Electric Tractors in India With Price List 2024


Electric tractor models in India are zero-emission farming mechanisation solutions to support utilities and agriculture with the latest technology.

They can support zero-emission agricultural regenerative practices for a healthy and healthy future.


The most efficient electric tractors run on rechargeable batteries, which can take up to four hours to charge fully.

These tractors decrease the need to run using gasoline or diesel, which means they can reduce polluting the environment with harmful emissions.

Furthermore, they are a reasonable choice for Indian farmers. Any individual could easily purchase these tractors.

These technologically-advanced tractors are the future of modern farming as they are:

  • Environment-friendly (due to zero emissions) 
  • Saves fuel costs
  • Cost-effective
  • Offers high power 

Electric tractor price in India starts from Rs 5 lakhs onwards. Tractorsinfo.com listed top brands of electric tractor models, including Celestial, Sonalika, HAV, and others.

The most famous tractor available in the electric tractor model worth buying is Sonalika Tiger Electric. Moreover, popular models like HAV 50 s1+, HAV 55 s1+, and Cellestial 55 horsepower are top choices for Indian farmers.

Let’s check out the complete information about the electric tractor price list in India 2023, technical specifications, and reviews.

Electric Tractors in India With Price List

Electric Tractor Price List in India 2023

Electric Tractors Electric Tractors Price in India

Sonalika Tiger Electric

Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor price in India

Rs. 6.40-6.72 lac*

HAV 45 S1

HAV 45 S1 price in india

Rs. 8.49 lac*

HAV 55 S1 Plus

HAV 55 S1 Plus price in India

Rs. 13.99 lac*

HAV 50 S1 Plus

HAV 50 S1 Plus price in india

Rs. 11.99 lac*

HAV 50 S1

HAV 50 S1 price in India

Rs. 9.99 lac*


HAV 55 S1

HAV 55 S1 price in india

Rs. 11.99 lac*



Electric Tractors Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the fully electric tractor in India?

Sonalika tiger electric tractor

Which is the best 35 hp electric tractor?

Sonalika electric tiger is the best 35 hp electric tractor,

How long does an electric tractor take to charge?

The battery-operated tractors can charge within 4 hours.

Which is the first electric tractor in India?

Sonalika Tiger electric tractor is the first electric tractor in India.

How long can electric tractors last?

The battery tractors can operate on a single charge for 8-12 hours.

Which brands offer electric tractors in India?

Sonalika, Autonx, HAV, and Celestial tractor companies offer electric tractors in India.

Which are the popular electric tractors in India?

Autonxt X45H2, Sonalika Tiger Electric and others are the most popular electric tractors in India.

What is the price of Electric tractors in India?

The price of electric tractors in India starts from Rs 5 lakh.


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