John Deere Electric Tractor The Future of Farming Technology

John Deere Electric Tractor 

John Deere Electric Tractor – John Deere has been investing in electrification technology to help solve the challenges that farming is facing. They plan to offer electric Gator utility vehicles, Compact Utility Tractors, commercial and residential mowers, and more than 20 equipment models by 2026.

John Deere has already launched an electric Gator™ TE 4×2 with zero emissions and a 600-lb towing capacity. They have also designed an electric compact tractor based on the John Deere 1R Series, which has a high PTO power and can mow more than 10,000 m² of lawn with one battery charge lasting 4.5 hours.

John Deere’s new autonomous tractor concept is a very compact electric drive unit with integrated attachment, which has a total output of 500 kW and can be fitted with either wheels or tracks. John Deere wishes to release an all-electric tractor by 2026.

Zero emission compact utility tractor

Zero emission compact utility tractor

The electric compact tractor is modeled on John Deere’s 1R Series. One of the main features of this tractor is its superior PTO power, which allows more than 10,000 square meters of lawn to be cut by a single battery charge lasting 4.5 hours.

Apart from its performance, users also enjoy low maintenance expenses. Most likely, applications are in areas where the lowest noise levels and emission-free operation is needed.

Autonomous electric tractor

Autonomous electric tractor

John Deere’s latest autonomous tractor is a small electric drive unit with an integrated attachment. The tractor is equipped with a total power output of 500kW.

It can be fitted with tracks or wheels. Flexible ballasting ranging from 5 – 15 tons is feasible according to the use for reducing soil compaction.

Because of the electric drive, there are no operating emissions, and noise levels are minimal. Additional benefits include reduced cost of wear and maintenance.

Semi-autonomous tractor

Semi-autonomous tractor

This tractor operates semi-autonomously and is fitted with a crop sprayer integrated. By using a built-in camera, it’s possible to operate in row crops, such as applying pesticides to orchards of fruit trees.

Filling the tank with sprayers is completely automatic at the filling station, so the user isn’t subjected to pesticides. This is intended to cut costs and boost productivity by 30%.


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