Does FedEx Take Passport Photos? (All You Need To Know) [2024]

Does FedEx Take Passport Photos? – FedEx now offers passport photo services at FedEx Office locations across the country, starting in 2024.

To find a store near you, use the store finder tool. Two 2″ x2″ government-compliant photos are $14.95 and can easily be printed in just minutes.

In addition, FedEx offers passport renewal services and passport photos.

I have got all the information about FedEx’s passport printing service, so check out the rest of this guide!

Does FedEx Take Passport Photos

What Does FedEx Charge For A Passport Photo?

Two government-compliant 2″ x 2″ passport photos cost $14.95 at FedEx Office.

This price is comparable to having passport photos taken at the post office. It is, however, more expensive than similar services offered by Costco or Walmart.

FedEx’s other passport services justify the higher prices. You can also print passport applications or renew your passport in-store.

How Does FedEx’s Passport Photo Service Work?

Once you have located a FedEx Office that offers passport photo service, tell an employee you would like a passport picture taken.

You may need to wait, but appointments are not required. Waiting for a FedEx Office representative will take your passport photo and let you see it on screen. The FedEx Office team will print your photos within minutes.

Next, you’ll leave with two government-compliant, 2″ x 2″ photos to submit with your passport application.

Why Should I Use FedEx’s Passport Photo Service

What Do I Need To Get Passport Photos Taken At FedEx?

FedEx doesn’t have any specific requirements to take a passport picture. If you only need the photo (i.e. not a renewal of your passport), then cash, card or another payment method are sufficient.

FedEx’s passport renewal service requires that you also have an ID and the passport to be renewed (DS-82).

Why Should I Use FedEx’s Passport Photo Service?

FedEx’s passport printing service is more costly than other retailers, so you might wonder why FedEx should be your choice.

FedEx offers much more than passport photos. FedEx also provides passport renewal services.

FedEx employees can also photocopy your documents and print a renewal form for your passport (DS-82). Then, you can send your application to the Department of State.

FedEx offers expedited passport renewal services in addition to regular renewals. These include the trusted overnight shipping service and tracking during the approval process.

FedEx locations are generally open longer than other stores, and they are usually open on weekends.

FedEx Passport Photo Help

For Help Visit Here 

Official Website:


FedEx offers professional passport printing services at hundreds of FedEx Office locations nationwide. You don’t need an appointment and can get photos in minutes.

While it is not the most affordable place to get passport photos taken, FedEx offers several convenient printing, copying and renewal services that make up the difference.

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How Long Does It Take To Get Passport Photos From FedEx?

Once your photo is taken, you will only have to wait a few minutes for a FedEx employee to print it.

Where Does FedEx Do Passport Photos?

FedEx Offices throughout the United States offer passport photo services. FedEx’s store locator tool will help you locate a photo studio near you.  Next, type in your zip code and town name, and filter by “Copy & print services.”

How does this process work?

FedEx Office and RushMyPassport work together for all your passport requirements. RushMyPassport reviews and expedites your documents. FedEx Office provides printing and shipping services for your application. These fees can be added to government fees. You pay service fees at the checkout. Government fees are paid separately through a check, money order or check.

What do I need to get a passport renewal?

You can renew your adult passport by simply visiting your FedEx Office. Bring your access or soon-to-expire passport, and pay the fee. The FedEx Office team will provide your passport photo and can also print the necessary application forms and shipping labels.

How do I know if my passport is eligible to be renewed?

You are eligible for a passport renewal if ALL of the following are true:

Your passport is in your possession.
Your passport is not damaged.
Your passport was issued when you were age 16 or older.
Your passport is currently valid or has expired within the last five years.

What if my name is different from what is listed on my passport?

You can renew your passport even if your name has changed or is not listed on your birth certificate. Your current legal name should be used when you submit your passport application. You will also need to submit the original name change document, such as a marriage certificate, divorce decree, or adoption paperwork.

What is the 6-month validity rule?

The minimum validity period for your U.S. passport must be at least six months after your return date. To determine if renewal is necessary, please review the expiration date. This validity is required to protect you from any unexpected delays in your departure from the country you visit. The State Department recommends that U.S. citizens renew their passports at least nine months before the expiration date.

Is FedEx Office a passport acceptance facility?

No. Usually, an Acceptance Facility can usually be found in the county clerk’s office or the U.S. Post Office. At this visit, a $35 fee is charged. Find your nearest passport acceptance agent by clicking.

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