Does Walmart Take Passport Photos? ❤️️ [Price, Locations + More!] 2024

Does Walmart Take Passport Photos?

Walmart accepts passport photos starting in 2024 in locations with a Photo Center.

Walmart costs $7.44 for two 2X2 passport photographs that require about 5-10 minutes to complete.

Customers can pick up passport pictures at Walmart during normal business hours, Monday to Sunday.

To find out more about where you can go that you can visit, the things you should bring along, and the best way to make your passport photos more affordable, read on!

Walmart passport photos cost

Walmart passport photos Cost

As we’ve just described, you don’t have to spend $7.44 for a 2x 2-inch U.S. passport photo at Walmart. Instead, prepare and print the standard 4×6 inch photo template and pay for postcards – 9Cor! Use the Passport Photo Online application to create a four 6-inch template that includes two (two) U.S. passport photographs.

Once you have that done, all you have you accomplish is Google “Walmart near me” to find the closest Walmart store. It is also possible to find your closest store offering service for passport photographs.

Then, go to any nearest Walmart to print out your 4×6 template to make a postcard print. Once you’ve got a U.S. passport photo printed and ready to go, cut the passport pictures and then attach them to the passport application.

Be aware that your U.S. passport application should be accompanied by a passport image that is exactly 2 x 2 inches. You may not be able to use additional photos for subsequent applications if the documents you seek require a different size photo.

Requirements For Walmart Passport Photos

This is because the Walmart passport photos must meet all official requirements for passport photos in the United States.

Therefore, using the specific template for your photo is possible, and not be concerned about the incorrect size or background.

You should be aware of a few rules before having your passport pictures made at Walmart. These include smiling for a photo in the wrong way, posing the wrong way, or wearing certain prohibited objects.

All of this could cause your photograph to be disqualified. Therefore, it is crucial to know the requirements general to your area and the recommendations.

Walmart passport photos

Here’s a list of the following:

  • It would help if you focused your eyes directly on a camera.
  • Your passport picture should be up to date, not more than six months.
  • While taking your passport photo, take your glasses and headphones off.
  • Your hairstyle and jewelry shouldn’t cover up any of your faces.
  • Your face is completely exposed and visible in the image.
  • Face expressions must be neutral. It is not permitted to smile during the photograph.
  • The background for the photo must be either off-white or white.
  • You must wear normal, neutral clothing when taking the picture. It is permissible to dress in religious clothes. However, extravagant clothing and uniforms are not permitted.

How to Print your Passport Photo at Walmart?

The real question is, why would you pay 7.44$ for a two-by-2 US Passport Photo in the Walmart photo center when you could print your image for less than the price of a Lollipops at the Walmart store?

Our website can create a template automatically that can fit two 2×2 inch images, like US Passport Photos, which you can use in the passport application.

Is the template we provide free? Not only are you printing the templates at (only) 25 cents each on identical paper, but you’ll be able to utilize the second image in conjunction with another document. Of course, you can choose a larger template if you require more space. It’s your choice.

Print a U.S. passport photo at Walmart for $0.09

Are you interested in knowing what to do? You can create your U.S. passport photo on the template of 4×6. This is a cheaper alternative that allows the printing of more passport pictures at the same cost.

It is worth noting that the Walmart photo department costs $7.44 for printing the U.S. passport photo; however, you can print multiple passport photos for just 9C per print in the same location!

Utilize our life hacks to save money on photos from documents! The trick is simple: create a 4 x 6-inch printout, including more U.S. passport photos, and request it get printed in the traditional photograph.

The 4 x 6 inches template includes 2 passport images of 2×2 inches each! This will not just save you time, money, or stress. But you also have different images for other applications to document documents.

Walmart opening hours

Utilize the Passport Photo Online tool to quickly design a professionally printed, ready-to-print design with two U.S. passport pictures. Be sure to verify Walmart opening hours before visiting the nearest store.

Most Walmart stores’ hours of operation are between 9 AM and 9 PM. If there’s no Walmart store near you, or your schedule doesn’t permit you to go to the one you prefer, request prints of U.S. passport pictures to be delivered to your doorstep using the Premium Mail Service.

Print a U.S. passport photo at Walmart for $0.09

How Much Does It Cost to Take Passport Photos in Walmart?

The cost is very affordable. It’s a steal – Walmart is only $7.44 per passport photograph (much less than the USPS, which charges $15! ).

Furthermore, Walmart customers can select the cheaper alternative by taking the photo from their printer and having it printed at the store for just $0.25 or using any of the templates.

How Early Can I Get a Passport Photo at Walmart?

It all depends on the Walmart closing times for stores. Before the outbreak, most all Walmart store locations operated between Monday and Friday. But, most stores are open from 7 am until 11 pm until the next time.

An online passport photo system can be used as a simple and quick method to purchase your passport photographs. Then, all you have to do is upload your passport photo and make any changes and edits.

You can collect your passport pictures at your local Walmart or request delivery at home. Most likely, your passport photos will be available within one hour.

Are Walmart Passport Photos Good?

According to Walmart, photographs of passports they take at their photo labs satisfy all the requirements for the biometric photograph that is valid in the United States.

You could always take an image of your passport yourself and then use Walmart’s cropping tools to convert a selfie into an official passport photo per the government’s requirements.

Once the photo has been transformed and printed, you can print the image at the cost of 19 cents.

You can utilize any device that can capture images to take a passport picture, regardless of whether you have a smartphone, digital camera, or tablet.

How To Look Good For Your Passport Photo?

Do you want to look stylish in your passport picture? Here are some suggestions to keep in mind:

  • Be sure you’re properly groomed and well-groomed.
  • Pick a dress that isn’t too heavy. Since the background can be black or white, it’s best to dress in something which will provide some color – such as blue or green. This will allow you not to appear drab.
  • Cut off your facial hair, then remove the stubble.
  • Apply powder to cover up shiny areas of your face, focusing around and on the forehead. The nostrils (it is suitable for both genders)
  • If you’re wearing makeup, you can add color to your lips to let them shine in the photos.
  • Be sure to clean your hair, brush it and style it correctly.
  • Be calm, and don’t stress yourself out. Remember that it’s just the passport photo and doesn’t need to be perfect.
  • Since a large smile isn’t permitted, Try smiling just a bit while keeping your mouth shut.
  • Make sure you keep your head high and your shoulders relaxed.
  • Make use of concealer to cover tough spots and marks on your face.

What if there’s no Walmart near me?

If there’s no Walmart near you, or you’re unable to go to any due to your hectic schedule, you can purchase a 4-x-6 passport photo template to arrive at your residence with our Premium Passport Photo Mail Service. You don’t have to leave your home to complete the process! You can obtain various passport pictures in only a couple of clicks!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I take a passport photo at Walmart?

Two United States passport photos at Walmart cost $7.99, but you can get them for $0.09 if you print them out as a photo template – see how easy it is!

How long does it take to get a passport photo at Walmart?

You can pick up the passport photo you sent to Walmart within one hour.

How much is a passport photo at Walmart?

You can get a passport picture at any Walmart location. However, ordering the passport photo online may be cheaper, quicker, and easier than printing it at Walmart. Make sure you check if your nearest Walmart has a photo center.

What photo sizes can Walmart print?

Walmart photo print sizes: 2”x3”, 4”x4”, 4”x6”, 4”x5.3”, 5”x5”, 5”x7”, 8”x8”, 8”x10”, 11”x14”, 12”x12”,12”x18”, 8”x20”, 16”x20” and 20”x30”.

How do you print photos off your phone at Walmart?

Using the Walmart app, you can effortlessly print photos from your phone at Walmart.

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