Does UPS Take Passport Photos? All You Need to Know [2024]


Does UPS Take Passport Photos? – UPS will take passport photos via the UPS Store in 2024.

Some locations do not provide these services; therefore, make sure to call ahead to confirm that it’s an approved store. UPS Passport photographs cost $12 per a couple of photos.


They don’t require other documents unless you’re applying via UPS. Photos are taken at an appointment, so there are no delays.

If you’re considering going to your nearest UPS Store location to get an updated passport photo, check out the rest of this article for plenty of helpful tips and tricks!

Does UPS Take Passport Photos

UPS Passport Photo Cost

It’s important to remember that most brick-and-mortar stores described as UPS locations belong to those of the UPS Store.


The primary distinction the two companies have in common, UPS and The UPS Store, can be seen in the fact that although they’re associated with each other, they are not affiliated. UPS Store is an independent franchise company that works together with UPS.

This means that every UPS Store location is individually operated and owned by the individual. There is no consistency in terms of the services offered or the cost.

Similar is the case for passport photo services. Although certain UPS Store locations offer these services, not all offer them, and the price will vary from location to location.

However, most UPS Stores charge around $12 for a set of passport photos that need to be taken.

The first step in having your passport photo taken at a UPS Store is to find out which locations offer this service close to you.

It is possible to get there by visiting the page on the UPS Store website and entering your address or zip code to locate the closest store to you.

After you’ve found the location you’re willing to travel to, you’ll need to go to the store’s website to contact them, call or send an email in advance to inquire if they provide passport photo services.

Once you have found a place offering passport photo services in your region, all you have to do is schedule an appointment to take your picture!

For more information on what UPS Store says about Passport photo service, visit this section on the company’s website.

UPS passport photo – Main requirements

  • Your facial expression must be natural. Don’t smile when you take a photo.
  • The background of the passport photo should be off-white or white.
  • Take normal clothing when taking photos. Extravagant costumes and uniforms are prohibited. The wearing of religious dress is permitted.
  • Wear your glasses and headphones off while taking your passport photo
  • The passport photo must not be more than 6 months old.
  • Focus your eyes directly on the camera.
  • Your face must be evident on the passport photograph.
  • Be sure that your jewelry or hairstyles do not block your face.

UPS Passport Photo Cost

UPS Passport Photo Print Size

As you’ve probably guessed, you don’t have $11.99 for a two-by-2 U.S. passport photo at a UPS photo center.

Prepare and print a standard size 4×6 inch template for your photo and pay for the cost of a postcard, which typically ranges from 20 to 35 cents! Use the camera cropper for passports to create a 4×6 inch photo template using two U.S. passport photographs.

After that, search for a spot to print the photo and have it delivered quickly (you could also print it at a UPS shop)! After you’ve got the U.S. passport photo printed and ready to go, cut the passport photos and add the photos to your application.

Be aware you must ensure that the U.S. passport photo application should include an exact passport photo size of 2×2 inches. You could not use other photos in applications that require an image of a different size.

UPS Passport Photo hours

Please use our tool for cropping passport photos to create a high-quality print template that includes 2 U.S. passport photos. Ensure you check the UPS hours of operation before visiting the nearest store. 

The majority of UPS stores are open 9-19. If there’s no UPS store near you or your schedule does not permit you to stop by, You can purchase an image of your U.S. passport photo to be delivered directly to your home with the Premium Mail Service. Please continue reading to learn what we can offer you with our Premium Services!

 How to take a UPS passport photo

 How to take a UPS passport photo

The UPS passport photo must be passport-style and comply with all required U.S. passport photo requirements. 


Utilize our passport photo template; you don’t need to worry about the incorrect background or the wrong size. But, there are a few guidelines you must be aware of before taking your UPS picture of the passport.

They usually refer to an incorrect posture, not smiling in a photograph, or taking photos where you’re prohibited from taking items.

Any of these could cause your photograph to be disqualified. This is why it is crucial to know the basic specifications identical to any passport photo.

Read on and get familiar with the most important U.S. photograph requirements for your passport that you need to be aware of.

What Is the Wait Time to Get a Passport Photo From UPS

What Is the Wait Time to Get a Passport Photo From UPS?

If you’re interested in the waiting times before your photo is taken in the UPS Store, there’s nothing to fret about! A majority, if certainly not all, passport photographs are taken on appointment.

That means that once you contact your local store and make your appointment with them, the only thing you need be required to do is arrive punctually to be there on time, and someone will be there to help you.

The majority of UPS Stores generally aren’t very busy, and even if you opt not to set up an appointment and instead want to visit the store and walk in, you shouldn’t be waiting longer than five minutes until someone is ready to help you.

Another way that this question can be read is: how long will it take for you to receive the passport pictures returned from UPS?

In this situation, you will need to wait more than five minutes. If you go to the UPS Store to take your passport photo, you will have two choices:

You can choose to receive the image electronically so that you can complete the passport form on your own or complete your application using UPS after the photo is taken.

If you opt to receive your photograph electronically, you’ll usually receive your photo within 24 hours.

If you submit the picture in conjunction with your application by shopping at a UPS Store, it could take up to six weeks to receive the photographs back with your brand-new passport.

UPS Store began offering these services in 2016. UPS Store started to provide these services in 2016 in response to reports that more than 49 million U.S. passports were expiring between 2016-2020.

What if there’s no UPS store near me?

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered! If UPS isn’t near your home or you cannot make it to one due to a busy schedule, You can quickly order a 4×6 passport photo printout that will arrive at your address by our Premium Passport Photo Mail Service. It is possible to get several passport photos in two steps! Check out our offer below to cut costs and save time.

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UPS provides passport photo services in some locations. UPS Store locations. You’ll need to contact or email before the time to confirm that the store you are visiting offers these services.

Most UPS stores offering passport photo services will charge you $12 for two pictures. Because photographs of passports are made via appointment, you don’t have to be concerned about waiting at the counter for too long.

It is possible to have your passport photo delivered electronically if you’d like to fill out your passport application.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need a passport?

Any travel outside the United States needs you to have an active passport.

What should I bring with me?

An up-to-date I.D. and birth certificate are typically required when applying for a passport.

What should I wear for my passport photo?

A solid-colour top is suggested for passport photos. Avoid patterns, hats (excluding religious headwear), distracting prints, and sunglasses.

How recent should my photo be?

Any photo of a newly created passport should be taken within the last 6 months.

When should I renew my passport?

Nine months before expiration is the ideal moment to get your passport renewed. Many countries require passports to be valid for at minimum 6 months after the date of your trip. Some airlines won’t let you board if this condition is not fulfilled.

How late can I take a passport photo at UPS?

It may depend on the UPS store opening hours, but most UPS stores in the USA close at 7 pm.

How early can I get a passport photo at UPS?

It may depend on the UPS store opening hours, but most UPS stores in the USA open at 9 am.

How much does a passport photo cost at UPS?

Here you will learn more about UPS passport photo price. Read further to find more information about their passport photo-taking offer; also, discover a much more affordable and more comfortable solution you can try to get your UPS photo passport pictures!

How many US passport photos can a 4×6 template fit?

The template is sized to fit two (two) two-inch US passport photos. It can accommodate more photographs if they have different dimensions and you are using them for a different kind of document. By using a 4-by-6-inch template, you can receive more passport photos for the cost of a postcard print! The passport photo template of 4×6 inches designed with Passport Photo Online is completely free! Printing it at your local Walmart, Walgreens, or Rite Aid won’t cost you more than $0.35; printing the regular UPS passport photo is $11.99!


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