Does CVS Take Passport Photos ❤️️ [Price, Locations + More!] 2024


Does CVS take Passport Photos

Does CVS Take Passport Photos? – CVS provides passport photo services at a select pharmacy as of 2024.

The process is quick: visit your nearest CVS location and get your passport photograph taken by the kiosk’s KODAK biometric system.


Prints are $14.99 with an additional $2.99 when you want two different images. The average wait time is 5-10 minutes.

This service is an excellent alternative for people who require a passport photo but don’t have time to travel to an exclusive photography studio for their passport.

In addition, thanks to CVS’s many convenient locations, you can easily have your passport photo taken care of while doing errands or going about your shopping.

To find out more about where you can go that you can visit, the things you should bring along, and the best way to make your passport photos more affordable, read on!


Does CVS take Passport Photos

How much does it cost to have Passport Pictures taken at CVS?

CVS offers 14.99$ for passport pictures until 2024. customers can purchase two additional images from CVS for 2.99$.

It’s also recommended to look for discounts or special offers available for this service since CVS generally has a lot of offers on their photo lab service.

For example, at present, CVS offers a 3 discount on all ID and passport photographs purchased using the CVS ExtraCare Card credit card.

If you plan to have your passport pictures taken at CVS, ensure that you check out the store before your visit and use any discounts available.

This way, you’ll be able to save some cash and still get high-quality passport photographs.

What should you bring when having a Passport Photo taken At CVS?

If you have your passport picture taken at CVS, There are some things you need to remember.

In the first place, bring along any membership cards you may have in case this helps you get a better deal on the service.

Additionally, you should be aware of the store’s policies concerning passport photos.

For instance, some stores might insist that you visit their photo booths, whereas others allow you to take your photo if it is within the required specifications.

Finally, don’t forget to carry some identification as it will be necessary to take your passport photo.

Consider a few points before your trip to get your passport pictures taken.

  • Uniforms are not permitted in passport photos. Photographs with clothes that look like uniforms or camouflage prints may be refused.
  • Head coverings are generally prohibited unless they’re required for religious or medical reasons. You must provide an official medical report or statement that you follow your religion.
  • Glasses, as well as any other accessories, are required to be taken off before taking your picture.

How to print passport photos at CVS

How to print passport photos at CVS?

Printing passport photographs at CVS is quick and affordable If you design the template for a passport photo online and then print it at the location.

Begin by creating the digital passport template that you can easily do on our website. Then, upload a picture to view the preview of your printed passport photo three seconds after.

You can save the template for your photo on a USB drive or download the CVS mobile application to print it at the nearest CVS store. The template for your photo must be printed as a 4×6 inch (10 15cm x 10cm) photo.

The template will see two passport-sized photographs, each with dimensions of 2×2 inches which you can cut out.

These photos can be used to fill out the United States passport application. However, they can also be used for any other official document that requires 2×2 inch biometric images.

What is the average time it takes to receive Passport Photos from CVS?

CVS is among the most sought-after places to get passport photographs taken. The entire process typically takes just a few minutes, beginning from the moment you step into the photo booth until you’ve received your prints.

So if you’re concerned about waiting in line, do not be! CVS customers do not need to make appointments in advance, so you can walk into the booth and take your pictures immediately.

Additionally, the photo techs at CVS are highly skilled in what they do, which means you can be sure that the passport photos you receive are of high quality and will meet the standards.

So when you’re looking for a renewal of your passport or request a visa, keep in mind that CVS can handle your passport photo requirements quickly and efficiently.


What should you bring when having a Passport Photo taken At CVS

CVS passport photo opening hours

This passport image editing tool can make a passport template you can use whenever you like! Print the passport photo template at the nearest CVS photo department.

Just ensure you know the hours of operation before you visit the shop. The typical CVS times for pharmacy are from 8 to 20.

There are also locations with different hours of operation, and some are open all day. If you cannot locate a CVS store near you or have a tight schedule, use the Premium Mail Service to get the 6 x 4 inch designed template delivered directly to you.

Is it true that all CVS shops take passport photos?

If you’re planning a trip abroad, one of the primary things you must do is get a passport. One of the requirements for obtaining a passport is an image of your passport.

If you’re thinking, “Do the majority of CVS stores accept passport photos? ” The answer is there isn’t any. However, the in-store Photo Center offers the Passport Photo Service in some CVS pharmacies.

In addition, before heading to a CVS to have your passport photograph taken, it is advised to contact and ask questions ahead of time to avoid any hassles. Use the CVS store locator to locate and get in touch with the nearest CVS.

Although it might be more comfortable for some people to get their passport photos taken at the CVS, it is possible to have other choices too.

For instance, many post offices provide services for passport photography. In addition, many apps and websites let you take and print your passport photographs at the convenience of your home.

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In the end, CVS is a great location to take passport photographs. They provide a variety of options to make sure your photograph meets the guidelines that are set in place by the federal government. CVS also offers a Passport Photo Service that includes professional advice on taking photos and printing the best picture.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is a passport photo at CVS?

2 United States passport photos at CVS cost $13.99. However, you can get them for $0.33 if you print them as a photo template – see how simple it is!

Can I get passport photographs online at CVS?

CVS is a well-known print shop with high-quality prints at an affordable price. But one option that’s not offered on the internet is passport photos.
Passport photos have to be taken in person at the CVS location that has the service. Only about 400 CVS stores across the country provide passport photographs, so customers need to determine whether their local CVS offers the service before taking the trip.

Can I get passport photographs online at CVS?

CVS is a very popular choice for printing photos, providing top-quality prints at an affordable cost. But one option that’s not offered on the internet is passport photos.

Passport photos must take place in person at a CVS store that provides the service. There are currently around 400 CVS locations across the nation that offer passport pictures, which means that customers need to determine whether their nearest store provides this service before making the journey.

Although it can be difficult for some customers, having passport photographs taken in person guarantees that the photo complies with all requirements set in the law by our government. So customers can be sure their passport applications are accepted by using photos of their passports from CVS.

CVS Passport Photos Good?

Yes, CVS passport photos are good. CVS uses an automatic update of the KODAK Biometric ID system that allows the photos to be clicked and verified to ensure they comply and satisfy all US passport requirements for photos.

Additionally, if the photo is not in federal standards, CVS offers to have the images returned together with the purchase receipt.

Is it true CVS Print Passport Photos?

Yes, CVS does print passport photos. Passport photos can be taken by anyone, provided they meet the standards set by the Passport Office. Photos must be passport-sized (4×6 inches) and printed on high-quality photo paper.

CVS offers a range of options to print passport photos. These include conventional prints, digital prints, and even passport photos.

The cost for the passport photo at CVS will vary based on the size and format; however, it usually is between $0.33 and up to $5.99.

CVS also offers a Passport Photo Service that includes professional advice on how to take an ideal photograph for those looking to make sure that their passport photo is in line with all the standards.

How much does a passport photo cost at a CVS pharmacy?

Two CVS passport-size photos will cost you $16.99, regardless of whether the photos are for children or adults. Luckily, you can often score a CVS passport photo coupon (usually almost $2). Read our handy guide on how to save money on the CVS passport photo prices.

What if my CVS passport photo gets rejected?

CVS will refund the buying cost of the photos if they get rejected by US passport agents. Proof of buy and rejection must be provided for refund eligibility.

How long does it take to get a passport photo at CVS?

Approximately 15 minutes. 

Do all CVS stores do passport photos?

No, they don’t. Passport photos are available at select locations only. Use their online store locator to find your nearest pharmacy with passport photo service.


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