Kubota B2401 Price, Specs, Review & Features 2021

Kubota B2401 Mini Tractor Price in India 2021, Specifications, Review, Overview

The Kubota B2401 Compact Tractor powered with a 24HP E-TVCS engine and a narrow width, the B2401 provides the maneuverability and power needed for orchard and vineyard work. 

Kubota B2420 Mini Tractor Overview

It’s 4 large farm tires grip on the surface and gives you the best traction ability. The B2401 easy-to-use H-pattern shifter provides economical and highly reliable gear shifting. For full details please read this entire post.

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Kubota B2401 Compact Tractor Price in India 2021

Kubota B2420 Compact Tractor Price

Price: Rs. 5,18,400.

Kubota B2401 Compact Tractor Key Features

Kubota B2420 Compact Tractor Key Features


The B2401 tractor fitted with 24HP, liquid-cooled diesel engine with E-TVCS (three-vortex combustion system) provides superior power, cleaner emissions, low noise, high torque and low vibration.


The Kubota B2401 mini tractor easy-to-use H-pattern gear shifter offers economical and highly reliable gear shifting.

Backlight Dash Panel:

The Kubota B2401 mini tractor designed with the Backlight Dash panel features a large panel and white background, so you can clearly keep track of functions like engine temperatures, Fuel level, Engine speed and more. 

Fuel tank capacity:

The Kubota B2401 Tractor fuel tank capacity is 26 Liters, so no need to refuel during the farming operations.

Quarter Inching Valve:

A Quarter Inching Valve allows you to manage the control the valve with ease in increments of approximately 1/4 inch at the lower link end.

Full Range of Speeds:

The B2401 mini tractor enable you to perfectly match your speed to your farming job’s particular requirements. With a maximum speed of 18.8 km/h, as well as 9 forward speeds and 3 reverse speeds.

Kubota B2420 Compact Tractor Specifications

Kubota B2401 Compact Tractor Specifications

TypeKubota D1105-E2-D22I E-TVCS, liquid cooled, 3-cylinder diesel
No. of cylinders3
Total displacement ( cc )1,123
Engine gross power ( HP )[email protected] rpm
Engine net power ( HP )[email protected] rpm
Engine net power ( HP )[email protected] rpm
Fuel tank capacity ( ℓ )26
Overall length (without 3P) ( mm{inch} )2,410{94.88inch}
Overall width ( mm{inch} )1,015{39.96inch}
Overall height (Top of steering wheel) ( mm{inch} )1,280{50.39nch}
Wheelbase ( mm{inch} )1,563{61.54inch}
Min. ground clearance ( mm{inch} )325{12.80inch}
Tread Front ( mm{inch} )815{32.09inch}
Tread Rear ( mm{inch} )810{31.89inch}, 900{35.43inch}
Weight ( kg )595
SteeringIntegral type power steering
TransmissionGear shift, 9 forward and 3 reverse
BrakeWet disk type
Min. turning radius (with brake) ( m )2.1
Traveling speed ( km/h )Max. 18.8
ClutchDry type Single stage
Front7 – 12
Rear8.3 – 20
Hydraulic control systemQuarter inching valve
Pump capacity ( ℓ/min )26.4 (16.6+9.8)
Three point hitchCategory I
Max. lift force At lift points ( kg )615
Max. lift force 24 in. behind ( kg )480
PTO (Engine speed) ( rpm )540 (2,600), 960 (2,552)

Kubota B2401 Compact Tractor Attachments

FL1021C/FL1271C Rotary Tillers

FL1021C FL1271C Rotary Tillers

  • FL rotary efficiently utilizes the high PTO power output (19-HP) of B2401.
  • FL rotary finely pulverizes soil and makes the soil like a sponge, making soil efficient in absorbing water & nutrients quickly.
  • Provides better aeration to the soil, so he atmospheric oxygen easily passes through the soil and to the roots of the plants.
  • FL rotary cuts soil with consistent width and depth as per choice.
  • FL rotary has two line up width 1.0m & 1.2m.
  • FL rotary with B2401 tractor will improve inter tillage in weed control for vine yards, Banana plantations, cotton fields & orchards.

Front Loader LA304

Kubota B2420 Compact Tractor Attachments

Kubota Loader Specifications

Loader ModelLA304
Tractor ModelB2401
Wheelbase mm1563
Front tyre180/85D12
Rear Tyre8.3-20
Control ValveOne detent Float position, two stage bucket dump, power beyond circuit
Rated Flow (L/min)16.6
Maximum Pressure Mpa (Kg/cm2)13.8(141)
Net Weight (approximate) Kg200

Bucket Specifications

ModelSquare 48”
Width mm1219
CapacityStruck m30.148
Heaped m30.175
Weight kg55

Dimensional Specifications

ALift Capacity (Bucket Pivot Pin ) mm1880
BMax.lift height under level bucket mm1737
CClearance with bucket dumped mm1428
DReach at max.lift height (dumping each) mm598
EMax. dump angle deg45
FReach with bucket on ground mm1308
GBucket roll-back angle deg25
HDigging depth mm100

Operational Dimensions

ULift Capacity (bucket pivot pin, max.height) kg350
VLift Capacity (500mm, forward, max.height) kg247
WLift Capacity (bucket pivot pin, 1500 mm height) kg410
XLift capacity(500 mm forward, 1500mm height) kg302
YBreakout Force (backet pivot pin) N7330
ZBreakout Force (500mm forward) N5212
VVBucket roll-back force at max. height N5831
XXBucket roll-back force at 1500 mm height N6641
ZZBucket roll-back force at ground level N5434
 Raising time sec.2.8
 Lowering time sec.2
 Bucket dumping time sec.1.5
 Bucket roll-back time sec.1.9

Kubota Backhoe BH65

  • Compact body: Provides optional size and quality for agricultural applications.
  • Quick-turn seat: Permits quick changes in the operating position between front and rear operations.
  • Mechanical thumb: simply and efficiently grasps roots or stones.
ATransport height mm1850
BStabilizer Spread-transport mm1280
CGround clearance mm294
EOverall Width mm1260
FMax. digging depth mm2034
GDigging depth, 2ft flat bottom mm2001
HDigging deptch, 8 ft flat bottom mm1432
JOperating height, fully raised mm2677
KLoading height (at 60 deg) mm1637
LLoading reach mm1009
MReach from swing pivot mm2767
NSwing pivot to rear axle Center line mm797
PBucket rotation deg171
RStabilizer Spread-operating mm1854
A3Angle of departure Per SAE J1234 deg19
 Swing arc deg150

Kubota Backhoe BH65 Specifications

Didding force with bucket cylinder N11500
Didding force with dipperstick cylinder N7500
Cycle Time:Boom Cylinder extend sec4.5
Boom cylinder retract sec3
Swing Cylinder from 70degree to center sec1.3
Dipperstick cylinder, extend sec4.7
Dipperstick cylinder, retract sec3.5
Bucket cylinder, extend sec2.9
Bucket cylinder, retract sec2.0
Bucket Alternatives (trenching 16”)Width cm.40.6
SAE Struck capacity m30.031
SAE heaped capacity m30.039
Number of teeth4
Weight kg38

The Kubota B2401 Mini Tractor perfect for the various farming work, I hope that all kinds of information useful to you my friends, but if you have any question regarding this post, then please comment for us, we will try to solve your problem as soon as possible, Thanks for visiting our site.

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