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BitLocker Recovery keyMicrosoft recovery key – Guys!! Do you know how to Find your BitLocker recovery key in Windows 10/8/7? If yes, then this is the article for you.

The following information may help you find your BitLocker recovery key and understand why you may be asked to give it.

So, please go through this article and get all the details you need to know about the BitLocker Recovery key, Aka.ms/myrecoverykey (Microsoft recovery key).

BitLocker recovery key

What is aka MS Myrecoverykey? – My BitLocker recovery key

My BitLocker recovery key is a unique 48-digit numerical password. It can unlock your system if BitLocker is otherwise inadequate to confirm that the system drive’s attempt is authorized. 

This BitLocker recovery may be stored in your Microsoft account, saved or printed as a file, or with an organization managing it.

The requirement for a recovery key in these cases is a significant part of the protection that BitLocker gives your data.

Why is Windows asking for my BitLocker recovery key?

BitLocker is the Windows encryption technology that shields your data from illegal access by encrypting your drive and asking one or more authentication factors before unlocking it, whether for regular Windows or illegal access trials.

Windows will need a BitLocker recovery key when it discovers an unsafe condition that may be illegal to access the data.

This extra step is safety regard designed to keep your data safe and secure. Some firmware, hardware, or software changes can offer conditions in which BitLocker can’t detect a possible attack.

In these cases, BitLocker may need the recovery key’s extra protection, even if the user is an allowed owner of the device. This is to be sure that it is an authorized user of the device trying to open it.

Where can I find My BitLocker recovery key?

BitLocker assured that a recovery key was securely backed up before activating security. There are various places where your recovery key may be, based on the selection that was made when activating BitLocker.


In your Microsoft account:

Where can I find My BitLocker recovery key

  • First of all, Log in to your Microsoft account on another device to get your BitLocker recovery key.
  • If you have a new device that helps with automatic device encryption, the recovery key will most likely be your Microsoft account. 
  • If the device was set up or another user-activated BitLocker protection, the recovery key may be in its Microsoft account.

On a USB flash drive:

  • Plug the USB flash drive into your locked computer and follow the guidance. If you saved the key as a text file on the flash drive, use another computer to read the text file.

On a printout you saved:

  • Your BitLocker recovery key may be on a printout that was saved when BitLocker was initiated. Look where you keep valuable papers linked to your computer.

Held by your system administrator:

  • You can ask a system administrator for your recovery key If your device is connected to a domain (usually a school or work device).

In an Azure Active Directory account:

  • Suppose your device was ever logged in to an organization using a school or work email account. 
  • In that case, your recovery key might be saved in that organization’s Azure AD account connected to your device. 
  • You may be ready to access it directly or need to contact a system administrator to access your recovery key.


How To Find BitLocker recovery key – Windows 10 Recovery Key? Video Tutorial

If you are helpless to find a required BitLocker recovery key and cannot return and configuration change that might have caused it to be asked, you’ll require to reset your device using one of the Windows 10 recovery options.

Final words

That was all about the How to Find your My BitLocker Recovery key in Windows 10. I hope you like this article, and that it’s helped you a lot, but if you are facing any issue related to this BitLocker Recovery key, or Microsoft recovery key then feel free to leave a comment I like helping everyone. Thanks!

FAQs – aka.ms / myrecoverykey

What is BitLocker recovery key ID?

It is the BitLocker recovery key identifier. If the recovery key ID matches the one presented on your drive, you can unlock that drive. If the recovery key ID doesn’t match the one presented on your drive, you must find the correct recovery key. Otherwise, you can’t unlock that drive.

How to verify if the BitLocker recovery key is correct?

To verify if the Microsoft BitLocker recovery key is correct, compare the start of the full Microsoft BitLocker recovery key identifier with the recovery key ID value.

Is there a BitLocker recovery key generator?

No, every BitLocker drive has its personal unique BitLocker recovery key.

How to get the BitLocker recovery key with the recovery key ID?

Please contact your administrator to get the BitLocker recovery key according to the recovery key ID if you are a domain user.

How to find BitLocker recovery key ID value?

The BitLocker recovery key ID is displayed on the BitLocker recovery screen for the BitLocker encrypted OS volume.

Why does BitLocker recovery screen prompt for a recovery key every boot of Windows 7/8/10?

You may find a problem that BitLocker asks for a recovery key every boot. For example, BitLocker detects a new device in the boot list or an attached external storage device. It will help the recovery key for security purposes.

How can I find my BitLocker recovery key in Windows?

You can find your BitLocker recovery key in Windows by visiting the BitLocker Recovery Key page in your Microsoft account, checking for a saved copy of the key on your device, or checking for a printout of the key.

What should I do if I lost my BitLocker recovery key?

If you lost your BitLocker recovery key, you can find it by checking for a saved copy of the key on your device or in your Microsoft account. If you cannot locate the key, you may need to contact Microsoft support for help.

Can I use my BitLocker recovery key on another device?

No, you cannot use your BitLocker recovery key on another device.


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