Top 10 Best Online Biology Degrees 2024

If you’re interested in studying biology but need the flexibility of online learning, consider pursuing an online biology degree. With such a degree, you’ll understand the fundamental principles governing living organisms – from the smallest microorganisms to the grandest ecosystems on our planet.

Plus, a bachelor’s degree in biology can equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to tackle some of the most critical challenges we face today, such as environmental conservation, human health, and the sustainability of life on Earth.

If you’re looking for a finance degree online, we’ve got you covered, too! We’ve compiled a list of the best online finance degree programs, considering factors such as high Salary Scores and significant online enrollment.

This should make it easier for you to choose the right program for your needs. If you’re considering pursuing a master’s degree in biology, you might want to check out our list of the most affordable options available online. Let us help you plan your academic future!

Best Online Biology Degrees

Top 10 Best Online Biology Degrees 2024

1. University of Maryland Global Campus:

University of Maryland Global Campus

  • Salary Score:  A+
  • Online Enrollment: 47,272 
  • Annual Tuition: $70,030
  • Locations: Adelphi (MD)

Students who want to study online at the interplay between technology and biology at the University of Maryland Global Campus (UMGC) may apply for a Master of Science in Biotechnology. Students enrolled in this biology online program are taught how biological technology can be used to resolve complex issues.

The curriculum includes basic biology and chemistry courses, including Bioinformatics, Laboratory Management and Safety and Molecular and Cellular Biology. Students must select seven courses in biotechnology and related fields in genetics, chemistry, biotechnology, virology or other fields.

An internship, as well as a life sciences capstone project, are also mandatory. Biotechnology graduates typically seek careers as epidemiologists, clinical laboratory technicians, and biomanufacturing experts.

Why we like them: You participate in classroom assignments that resemble real-world scenarios, a great way to practice before getting a job. It is a Workplace Learning in Biology course that offers tasks typically used in professional biotechnology settings. It is possible to earn up to six credits from this course.

2. Kean University

Kean University

  • Salary Score: A- Online
  • Enrollment: 1,453
  • Annual Tuition: $56,463
  • Locations: Union (NJ)

In the program at Kean University, a public institution, students interested in teaching or entering any health-related field can earn the online bachelor of arts/science program in Biology.

This biology degree program provides a number of concentration choices:

  1. Environmental Biology,
  2. Teacher Certification,
  3. Cell and Molecular Biology,
  4. Forensics, and
  5. Health Professions.

The course samples include Zoology Form and Function, Intro to Environmental Science, and Principles of Genetics. Graduates can choose from various professions, such as ecologists, educators, biochemists, zoologists, physicians, assistants, doctors and nurses.

Why we like them: Kean’s biological sciences program allows you to participate in various intense research and travel that will help you establish an impressive professional network and gain the necessary skills for your career.

3. University of Florida

University of Florida

  • Salary Score:  B
  • Online Enrollment: 9,153
  • Annual Tuition: $50,790
  • Locations: Gainesville (FL)

The University of Florida (UF) students can pursue a degree in microbiology and cell biology or pursue biology more broadly, making their choices open. A Bachelor of Arts in Biology typically takes students approximately four years to finish.

The core biology curriculum includes the following subjects: Functional Vertebrate anatomy, Plant Ecology, and Invertebrate Biodiversity. The possible jobs for those who graduate from these programs include biometrician assistant, pharmacist’s assistant and conservation biologist, for example. Since biology is an expansive study area, it also helps students prepare for law, education, or journalism jobs.

Why we like the: UF allows online students to work on their coursework asynchronously through the platform for digital learning Canvas. This will enable students to learn quickly while fitting their academic schedule with other commitments and obligations.

4. Southern New Hampshire University Online

Southern New Hampshire University Online

  • Salary Score:  N/A
  • Online Enrollment: 138,672
  • Annual Tuition: N/A
  • Locations: Manchester (NH)

Southern New Hampshire University Online (SNHU) is a private institution offering students an online bachelor of Science in Environmental Science for students interested in studying the Earth’s environmental issues and their effects on biological resources.

There are a variety of concentrations, including Data Analytics in Science and National Resources and Conservation. The 121-credit course typically takes full-time students four years to finish.

The courses can prepare students for licensure, certification, and a broad range of professions, from environmental researchers and conservancy land managers to park rangers and climate change researchers.

Why we like them: We want this program at SNHU because it is highly interactive and includes instructor-led labs accompanied by customized kits sent to students who are not in the classroom.

The kits are customized to provide essential materials and tools that allow students to apply their the concepts they have learned in a practical context. This program is designed to encourage deeper knowledge of the subject.

5. Western Governors University

Western Governors University

  • Salary Score:  N/A
  • Online Enrollment: 150,116 
  • Annual Tuition: N/A 
  • Locations: Salt Lake City (UT)

At Western Governors University (WGU), students who want to become teachers can take the online bachelor of science degree in Science Education Secondary Biological Science.

The degree and its specialization enable students to pass their state’s licensing exam through classroom teaching techniques in science and biology subjects.

Thirty-nine courses must be taken comprising the professional and core biological cores. The first covers molecular, evolution, and cellular biology.

The latter covers classes in assessing the impact on student learning and The School as a Community of Care. Many graduates teach at middle and high school levels.

Why we like them: WGU gives you a home science lab at your home that comes with instruments, specimens, and chemical substances.

This kit lets you conduct hands-on science experiments as an online school student. Additionally, you can use augmented reality technology to offer mock-teaching experiences within virtual classes.

6. Arizona State University

Arizona State University

  • Salary Score: N/A 
  • Online Enrollment: 62,301
  • Annual Tuition: $47,221
  • Locations: Tempe (AZ) 

Arizona State University (ASU) provides the online Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences to students interested in the many branches of biology, such as microbiology, botany genetics and environmental sciences.

The online classes consist of Evolution, General Genetics, and Calculus for Life Sciences, available through Canvas, a world-class learning program.

The graduates of this online bachelor’s program can pursue a wide variety of careers due to the vast nature of the content, which ranges from scientists and professors to pharmacists, dentists and veterinarians.

Why we like them: Most of these programs can be entirely online; however, there are some physical requirements. For example, a week-long organic chemistry lab is held on campus in the summer. This practical experience can be highly beneficial as students continue their job search.

7. Florida International University

Florida International University

  • Salary Score:  N/A 
  • Online Enrollment: 15,274
  • Annual Tuition: $40,108
  • Locations: Miami (FL)

In the Florida International University (FIU) program, students can earn the complete online Master of Arts in Biology Sciences in the School of Environment, Arts, and Society.

Biology is a program that offers a variety of biological subjects. The program is designed to increase the critical thinking process and provide the latest scientific knowledge and abilities that contribute to major scientific advances.

FIU’s online biology degrees provide students with cutting-edge methods and tools to deal with modern challenges using the life sciences. The classes available online include Biology Career Planning, Cellular Chemistry and Evolution.

Why we like them: This university’s Department of Biological Sciences is notable for its high-quality research, with more than 50 faculty members and more than 10 million dollars of annual grants and contracts. Research areas of focus include molecular and cell biology ecology, climate change and genetics, with a particular concentration on tropical ecosystems and diseases.

8. Oregon State University

Oregon State University

  • Salary Score: N/A
  • Online Enrollment: 10,888
  • Annual Tuition: $44,891 
  • Locations: Corvallis (OR)

The program at Oregon State University (OSU) students seeking an extensive education that covers physical sciences, life sciences, the social sciences, and public health can enroll in an online Master of Science degree in biohealth sciences.

With 180 credits, the program is a deep exploration of human health, the causes of diseases and ongoing research on treatment options while focusing on education in cultural responsiveness. The courses cover subjects like biomedical ethics, immunology, and individual and social health aspects.

Although the graduates don’t embark on jobs in schools of health professional education, many join the field of health sciences in other roles like becoming health professionals in the community, health educators, or patient advocates.

Why we Like Them: Distance learners at OSU have access to a wealth of resources that range from success coaching and library services to online tutoring and guidance for career planning. This demonstrates that OSU has an established educational community online and a support network.

9. University of Arizona

University of Arizona

  • Salary Score: N/A
  • Online Enrollment: 8,727
  • Annual Tuition: $44,480 
  • Locations: Tucson (AZ)

The University of Arizona (UArizona) students interested in studying biodiversity and the natural world can pursue the Master of Science in Biology, which is 100% online.

The program is designed to address challenging subjects, including pandemics, quantitative genetics, and different forms of global changes.

The program’s core courses comprise Ecology, Foundations in Biochemistry and Genetics. Students can continue or work in education, medicine, law, health, agriculture, or environmental science.

Why we Like Them: The program has several emphases that students can select from, like Biomedical Sciences and Organismal Biology. The ability to narrow your focus, particularly in a field as broad as biology, can allow you to build your expertise in the chosen field.

10. Washington State University

Washington State University

  • Salary Score: N/A
  • Online Enrollment: 4,690
  • Annual Tuition: $45,859
  • Locations: Pullman (WA)

The University of Arizona (UArizona) students interested in studying biodiversity and the natural world can pursue the Master of Science in Biology, which is 100% online.

The program is designed to address challenging subjects, including pandemics, quantitative genetics, and different forms of global changes.

The core courses of the program comprise Ecology, Foundations in Biochemistry and Genetics. Students can continue or work in education, medicine or, law and health, agriculture, or environmental science.

Why we like them: The program has several emphases that students can select from, like Biomedical Sciences and Organismal Biology. The ability to narrow your focus, particularly in a field as broad as biology, can allow you to build your expertise in the chosen field.

Top 10 Best Online Biology Degrees 2024

Online Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology

Biology bachelor’s degree programs online are designed to help students prepare for jobs in biology and biosciences by establishing a solid base in biological and evolutionary, ecological and molecular biology.

Many students opt to pursue a degree in biology because they plan to pursue a medical field, for example, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical science, and nursing.

In specific online programs, students can select to focus on a particular biology subject. Students can enhance their career prospects by gaining lab knowledge through internships in biological research, medical, or another approved facility.

The bachelor’s program for your online Biology degree blends elements from biochemistry, biology and chemistry. Additionally, typically, it requires the conclusion of a capstone. Biology majors’ core course includes anatomy and physiology, molecular and cell biology, and organic chemical.

The prerequisites typically comprise calculus, physics and statistics. Some electives are offered in different subject areas, including physiology and psychology. Students can arrange their degrees to allow them to pursue graduate studies.

Which Is Better — a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science in Biology?

The right decision is contingent on your career goals and interests. Although it is a biology-focused degree, the BA program also offers classes in liberal arts. I

f you’re unsure what you’d like to do after completing your education, it could be the best option since the skills you learn can be applied to many different professions.

A BS, on the other on the other hand, is focused on math and science classes. This study path can be beneficial if you’re seeking a specific career, like the medical field.

How Long Does It Take To Earn a Biology Degree Online?

Biology online programs can be finished within four full years of full-time study. However, some students may require more time. Students studying a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts within Biology in general will need 120-126 credits. Most credits count for general education courses, while the remaining half are for biology classes.

Students may find it beneficial to study graduation rates for specific colleges and programs to assess the time it will take to complete their education.

These numbers reflect the number of students who finish their studies within a specific timeframe. Many graduation rates indicate the percentage of students who have completed their education within six years of enrolling in a bachelor’s course. You can find these statistics on the individual schools’ websites or use the National Center for Education Statistics’ College Navigator tool.

Common Courses in Online Biology Programs

Common Courses in Online Biology Programs

Biology programs typically cover many disciplines and fields, ranging from humanities classes like speech communication or world literature to math courses that include statistics and calculus. Alongside a fundamental set of biology courses within these programs, many offer electives like botany, microbiology or Zoology. Graduates are equipped with various essential abilities in research, communication and analysis.

Here are a few of the most popular biology courses offered in the bachelor’s degree programs, whether in-person or online:

General Biology

This course, which is an introduction to biology, generally the first class for any biology degree program student, will give an overview of life in living and non-living organisms. After understanding that all organisms are comprised of cells, students learn how hereditary information is encoded in genes. Particularly fascinating is the function of genes in our bodies and their impact on the quality of life and longevity.


This course focuses on the history and evolution of animals, plants or single-celled creatures. The topics covered include:

  • The patterns of biological diversity.
  • The genome sequencing process of animal behaviour.
  • Natural selection.

Students are taught how different species interact in ecosystems and how environmental influences can influence the evolution of species.

Organic Chemistry

Students study the cell’s molecular structure based on the knowledge gained during a general biology class. Students also discover the characteristics of reactions, the design, and the making of carbon-containing compounds that living organisms produce.

Organic Chemistry or General Biology Lab

Biology courses often incorporate practical chemistry, biology, or lab classes. Students can experience, observe, and explore scientific phenomena. Through the internet, students participate in experiments at home, using common items or labs that are typically accessible at the institution for a small fee and by watching simulations and online demonstrations.


This course focuses on the fundamentals of the field of physical sciences. The curriculum covers the structure of matter, how objects interact and how energy and various kinds of force impact how matter behaves and moves. Students are taught to think about things from a macro- and submicroscopic perspective to attempt to comprehend the scientific nature of phenomena.

Is an Online Biology Degree Worth It?

Deciding whether or not to study a bachelor’s degree online in biology demands careful analysis. Potential students should consider some particular advantages and disadvantages.


  • It is a flexible level. A bachelor’s degree in biology will help students develop essential skills like analytical thinking, critical thinking, and communication. These can be used in numerous disciplines, not just science and health.
  • Jobs in fields that are closely related to biology are on the rise. A bachelor’s degree in biology could lead to more than average job chances. Of the top 10 job fields, seven people with bachelor’s degrees have higher than average expectations for growth. The median wage for biology-related areas is $65,000, more than the average.
  • Biology programs online can be beneficial. Studying biology online lets students. 
  • enroll in the right program that best suits their academic goals and financial requirements without needing to relocate to a new location.


  • A bachelor’s degree may have limitations compared to more advanced degrees in this field. A relatively high number of professionals in biology (60%) by BLS have advanced degrees, so those who have completed their studies may be required to pursue, at minimum, a master’s from a biology school to compete within this area.
  • The online programs may create a sense of isolation. The online program can make some students feel disconnected from their teachers and classmates. They may be forced to do more to connect with other students via online forums for discussion.
  • It might be difficult to perform research or work during the COVID-19 epidemic, which the public will fight for years. According to a research study conducted by Genome Biology, 77% of universities were shut down at the initial phase of the epidemic, and 49% said their research was slowed down. Modern and enhanced online collaboration platforms allow researchers to work and study at home much easier. However, travel restrictions have some drawbacks and the dangers of conducting in-person experiments.

Students must also factor into their personal situation, like budgetary constraints, as well as family and work obligations. In the end, they must decide by themselves if the benefits they will reap when they earn a degree in biology will be worth their investment in time, money, and energy.

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