Does Target Take Passport Photos? [Cost, Wait Time + More] [2024]


Does Target Take Passport Photos? – Target offers a passport photo service in-store for $9.99, with no appointment required as of 2024. After the passport photo is taken, two 2X2 images will be sent to you.

This takes about 5 minutes. Target also offers an online passport-taking service that costs $12.99 and takes between 1-3 days to deliver.


Continue reading to learn more about how Target passport photos are taken, whether or not you need an appointment, and what you will need.

Does Target Take Passport Photos

Target Passport photo Price

Target is a great place to get your passport photos taken for only $9.99 You can save even more by purchasing a passport template that you can use at home and then printing the photo at Target for $1. 

If you decide to go the cheaper route, ensure your passport photo meets the requirements. Otherwise, the passport application may be denied.


You can also upload your passport photo to for $12.99. Two identical 2X2 inch photos will be printed on a 5X7 inch sheet.

Target passport photos – requirements 

All official U.S. passport requirements must be met when you take your passport photo. Our passport photo generator will automatically generate a template that you can use to help you choose the right background color and dimensions. These are the rules to follow before you take your passport photo.

  • Your hair and jewelry should not cover your facial features or create shadows.
  • When taking your passport photo, take off your glasses and headphones.
  • Focus on the lens directly.
  • Your passport photo must be current. It cannot be older than six months.
  • It would help if you kept your facial expressions neutral and natural. Don’t smile at the camera.
  • The background of your passport photo must be either plain or off-white without any shadows or patterns.
  • The passport photo must show your entire face.
  • While taking photos, wear casual clothes. Expensive or uniform clothes are not permitted. Only religious clothes are permitted.

Target Passport photo cost

Target opening hours

Target stores are open from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm. If you’re looking for passport photos, check the opening hours of Target stores near you.

You can also use the Passport Photo Online editor to create a high-quality template that includes 2 U.S. passport photographs. Then, order the printed U.S. photos delivered to your home.

Infant and baby passport photo at Target

Did you know that infants and minors must also have a passport to travel abroad? A passport photo for an infant is not as strict as one for an adult.

For example, a baby’s face can be kept neutral. It is still challenging to get a baby’s passport picture.

An infant can find it stressful to go to Target or a studio. Why go to a photo studio to take your infant passport picture when you can do it right at home?

You have more resources and time to take the perfect baby passport picture home. Passport Photo Online can remove or replace the background to ensure that the picture meets all official requirements.

You can print your baby’s passport photo once you have it ready. This is only 39 cents from the nearest Target. Print the template for your baby’s passport and bring it with you.

You will find 2 (two!) photos in the infant passport size, ready for use in your child’s passport application.

2×2 U.S. visa and Green card photos at Target 

U.S. passport photos should be 2″ x2″ inches square (51mm x 51mm). This size is also required for biometric photos used in official U.S. documents such as visas and Green cards.

These photos can be easily printed at Target. Our printable template is the best and cheapest way to do it.

The template is printed in postcard size at 4 “x6”. It includes two 2 “x2” photos that can be cut.


How to print a passport photo at Target

Visa photos at Target 

You can also obtain photos for visas and other documents at Target. You will need to take a photo of your biometric information.

They are issued by the country where you are travelling. A visa to China will require a photo measuring 33 x 48 mm, while Schengen visa applications require a photo measuring 35 x 45 mm. First, you must verify the visa photo specifications you are applying for.

Passport Photo Online is a great way to verify your visa photos’ dimensions and other requirements. You can create a ready-to-print template for your visa photo.

It will include 2 (two) identical colour photos that are perfectly sized to fit the visa. Print the template at your nearest Target photo printing station. For $0.39, you can print both visa photos on one 4″x6″ card.

How to print a passport photo at Target

Two (two) passport photos must be included in your U.S. passport application. They should measure exactly 2″x2″.

Passport Photo Online’s cropping tool allows you to create a template measuring 4″x6″ with two identical U.S. passport photographs.

You can save the template to your phone or a USB stick. To find the nearest Target photo service, search online for “Target near you”.

You can get Target 4×6 prints at your nearest Target store. Once you have your U.S. passport photos printed, cut them out and attach them to the application. Print a standard 4×6 inch photo, and you will be charged 39C for a postcard.

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How Long Does It Take To Receive Passport Photos From Target?

Target stores will process passport photos on-the-spot, so customers shouldn’t have to wait longer than five minutes for their photos! You may have to wait up to 2 days for delivery if you use Target’s online photo-taking service.

What Do You Need When Having A Passport Photo Taken At Target?

Customers must bring a passport photo of themselves. To take your passport photo, you will need to remove all of your glasses and headphones. It would help to show your entire face while keeping a neutral expression. Unfortunately, smiling is not allowed, and you will be asked to look straight into the camera.

Do You Need An Appointment To Get Your Passport Photo Taken At Target?

You don’t need to make an appointment to get your passport photo in Target stores. To ensure that your needs are met, we recommend calling your Target store before you arrive.

Can You Order Passport Photos Online At Target?

Yes, Target can take and process passport pictures online for $12.99. After landing on the page, click “get started” to access an online photo-taking application that will help you determine the distance and framing of your photos. The address you provide will be used to ship your photos.

Can you take 2×2 passport photos at Target?

Yes, some Target locations have Photo Centers allowing you to take 2×2 inch passport-worthy photos that are suitable for US passport applications. You can snap your photo with our specialized Target passport software and print it in the Target Photo Center.

Does Target take UK passport photos?

Target specializes only in US passport photos, but some locations also can take UK-sized passport photos. To make sure, it is best to contact their customer service or ask at the location.

Does Target have glossy paper prints for printing passport photos?

Yes, the photographs at Target can be printed on glossy paper, suitable for passport admission.

How to get a passport photo at Target?

The easiest way to get a passport photo at Target is to go to their Photo Center and have a passport photograph taken at-the-spot and then printed on a regular passport photo template. You can also take the passport photo with your smartphone using the PhotoAiD passport photo tool and then have it printed at Target for just $0.39.

Can I print passport photos at Target?

Yes, you can print your photographs at Target. Their Photo Center offers to take and print photos in various formats such as: 2 x 2 inches passport photos, 4 x 6 inches postcards and even large posters.

How much is a 2×2 photo at Target?

A 2 x 2 inches photo at Target costs $9.99, as it is a dedicated passport photo service. However, you can print your passport photos at Target for just $0.39 using PhotoAiD. Our tool will deliver Target printing templates with your passport photos in 4 x 6 inches format.

How much are 4×6 prints at Target?

The standard 4 x 6 inches printing format at Target costs $0.39.

Can I take a passport photo at Target?

Yes, all Target locations have a designated Photo Center where customers can take passport photos for $9.99. You can also take passport photos online using our exclusive Target tools for passport photos on PhotoAiD.

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