans:- A well-maintained Kubota tractor should last between 4500-5500 gauged hours. As many tractor owners report using their tractor for only 100-200 hours a year, this can translate into years of use. If you have the time and skill to optimally tend to and care for a Kubota tractor, you have a chance to exceed 10,000 hours.

(VII) How much can a Kubota M6060 lift?

Ans:- Kubota M6060 has a 3,307 lbs. (1,500 kg) Lift Capacity.

(VIII) Who makes the engines for Kubota?

Ans:- Kubota’s tractor engines are made at Kubota Engine America, headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL. The United States Engine Division was established in 1982 in Elk Grove Village, Illinois. By 1998 Kubota had made its 100,000th engine in the United States.

(XI) What is M Series Kubota?

Ans:- The Kubota M Series is a high-performance and affordable blend of tractors bringing you a range that can tackle just about anything you throw at it.

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