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If you are questioning how to download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app? If yes, here is the complete step-by-step guide for you. 

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If you use two-factor verification, then the Microsoft Authenticator app helps you log in to your accounts.

Two-factor verification benefits you use your accounts more securely because passwords can be stolen, forgotten, or compromised.

Two-factor verification works as a second factor like your phone to make it more difficult for other people to break into your account.

You can use the Microsoft Authenticator app in different ways, including:

  • Two-factor verification. The standard verification process, where one of the factors is your password. After you log in using your username and password, you can either accept a notification or enter a given verification code.
  • Phone sign-in. A version of two-factor verification allows you to log in without asking a password, using your username and your mobile device with your face, fingerprint, or PIN.
  • Code generation. As a code generator for any additional accounts that support Microsoft authenticator apps.

Microsoft authenticator works with any account that uses two-factor verification and helps the TOTP (time-based one-time password) standards.

Your organization might need you to use the Microsoft Authenticator app to log in and access your organization’s information and documents. 

Even if your username appears in the Microsoft Authenticator app, the account isn’t set up as a verification process until you finish the registration.


How to Download Aka Ms Authapp via a Link on

There are two ways to download the Microsoft authenticator app. First, You can download the app directly from your phone app store. and you can request the download link via your phone number. Here in this guide, I will walk you through both.

How to Download Authenticator App at


How to Download Authenticator App

  • Now, please click on the GET THE APP button as shown on the above screenshot.

How to Download Authenticator App 1

  • Now, please select your country from the dropdown menu, and enter your phone number and click on the “Send Link” button.
  • Microsoft will send a link, including the download source, to your phone to download and install the authenticator app.

Once you have installed the MS authenticator app, you will randomly generate the authentication code whenever the necessity arises.

How to Download Microsoft Authenticator App from your Phone App Store?

  • Go to your app store [Android user visit “Google Play store” and iPhone/iPad users visit Apple Store].
  • Now, please search and download the “AKA MS Authenticator app” and click “Install” on Android, while iOS users should click on the “Get” button.
  • Wait for the MS Authenticator app to download and install on your Smartphone.

Once the AKA MS Authenticator app is installed on your phone, you can then set up the authentication.

Download and install the Microsoft Authenticator app

When you use Microsoft Authenticator, two-factor authentication (TFA or 2FA) is simple, comfortable, and safe. 

Use your phone, not your password, to sign in to your Microsoft account. Enter your username, then approve the notification sent to your phone. 

Your face ID, fingerprint, or PIN will give a second security layer in this two-step verification process.

After you’ve logged in with two-factor authentication (2FA or TFA), you will have access to all your Microsoft products and services, such as OneDrive, Office, Outlook, and more.

Microsoft Authenticator also supports multi-factor authentication even if you still use a password by giving a second security layer after you type your password. 

When logging in with two-factor authentication (TFA or 2FA), you will please enter your password, and then you will be asked for an additional way to prove it’s you. 

Either approve the notification sent to the Microsoft Authenticator or enter the OTP (one-time-password) created by the app. 

The OTP has a 30-second timer counting down. This timer is, so you never have to use the same time-based one-time password twice, and you don’t have to remember the number.

The OTP doesn’t require you to be connected to a network, and it won’t waste your battery.

Install the latest version of the Microsoft Authenticator app, based on your OS:

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