John Deere’s First All-Electric Riding Mower: Everything You Need to Know


John Deere Electric Riding Mower

John Deere Electric Riding Mower – Everything is electronic nowadays, including your vehicle and even the grill. Today, John Deere joins the EV revolution with their first fully electric commercial riding lawnmowers.

Electric riding mowers that are residential have been around for several years; however, we’ve never seen John Deere in the market before, and they’re making a significant impact with their first.


The zero-turn mower is named the Z370R electric ZTrak mower, and it’s the first in what’s likely to be a series of electric mowers and lawn tractors made by the famous manufacturer.

You’ve undoubtedly got many questions regarding John Deere’s huge electric switch; that’s why we’ve compiled everything you must know about this revolutionary new zero-turn mower.

John Deere's First All-Electric Riding Mower Everything You Need to Know

The John Deere Z370R Electric Is Expensive

Price: $6,399.00

The electric Deere is pretty impressive, but it will cost you. The Z370R will be available with an MSRP of $6,399.


The closest gasoline-powered model with the same specs within John Deere’s range is the Z320R, which has a 42″ deck and ZTrak zero-turn capabilities. It retails for $3,699.

The John Deere Z370R Electric Is Easy to Charge:

You can say goodbye to gas canisters, as Z370R Electric doesn’t require any. You need to charge the lawn mower in a regular extension cord for your outdoor use into a grounded 110-volt outlet.

Removing the battery or buying a particular charger is unnecessary, which means that you’re already set to charge your mower right out of the package.   


The John Deere Z370R Electric Requires Less Maintenance:

Other than the obvious benefits of electric power such as less noise and the absence of emissions that pollute the environment — is the lower maintenance.

In the words of John Deere, the Z370R Electric is a lot easier to maintain than its gas-powered counterparts because you’ll never have to change the oil, belts or filters.

The John Deere Z370R Electric Mows in the Rain

It’s unlikely that you’d cut your lawn in the rain, but in the event, the Z370R is designed to be able to do that.

Both the battery and mower deck motors are encased to keep water out as well as the lawn mower has been certified to be used in the rain or on grass that is wet without a problem.

It’s also safe to keep outdoors and clean with a pipe.

The John Deere Z370R Electric Is Just As Powerful As Gas Models:

Z370R Electric shares a number of components similar to John Deere’s gas-powered Z300 models.

The 42″ Accel Deep Mower Deck is the same as what you see in gas-powered zero-turn lawn mowers along with the electronic transaxle, which comes with a similar maximum forward speed of 7 mph as is found on gasoline-powered Zero-turn ZTrak mowers.

Its 3.2 Kilowatt (3.56 kWh max) lithium-ion battery allows Z370R Z370R to cut up to 2 acres with just one charge. This is the same runtime that you’ll find on Z300 ZTrak mowers.

The John Deere Z370R Electric Can Be Pre-Ordered Today

Although there’s no specific date of release for the mower, you can still begin to get an early start on John Deere’s “Electric Tomorrow” by placing an order for the Z370R now.

The store on the internet of John Deere is accepting orders, and the machine is described as a model for 2024, which means it’ll take a while before you get your delivery. The day of our Electric Tomorrow can’t come soon enough.

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