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Club pilates pricing 2024 – Club Pilates Prices

Club Pilates Prices 2024 – Whether you are an avid Pilates fan or a bashful newbie, you have probably heard of Club Pilates. 

This reformer-based Pilates studio puts a modern twist on classic methods that have caused it to become a fan favorite. 

But unfortunately, classes like this often come with a big price tag. So, how much does a Club Pilates membership cost?

A Club Pilates membership price will depend on how often you wish to take classes. 

You can buy an All-Access pass for $199 a month, which lets you take as many classes as you would like. 

You can also buy 4-classes per month for $89, 8-classes per month for $159, or 10-classes per month for $229.

Although Club Pilates is a cult favorite, it has a pretty big price tag. Why are these classes so costly? Are they worth the hype? 

Let’s take a more in-depth look into these questions and other common questions people have about Club Pilates and their memberships.

How much does it cost a Club Pilates Membership?

The Club Pilates membership costs are determined by various factors, including the trainer, equipment, and location.

There are special branches that charge slightly higher than the average prices across Canada and the USA.

But, most people don’t have a problem with the price as they view this gym as a premier institution for stretching and fitness rather than an unremarkable gym.

One of the top-rated services offered by Club Pilates includes a monthly membership that costs about 200 dollars. So long as the membership is valid, students can take any class they wish.

We also have blog posts about the cost of memberships at Urban Air, Bel Air Athletic Club, or Planet Fitness.

Expect to pay between 25 and $35 or more if you decide to enroll in one single course in Club Pilates. The price will be contingent on the equipment and facilities at the studio and other aspects.

For example, if the studio is staffed by the most skilled instructors and large equipment, you could need to shell out $85 for just one class.

Whatever type of membership you plan to sign up for, You will always get your first class free in Club Pilates. Club Pilates has been giving customers a free initial class since its inception in 2007.

Below the table, you can find the costs for the Club Pilates classes and memberships.

club pilates prices

Club Pilates Membership cost – Rates 2024

The kind of classes and membership Cost

The type of membership and classesCost
Single class$25 to $85
club pilates 4 pack price$150 to $200
8 pack class$200 to $300
One month membership$80 to $100 per month
Two-month membership$140 to $160 per month

Club Pilates Unlimited Membership Cost

Many members request an unlimited membership in Club Pilates However; Club Pilates isn’t offering this feature yet.

However, you can join the Club Pilates studio every day with a one-month subscription. You can also extend your membership by paying for the following month.

Club Pilates Encinitas Membership Cost

This membership is among the most sought-after memberships among members of Club Pilates.

The membership is sold via gift cards. They come in two varieties that include an old-fashioned gift card and the electronic gift card.

If you’re looking to buy any of the cards, think about spending between $10,000 and $1000, depending on the service you choose.

The club provides its customers with the option of changing the instructor based on their preferences, and also, the prices for instructors aren’t the same. Furthermore, membership cards can be personalized.

Club Pilates

Club Pilates Passport Membership Cost

Club Pilates is more popular and provides excellent services to their clients. The price of the passport membership is the same as the usual price, but customers must collect their membership card for the passport from the office officials. You’ll have to adhere to certain rules and complete a form to obtain it.

You’ll have access to all Club Pilates studios with this membership card. But, this is only available for customers who reside in the United States. Customers from Canada hope that this service will be accessible to them, too, shortly.

Club Pilates Annual Membership Cost

The cost associated with an annual Club Pilates annual membership would range between $1,250 and $11,550.

This is an estimate calculated by multiplying the monthly cost divided by twelve months. Unfortunately, there is no official information about this kind of membership or its price.

The chance of introducing a subscription per year for members of Club Pilates is really low because the world is currently experiencing a global pandemic.

What is Club Pilates Passport?

For Club Pilates enthusiasts who travel often, there is an option to acquire a Club Pilates Passport.

By obtaining your passport, members have access to the entire Club Pilates studios across the nation. 

Prices for their Passport membership are different but generally are priced a higher than the All-Access membership.

club pilates memberships

Why is Club Pilates So Expensive?

When looking at Pilates classes with different fitness programs, those who become certified to instruct Pilates typically require more intensive effort, time, and expensive training. 

Due to this, most Pilates classes, such as Club Pilates, tend to be more expensive for each class to compensate for the cost of a qualified instructor.

Additionally, Pilates lessons are generally less crowded so that instructors can assist every student in improving their posture. Smaller classes usually have an increased price to compensate for the difference. 

Classes offered to many people will result in the cost being lower per class since they make more money in one class than in classes with smaller classes.

In the end, Pilates has grown in popularity and has become a popular fitness class which has increased the demand.

The more people wish to join classes, particularly those offered in small classes, the more classes must be offered. The more classes, the more instructors, and that means more funds.

club pilates membership cost 2022

What is Club Pilates Go?

Club Pilates GO, also called Xpotential+, or simply XPLUS, is a membership provided through Club Pilates for live and online classes without entering an actual studio. 

If you are new to Club Pilates GO, you can sign up for a free 30-day trial period to experience it. 

After the trial period has ended, you can cancel your membership and continue to enjoy access to the classes until the expiration of your billing period.

What is Club Pilates 1.5?

Club Pilates offers different levels of classes based on experience. Level 1 to Level 1.5, Level 2, and Level 2.5 increase as you gain proficiency. 

Classes at Level 1 are designed for beginner Pilates students to help establish a base, while Level 1.5 offers more advancements than level 1. 

As you continue to progress in Pilates, you can advance to higher levels to take on demanding classes.

The different levels of the program allow Club Pilates members to continue to be challenged as they advance in their training. 

To prevent injuries and ensure that members are successful, you must move up the levels starting at Level 1 before moving on to the next level. 

Below is a more detailed review of the conditions and expectations for each level, as detailed on the Club Pilate website.

club pilates locations

What Happens if you Late Cancel Club Pilates?

Charges for cancellation and no-shows and policies can vary by the location and also by the package. 

However, if you do not cancel or change the date of your Club Pilates class within 12-hours of the class start time, the class will be charged a late cancel charge of $10.

If you fail to cancel your registration within one hour before the class starts, arrive five minutes late, or don’t show up, you’ll be assessed a charge of $15 per class, and the class will be canceled if you buy a class package.

It is strongly recommended to schedule your classes ahead of time since they tend to be smaller in size and are booked quickly. 

In addition, certain instructors are more sought-after than others. If a late cancellation or no-show, it takes off a space that could have been offered to another person.

club pilates cost

Is Club Pilates Worth it?

While it might come with a high price for people who are just beginning to learn about Pilates, Club Pilates is affordable compared to other boutique studios. People practicing Pilates regularly will say it’s worth the cost for the majority.

However, everyone differs in their preference for exercises and the studio’s atmosphere. They offer a free first class and only need three months of commitment; Club Pilates is an excellent option to dive into reformer Pilates classes.

Can Pilates Reduce Belly Fat?

Since Pilates concentrates on strengthening methods, it is efficient in toning muscles, particularly in the abdominal region.

Even though Pilates does not specifically target and eliminate belly fat, improving the tone of the muscles in your abdomen may help reduce the amount of fat in particular places like the abdominal fat.

Can You Lose Weight with Club Pilates?

Pilates has gained traction in fitness and health for its low-impact yet extremely effective techniques for toning muscles. If you’ve begun your Pilates program to help you lose weight, you may notice no significant changes.

Pilates concentrates on strengthening your muscles, allowing you to notice improvements in the tone of your muscles. But, this is usually not evident on the scale.

If you’re trying to increase their efforts in weight loss, think about using a mix that includes Pilates and aerobic exercises such as jogging and swimming.

What club Pilates is Known For?

Through the years, Club Pilates has become recognized for its commitment to accessibility and inclusion. They have developed an inclusive community of individuals with diverse fitness levels and backgrounds who are enthusiastic about Pilates and improving their overall health.

Club Pilates is also known for its excellent instruction. The instructors are all certified Pilates instructors and have been equipped to provide individualized care and feedback to every participant. They are dedicated to helping their clients improve their technique and form to make the most of their exercise routines.

Additionally, Club Pilates is known for its low-cost prices. Everyone should be able to access top-quality Pilates classes, and they offer various membership options to suit every budget.

club pilates near me

How much is club pilates per month?

The cost of a Club Pilates membership varies depending on the studio’s location and the region and type. These are the three most popular types of memberships and their prices:

  • 4-Class Membership: $84 per month
  • 8-Class Membership: $149 per month
  • Unlimited Membership: $199 per month

In addition to the subscriptions for a monthly fee, Club Pilates also offers the option of an annual membership that costs $1,788. This can save you cash if you’re confident you’ll use your Membership frequently throughout the year.

How much is club Pilates unlimited?

The price for Club Pilates unlimited membership varies depending on the studio’s location, region, and membership type. The standard cost to join unlimitedly is $199 a month. It gives you unlimited classes at every Club Pilates studio in the nation.

Here are some other Club Pilates membership options and their prices:

  • 4 classes per month: $84
  • 8 classes per month: $149
  • 10 classes per month: $219
  • Passport membership (access to all Club Pilates studios in the country): $299

Club Pilates also offers a range of promotions and discounts, So be sure to inquire with the studio you are in the latest offers.

Club pilates discounts 2024

Here are a few Club Pilates discounts that you could benefit from in 2024:

  • Groupon: Club Pilates often offers discounted group classes via Groupon. There are usually deals for 8 or 4 classes at a fraction of the regular price.
  • Corporate wellness programs: If your employer has a corporate wellness program and you are eligible, you could be eligible for a discounted rate in Club Pilates memberships. Inquire with the HR department of your company to determine whether your organization is a participant in this program.
  • Discounts for referrals: If you refer another person for a class at Club Pilates, you will each receive the benefit of a free class.
  • Discounts on birthdays: Club Pilates members receive a class for free for their birthday.
  • Discounts for military: Club Pilates offers 10% off military discounts percent off memberships. To qualify, you need to provide proof of your military service.
  • Discounts for students: Club Pilates offers 10% student discounts percent off memberships. To qualify, you need to be able to prove that you are a student.

Club Pilates Prices

The Future of Club Pilates

In the meantime, as Club Pilates grows and continues to expand, they are committed to their fundamental principles of accessibility and inclusiveness. They continue to explore new methods to help make Pilates more accessible and effective for all fitness levels.

One of Club Pilates’s main areas of interest is its use of technology. They know many individuals seek ways to get healthy without leaving their homes. They have adapted by offering more online classes and on-demand alternatives. They are also looking into new ways to utilize technology to enhance the studio experience and give members more customized feedback and support.

In the end, Club Pilates has a long tradition of providing Pilates to all ages, focusing on accessibility and inclusiveness. With a focus on community, top-quality instruction and affordable prices, they have earned themselves a reputation as a leading player in the Pilates business. In their quest to expand and grow, they remain determined to help individuals of all levels enhance their overall health and well-being by practising Pilates.

Club Pilates Contact Details

  • Club Pilates Corporate
  • 17877 Von Karman Ave, Suite 100
  • Irvine, CA 92614

Official Website:

Club Pilates Locations

Are you considering being a part of Club Pilates? It’s not a problem. Don’t fret; Club Pilates is a national franchise with over 700 locations throughout the United States. To locate the nearest Club Pilates studio near you, click here.

FAQS – Club Pilates Prices 2024

Who is Pilates good for?

Everybody Needs Pilates! It’s a must for everyone! Pilates membership ranges from teenagers to senior citizens. With nine types of signature classes and four levels of class, Club Pilates has a program designed to work for you.

If you have extremely particular goals or fitness requirements due to injuries, You can begin by taking private sessions for training specifically tailored to your requirements.

Why should I try Pilates?

Pilates helps strengthen the body’s smaller muscles to increase your mobility, balance, and stability while also avoiding injuries. It’s a low-impact body exercise that builds strong muscles without stressing joints or overloading them.

Can Pilates help relieve stress?

Pilates is awe-inspiring because it relieves mental and physical stress simultaneously. The exercises that are part of Pilates require focusing on the movements and breathing, which means that the stress of the day is replaced with calmness.

There are physical strains on our bodies – simply sitting in traffic for long commutes or having to be always on our feet. Pilates can help restore the alignment of the body and also helps increase the synovial fluid in the joints, which reduces friction in the movement.

What equipment is used in Pilates?

If you enter a Club Pilates studio, you will be able to see a variety of equipment. The Reformer will be the primary apparatus you’ll be using, and it utilizes your body weight in addition to straps and springs to enhance or reduce the difficulty.

Your instructor will guide you to learn to adapt to the new movements and prepare yourself to feel muscles have never before felt previously! The Exo chair, Bosu, the springboard, and TRX are all additional equipment utilized in class. They all bring diversity and constant challenges to every class. You are sure never to get bored!

How much does a Club Pilates membership cost?

Club Pilates prices vary by studio location, region, and membership type. To give you the flexibility to choose a BODY, we offer 4 classes, 8 classes, and unlimited membership options.

In addition, each studio offers a FREE Introduction Class! Contact or email your nearest studio to learn more about the options and prices!

Can I take a single class at Club Pilates?

Drop-in classes are provided in any of the Club Pilates studios! Price varies depending on studio location.

A yearly or monthly membership will provide you with the lowest price per class. Get in touch with your local studio for specific pricing and details about your membership!

What should I bring to my first Pilates class?

Every student needs grip socks. If you don’t own one, they’re available at the studio. Also, bring your reusable water bottle to drink during class.

Most importantly, take note of that first lesson. What is your body feeling? Do you feel any pains or aches? What do you hope to gain from this Pilates class?

I need moral support. Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! It’s a great experience! The Pilates community is fun and welcoming. Ensure your friend signs in for the same class you’re taking. Better yet, make your new acquaintance in the studio!

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